Below you will find video walkthroughs of each part of MensGroup. It may look like a lot but many of these videos are short and you will get the gist in the first few minutes. Flip through them all and you’ll be ready to go in MensGroup!

The Best New Member Mindset

The mindset for success in MensGroup. How to approach finding your tribe in MensGroup. How to setup smaller meetings with guys on the same page as you.

Get On The Platform

Everything in MensGroup is on the platform. You must join onto it to access the men’s group meetings, social hangouts, topic discussions and more.

> If you haven’t yet Go HERE now to get started in the platform. If you’re already on the platform, continue through the new member training videos below. 

Intro To All Things MensGroup

An in-depth walkthrough of everything in MensGroup. Let us know if you have any questions!

Fill In Your Community Profile

Nobody will reach out to you if you don’t have a profile filled out. Your real name, your real portrait profile photo, some basic info and what you want to talk about with the guys. Click here now to update your profile.

THE SEARCH BOX: The Most Powerful Tool In MensGroup!

The search box will be your best friend. Many of the questions you want to ask have been asked before. Use the search box to find posts, comments, members, and events.

How To Attend Men’s Groups & Social Meetings

Here’s how to access all of our men’s support groups, topic-specific groups and social hangouts. You’ll find all of our meetings listed here on the events page.

Zoom Meetings

If you aren’t familiar with Zoom or want to brush up on proper zoom etiquette, go here now for full instructions on how to use Zoom!

Where To Find Our 24/7 Zoom Rooms?

Along with scheduled meetings, we also have open 24/7 Zoom rooms so you can tune in when it’s convenient for you. We have topic-specific, general support, and social Zoom rooms live 24-7.

Meeting Rules & Guidelines

Men’s Group Meetings: Member Guidelines

To ensure everyone (including you) gets value from the MensGroup community, we all agree to play by the same rules and guidelines.