Our mission is to create community and conversations where guys can share what’s REALLY happening in their lives.

How MensGroup Began

It was 2010 and Sean Galla was looking for a men’s group. He was having relationship issues and wanted a place to talk about his stuff.

He liked the idea of getting together and talking about his personal challenges with guys, but he quickly found that most men’s groups didn’t fit what he was looking for. The groups he visited forced upon the attendee’s spiritual ceremonies, chanting, academic discussions, and masculine exercises.

In the context of a men’s group Sean felt there were better ways for the guys to use their time; primarily just sharing what’s on their minds and supporting one another through those issues.

Unable to find a men’s group without all the nonsense, Sean started his own. It turns out that men from all walks of life also lacked supportive conversations/friendships and were looking for a no-nonsense men’s group. Millions of guys also wanted an approachable way to talk about their stuff. The Men’s Group community was born!

Who Started MensGroup?

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