Our Community Provides Easy Access To The Right Guys And Conversations

Men need an efficient way to access self-improvement conversations, healthy male role models, and supportive guy friends. We create opportunities for this through our:

  • Thriving discussion community
  • Topic-specific men’s groups
  • General support groups
  • Social events
  • A resource library

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Free Drop-In Men’s Groups

Each week we host free drop-in men’s groups to offer support for our existing members and to also allow potential community members to try the groups out. The meetings are always the same format: each guy gives a short update and a topic they’d like feedback on from the guys. Then we spend the rest of the meeting supporting each other on whatever topics were brought up. All of our drop-in meetings are led by a trained facilitator to ensure everyone gets value.

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You Don’t Have To Go It Alone, Man. Let’s Climb The Mountain Together!