Convenient Drop-In Men's Groups For Guys Interested In Self-Improvement & Social Conversations

Drop-In Men’s Group Member Benefits


Attend groups whenever you feel like it and on whatever topic you’d like to learn more about. When you get busy, don’t attend. When you feel like a men’s group, there’s one coming up soon.


Tune into the topic-specific drop in groups that best suit you and find guys going through similar things. Don’t waste time in conversations on topics that you’re not interested in learning.

On-Demand Support

You might not need support now, but in a week or a month, you might need to get something off your chest or get feedback and guidance. Our drop-in support groups are there for you when you need them.

You’ll find more general men’s group benefits on our men’s groups page.

What You Get Access To

Support Groups Each Week

When something comes up that you’d like feedback or support on, you can hop on one of the many drop-in support groups we have at different days & times throughout the week.

Topic-Specific Drop-In Meetings

Men’s groups around specific topics like divorce/breakups, boundaries (nice guys), communication, purpose/career, and more! Find other guys facing similar things.

Social Events Each Week

It’s not just support and meaningful conversations, a lot of guys are here to connect socially. We have multiple social “hangouts” that you can attend each week.

Discussion Forum & Chat App

Post questions and get quick, supportive answers. Connect socially with other guys over shared interests. 24/7 our discussion community is there for you on iPhone, Android, iPad, and web.

Flexible MensGroup Access
  • Weekly Support Groups
  • Weekly Topic-Specific Support Groups
  • Weekly Social Hang-Outs
  • Thriving Discussion Forum (App)
  • No Contract. Leave Any Time
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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