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If you’re looking for a high-quality, facilitated men’s group, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been running men’s groups for the last 10 years and now focus fully on online men’s groups. We know that men’s groups can be intimidating or confusing, so on this page we will answer all your questions on our men’s groups.

What The Guys Say About Men's Group

See what the guys in a men’s support group have to say about being in the group. What men’s group topics were discussed? What did they learn? How did they benefit from being a part of a men’s group?

What the guys are saying about Men’s Group
Men’s Group

How Is MensGroup Different?

In one word: curation. Other men’s groups drop you into a random bag of men. Often you won’t share much in common with them and they may not be able to support you through whatever you are facing. We hand-match guys like you with a group based on similar life stages, challenges, and goals. Sharing common challenges and goals makes it easier to relate to each other, connect, learn, move through challenging situations, and grow.

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Men’s Group Benefits

Happier & Successful

You won’t reach your potential living in a bubble. Receiving perspective and guidance in a virtual men’s group is by far the fastest way to achieve more happiness and success.

Get Inspired

Men’s circles will get you into conversations with men that are pursuing personal growth and are creating a better future. Being around this is incredibly inspiring and motivating.

Better Husband & Dad

Learning from other men will fast track your journey to becoming a better father, partner & friend. Learn to communicate better as a man and you’ll see temendous benefit in your relationships.

Save Time & Energy

Seeing how men handled similar men’s issues and receiving guidance from men’s support groups will save you time & energy compared to trying to figure it all out on your own.

Get Stuff Off Your Chest

If we don’t have a to vent we will put everything on our family, friends, partner or co-workers. A men’s support group will help you get stuff off your chest so you don’t take it out on others.

Real Friendships

You will build friendships with inspiring men who share your values, goals and interests. Life long friendships come from being there for each other in men’s support groups.

Why An ONLINE Men’s Group?

A LOT Less Costly

A counsellor can cost upwards of $150-200 per hour. Here at men’s group, you’ll get 4 hours per month at a small fraction of the cost. Online men’s groups are by far the most affordable option.

Super Convenient

No need to commute or fly to meetings, you can attend from the comfort of your home, office or while you’re on the road. Guys love the convenience of an online men’s group.

Less Intimidating

It can be SUPER intimidating walking into a room full of men for the first time at an in-person men’s group. Online, you can turn your video on/off whenever or you can leave any time with one click.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Time Commitment?

You will have two men’s group meetings each month. Your men’s circle will happen every second week on the same day and time (ex every second Saturday @ 9am). The meetings typically last 1.5-2 hrs. So 3-4hrs per month total.

How Much Does It Cost?

Counsellors charge $100+/hr. Weekend retreats can be $1000+. For the 4 hours of your online men’s group meetings, our due is $39/mo. This is roughly $9/hr.

Can I Leave Any Time?

There is no commitment. A lot of men’s groups force commitment for 6-12 months. With us you can come in and check out a men’s group and if it’s not for you, you can leave and cancel your subscription any time.

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