Why MensGroup?

Why Mensgroup

Our mission is to create community and conversations where guys can share what’s really happening in their lives.

How MensGroup Began

It was 2010 and I – Sean Galla – was looking for a like-minded community of men. I liked the idea of getting together and talking about life with the guys, but I quickly found that most men’s groups didn’t fit my values.

Many of the men’s groups I tried included spiritual ceremonies, chanting, academic discussions, and masculine exercises.

I wanted to share about my life and listen to the wisdom that the other guys had to offer.

Unable to find a community of men without all the nonsense, I started my own. That was over ten years ago and it turns out that men from all walks of life also lacked supportive conversations and friendships.

The Men’s Group community was born!

Who Runs MensGroup?

MensGroup was founded by Sean Galla, an experienced men’s group facilitator, community builder, and serial entrepreneur.

Sean was a hockey player and pro DJ in his youth. When he moved down to Mexico to pursue his dream of learning surfing and Spanish, he lacked people to talk to about the things on his mind.

He missed the locker-room-type conversations where guys talked about stuff that was really going on in their lives, so Sean started checking out men’s groups.

Disappointed with what he found – a lot of kooky stuff and poor leadership – Sean decided to start his own community for men who are interested in personal development and discussing these topics with others.

That was over 10 years ago. Sean has been building communities, leading men’s circles, and adventure retreat weekends ever since. Now he focuses full time on MensGroup.

You can see more on Sean here: Sean Galla – MensGroup Bio