Lamar Odom On Porn Addiction – How And Why He Gave It Up

Former NBA basketball player Lamar Odom on porn addiction shared that he’s given up watching porn to help build a healthier lifestyle for himself and his fiance Sabrina Parr. Odom’s fiance was noticing that his pornography addiction was getting in between their relationship. To help break his habit, she downloaded…
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brad pitt vulnerability mens group

Brad Pitt On The Value Of Men’s Groups

Leading male Brad Pitt has been the idol of both men and women for years. Many assume he’s lived a dream life with an abundance of celebrity, women, and money. Yet Brad has struggles too. In this video, Brad opens up about how a men’s group was there for him…
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depression anxiety suicide michael phelps

Michael Phelps Shares His Battle With Depression

Anyone going through depression can feel like they’re weak and alone. Yet some of the strongest, highest-performing, leading males in the world have gone through anxiety and depression.  There is no better example of this than Michael Phelps. He is a swimmer who has won 28 Olympic medals (23 gold)…
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barak obama steph curry mens issues groups

Barack Obama & Steph Curry On Men’s Groups

It turns out that it’s not just us “average joes” that benefit from support groups. In this Town Hall meeting, former President Barack Obama and NBA superstar MVP Steph Curry discuss a number of men’s issues including the importance of men’s groups.

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