What The Guys Say About Men's Group

See what the guys in our online men’s groups have to say about their experience. What men’s group topics were discussed? What did they learn? How did they benefit from being a part of a men’s group?

Success Story: Jordan Caron

Jordan is a 43-year-old entrepreneur from Victoria, Canada.

He looked for a men’s group to help manage his porn and gambling addictions and to continue his trajectory of personal growth after the ending of a long-term relationship.

Jodan has now been a men’s group member for over a year and says he’s in it for the long-term.

Read Jordan’s full story and watch his video here.

Success Story: Cody B

Cody from Omaha NB came to MensGroup to address his rocky marriage, issues with boundaries, and to become an even better father to his daughters.

At first, he was skeptical. He wasn’t sure if he could share what he was going through without being judged.

Cody quickly observed other guys sharing their experiences and that they were received in a supportive manner (the opposite of the ridicule he was used to).

Cody has found a safe place to work through the challenges that he has been facing and has made friends through the group!

Read Cody’s full success story and watch his video here!

Reviews From Guys Like You

These are normal, everyday guys like you. Some of the reviews may be hard to hear due to bad audio or may feel a little robotic, that’s because these are normal guys sharing their real experiences as best they can.


Jayson S.

Sacramento, USA


Colby S.

Richland WA, USA


Mark H.

Georgetown SC, USA


Neal S.

Cape Town, South Africa


Steven G.

Los Angeles, CA


Travis B

Baffin Island, Canada


John B.

Salt Lake City, USA


Bryan D.

Port Orange, USA


Michael T.

Iowa, USA


Jasen M.

Vancouver, Canada


Chris L.

Beijing, China


Pavel C.

Berlin, Germany


Jess L.

Seattle, USA


Martijn S.

Luxembourg, EU


Shawn N.

Los Angeles, USA


John C.

New Jersey, USA


Joey M.

San Francisco, USA


Michael G.

North Carolina, USA