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What Is A Mens Group? We Explain With Reasons & Benefits

Perhaps you’ve heard about men’s groups but you’re curious to know what they actually entail? Keen to discover exactly what is a men’s group? Curious about the benefits of a men’s group? We’ve been running men’s groups for 10+ years and have seen it all. We are happy to share…
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mens group activities

Men’s Group Activities: 17 Ideas To Help Guys Socialize In 2020

What are the best men’s group activities? How can you get a group of guys to have a good time and start gabbing? If you’re looking for some great men’s group activities to get your social group started, look no further. We’ve been running men’s groups and facilitating activities for…
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My Father Is Dying: How To Grieve The Death Of Your Dad?

Lessons learned from James Blunt’s new video about his father dying. A little over a month ago, musician James Blunt – known for his romantic power ballad “You’re Beautiful” – released a heartbreaking song along with a music video titled “Monsters”. In the video, James opens up about his father’s battle…
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How To Control Your Emotions Man

How To Control Your Emotions! [8 Simple Steps]

Most of us men struggle with emotions. We don’t know what we’re feeling, where these feelings come from or how to control them.  If you are confused about how to control your emotions, know that it’s not your fault. Most young men were never taught about their emotions and society continues…
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Barak Obama & Steph Curry On Men’s Groups

It turns out that it’s not just us “average joes” that benefit from support groups. In this Town Hall meeting, former President Barak Obama and NBA superstar MVP Steph Curry discuss a number of men’s issues including the importance of men’s groups.

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men sharing their feelings

Real Men Sharing Their Feelings On Video

Men are often thinking and feeling similar things. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful… In men’s groups – an environment where good men feel safe to share whatever they are experiencing – the guys quickly realize that we are often feeling and thinking about similar things. This video shows the kinds of…
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