Meet Sean Galla

Why Mensgroup

Sean Galla – Founder & Facilitator

He spent his 20s pursuing his dreams as a professional DJ and serial entrepreneur. He lived in Mexico for 5 years where he learned Spanish and surfed every day. From the outside it looked like he was living a dream life. In reality, along the way he faced:

  • Bankruptcy from a failed business
  • Family conflict
  • An eating disorder
  • Infidelity
  • Debilitating health challenges: chronic illness
  • Emotional challenges: anxiety, depression & low self-worth
  • Loved ones passing away

These adversities gave him depth and molded him into an ideal facilitator of men’s circles. This made him value community and meaningful conversations.

Before MensGroup, Sean founded The Brotherhood, a men’s group for entrepreneurs that focused on adventure trips.

Sean Galla Podcasts

Sean Galla & Men’s Groups

I always believed that self improvement didn’t have to be stuffy or serious.

Yes I wanted to grow as a man. Yes I thought that being a part of men’s groups were the most efficient way to do that. But I also realized that we could have some fun along the way.

Men’s groups didn’t have to be held in a stuffy conference room or involve stereotypical men’s group stuff. We could just get together the guys over an adventure activity or a video conference and just share what we’re facing in life.

I hope you enjoy a few photo highlights from my 10+ year career of running men’s groups: