Are you interested in facilitating men’s groups?

We are currently hiring men’s group leaders for a number of our regular men’s groups.

Please read all of the details of the position below and if you’re interested, submit the form at the bottom of the page.

Mens Group

Facilitator Traits, Skills & Experience

First, what do we look for from potential facilitators?

Experience running men’s groups or something similar
We will always prioritize someone who has run men’s groups before as it is a skillset that needs to be built. That being said, similar experiences could qualify (running kids summer camps, leading different kinds of peer support groups or one on one counselling / therapy are a few examples).

An Deep Interest In Men’s Work / Psychology / Community Building
In our community hub, we have an invite only form for our facilitators called the Facilitator camp fire. Our facilitators are in there exchanging learnings and ideas to improve their facilitation skills and to grow as leaders. You have to be into this kind of thing to fit into our culture. 

Social Awareness

We look for individuals that have a socially sensitive, meaning that they can easily notice and feel the subtle signs that attendees will give hinting towards their needs. Most people think they’re good at this, when the reality is that most people do not have a abnormally high level of social sensitivity: an ability to pick up on subtle body language, tone, subtext etc. This also applies to group-dynamics, to instantly feel when there is a mismatch with a member and his group.

A Great Listener
Your job isn’t to talk or coach, your job is to moderate. Accordingly we look for men who naturally tend to listen more than they desire to jump in and speak. We look for men who can maintain a 95% to 5% ratio of group members speaking vs them speaking.

Asks Great Questions
Sometimes guys have trouble getting into conversation. In that scenario you will need to ask great questions to get the conversation started. Not good questions. Great questions are well timed and draw a more detailed response out of a member.

Your primary role as facilitator is to moderate. So while we want you to actively listen most of the time, occasionally a guy may start to ramble or get off topic. This means you have to jump in and cut someone off. When done in a respectful way, this has never caused issues in a group, but it can feel incredibly uncomfortable for the moderator.

The best way to get guys to open up is to have others be vulnerable first. This makes them feel like they won’t be ridiculed for doing so. So occasionally sharing your story – in a concise manner – with the most sensitive parts of it, sets an incredible example for the guys in group. You’ll need to do this from time to time.

Consistency & Committed
We need facilitators to be able to take on groups for the foreseeable future and be able to show up to every meeting, on time with no exceptions. We train new facilitators and only want to invest in individuals that want to be with us for the long haul.

You will need to take (basic) notes on attendees and questions asked during the meeting. You will need to have a few different documents open during the meetings to be able to host a meeting smoothly.

Be Approachable 
We started MensGroup because we noticed there was one primary reason why guys didn’t join men’s groups: they weren’t approachable enough. We recognized that if we presented men’s groups in  less-kooky ways, that we could lead a lot of guys into men’s work that wouldn’t otherwise consider it. Accordingly, we use casual language (and avoiding really touchy feely or woo language) and casual dress (nothing too flamboyant). We’re looking for guys that are naturally more casual and relatable.

Tech Savy
Because we are an online community and host online meetings over Zoom, we need someone who is web-tech savy. There are always issues with zoom (audio not working, meetings not starting, renaming attendees in meeting, muting members with background noise etc) and we need someone to be able to do that on the fly. Deep experience with video conferencing, google docs and community/social discussion platforms is required.

Facilitation Position Details

Each group you take on, meets bi-weekly. One week on and one week off. So if you take on a group at Tuesday @ 4pm pst, every second Tuesday you will have a group. We have groups at all day and times of the week. We are most looking for facilitators in North American time zones, as that is where 80% of our groups/members reside.

Time commitment
Each group meeting is scheduled for 2 hours. Sometimes groups end early. Sometimes they go a little over time. All in all we typically recommend you allot for 2.5 hrs for each meeting. 10 mins before and 20 mins after, just incase. We also ask that you check in on the private group discussion area for your group from time to time. As the moderator, guys will be asking questions and tagging you in there.

Most men’s group facilitators get paid ZERO ($0). It’s typically a volunteer position. We pay our facilitators $50 USD per meeting. It typically ends up amounting to $100 USD per month for each group that you take on. While we’d ideally like to be able to pay more, the organization will lose money paying anything more than this.

When you come on board, we will start by giving you access to our MensGroup facilitator manual. This has every detail and link about our unique way of running men’s groups: meeting outlines, group member lists and keys to successful facilitation. From there we will then have you sit in on men’s groups to see how our trained facilitators do it. Once you have selected the groups you’d like to run and sat in on a few meetings, we will then let you take over the reigns. A trained facilitator will sit in the meeting with you for support during your first few meetings. From there it’s all you!

As a facilitator, you get free access to our discussion community, including our invite-only facilitator camp fire. This is where we share what is working / not working and other ways we can improve as facilitators.

Next Steps
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