Facilitator Training

Below you will find our faciltitor training resource. Please watch all the videos, take notes so that you will have an easier time running your meetings. We’ve been running men’s groups for 15+ years now so everything recommended below is tried and tested. Let us know if you have any questions!

Why We Facilitate?

*Here are some success stories from guys in our men’s groups

No Direct Selling

The #1 Mistake Facilitators Make

Meeting Format


*Here is a written outline of our meeting format you can have open to guide you through your first few groups


Key Facilitator Tips: How To Effectively Facilitate


Most important points:

  1. Keep things concise. Say less than you normally would. Let guys ask questions. Do NOT ramble. We are there to moderate, not coach.
  2. When it comes to offering feedback, wait until others have talked. Don’t go first. Guys are there to get perspective from the GROUP. Not from you first every time.
  3. Keep the meeting moving forward. Keep things snappy. Keep the meeting moving along. Don’t personally respond to everything.
  4. Step in when guys are disruptive, rambling or derailing the topic. Interrupt them. Get things back on track. Be compassionately assertive.

How To Make Members Feel Good In Meetings


How To Log Into Zoom


Be Presentable

*Please no drinking, smoking, vaping or anything else that could trigger a member during a meeting.


Reporting Disruptive Members


How To Get The Most Out Of The MG Platform