Why MensGroup?

Why Mensgroup

How MensGroup Began

It was 2010 and I – Sean Galla – was looking for a men’s group. I liked the idea of getting together and talking about life with the guys, but I quickly found that most men’s groups didn’t fit my values.

Many of the men’s groups I tried included spiritual ceremony, chanting, academic discussions and masculine exercises.

I wasn’t there to chant or discuss concepts like masculinity. I wanted to share about my life and listen to the wisdom that the other guys had to offer.

Unable to find a men’s group without all the nonsense I started my own. That was over ten years ago and it turns out that men from all walks of life were looking for no-nonsense online men’s groups as well.

Men’s Group was born!

Our mission is to create community and conversations where guys feel comfortable sharing what’s really happening in their lives.

Who Runs MensGroup?

MensGroup was founded by Sean Galla, an experienced men’s group facilitator and serial entrepreneur.

Sean went through a rough-patch in his life and wanted to find a men’s group. Unfortantly he found that none met his needs. His friends had similar experiences. Sean decided to start his own men’s group.

That was over 10 years ago. Since then Sean has been building communities, leading men’s circles and men’s adventure retreat weekends for the last 10 years. Now he focuses full time on MensGroup.

You can see more on Sean here: Sean Galla – MensGroup Bio