Overcome Your Challenges, Accelerate Personal Growth & Build Supportive Friendships

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Why A Men's Group?

In this video, a few of the guys in our community talk about why they became a part of a men’s group and what their experiences have been like.

How did they like it? What was talked about? Did they find it awkward? Was it weird?

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Men want to overcome challenges and grow, but they DON’T have the RIGHT people around them to help them grow.

A Few Of The Challenges We Tackle Together

Divorce & Breakups

“Nice Guy Syndrome”

Improving Communication

Managing Emotions

Being A Dad

Family Issues

Work & Purpose


You’ll Benefit From The MensGroup Community

Save Time

Seeing how men handled similar men’s issues and receiving guidance from men’s support groups will save you time & energy compared to trying to figure it all out on your own.

Fun Social Time

Most men have a hard time creating & maintaining friendships as they age. Yet social time is important. Banter, camaraderie, brotherhood, and being a part of a social community feels great.

Better Husband & Dad

Learning from other men will fast track your journey to becoming a better father, partner & friend. Learn to communicate better as a man and you’ll see temendous benefit in your relationships.

Happier & Successful

You won’t reach your potential living in a bubble. Receiving perspective and guidance in a virtual men’s group is by far the fastest way to achieve more happiness and success.

Get Stuff Off Your Chest

If we don’t have a safe place to vent we will put everything on our family, friends, or partner. A men’s support group will help you get stuff off your chest so you don’t take it out on others.

Real Friendships

You will build friendships with inspiring men who share your values, goals and interests. Life long friendships come from being there for each other in men’s support groups.

It feels so good to hear a guy say,  “Oh man I went through that same thing. I FEEL YA... Here’s what I did. Here’s what I learned. ”

What We Do Here

Online Discussions

A private discussion area where you can get post questions & receive quick answers on a wide range of men’s group topics. You’ll see tons of  wisdom from  guys who have been through similar things. It’s free to get started by entering your info below!

Men’s Groups

In the community, we host different kinds of men’s groups you can attend support groups, topic-specific groups, and social events. We can also hand-pick a group of 8-10 guys for a bi-weekly men’s team. You decide which men’s groups you want to attend.

Coaching For Men

Aside from our discussion community and online men’s groups, for those guys that want to step up their game, we also offer 1 on 1 coaching. Browse through our coaches to see if anyone could help you on your personal growth journey.