180° Life Change – Craig Casaletto – MensGroup Podcast

In this episode,  Craig Casaletto and Sean Galla from MensGroup get into being a man today.  We also get into the essential tools for change and the value of good communication.

Today’s https://mensgroup.com/podcast guest Craig Casaletto is a coach drawn to change men’s lives around, and he’s here to talk about the main obstacles men face when aiming to make significant changes in their lives, and how to overcome them.

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00:03:24 CHAPTER I –  The challenges of Change

00:03:24 Being a Man Today

  • Despite the latest social breakthroughs, there is still is this old-school stereotypical take on what being a man is and how a man is supposed to behave and handle his problems, in which expressing his feelings and emotions in an open and healthy way is not on the table.

00:06:00 Making a 180° Change

  • The first thing a man needs to know in order to make a substantial change in his life and mindset is that it’s possible. However, it will definitely be hard. It demands getting out of the comfort zone and taking action, whilst acknowledging that consistency and accountability are non-negotiable key elements throughout the process.

00:08:36 CHAPTER II –  Indispensable Tools for Change

00:08:36 Components of a Winning Mindset

  • Perhaps the most essential thing that’s needed to achieve a winning mindset comes down to changing our perspective of the word “failure”. Being comfortable with failing and taking it as just an opportunity to learn why some things didn’t work out can pay high dividends in the long run. In addition, going through failure definitely helps us appreciate and really cherish our accomplishments.

00:13:54 Accountability

  • Accountability is one of the most important components when it comes to achieving your goals. Nowadays, finding inspiration out there is easy, and so can develop a plan toward your main objectives. However, holding yourself accountable for what you’ve decided to pursue is definitely the hardest part.

00:19:33 Confidence:

  • When it comes to strengthening your confidence and working out your mindset, the procedure is not that different from going to the gym – you’ll just have to put in the reps and be consistent throughout a substantial period of time.

00:24:29 Success

  • In order to be successful, you’ll first need to define what success means to you. Even though there’s a widely spread image of success that can lead men to believe they need to make a lot of money, drive a certain car or wear some specific shoes to be successful, the fact is that success itself is different for everybody.

00:30:36 CHAPTER III –  The Importance of Communication

00:30:36 Communication in Relationships:

  • Being comfortable with communication is crucial when it comes to keeping a healthy relationship. Being able to share your concerns honestly with your spouse or loved one is the best way to keep the air clean and avoid potential bad interpretations and false narratives that can eventually develop into an unpleasant relationship issue.

00:39:14 Consequences of an Obsolete Stereotype

  • Many men don’t actually have real friends to talk to. They may have acquaintances, but when adversity strikes they come to realize they don’t have anyone around to rely on and share their feelings with. This is undoubtedly a consequence of an archaic stereotype, according to which any emotional expression from a man would be taken as a sign of weakness.