You Are 43% More Likely To Hit Your Goals In 2024 With One Tool

95% of men don’t set proper goals. This holds them back from getting what they want in life. It doesn’t matter if you are facing nice guy syndrome, porn addiction, saving your relationship, breakup or infidelity recovery, a sexless relationship, or any other challenge/goal, our Goal Setting System will help you get there.

The Consequences Of Not Hitting Your Goals

Without a tested goal-setting framework, you are much more likely to get:

  • Feeling shameful and low about yourself
  • Failed relationships
  • Not living the life that you want
  • Less money
  • More rejection
  • Less sex
  • Less vitality
  • More struggle

Sound familiar?

What If You Could Access
A Goal Setting Framework
Proven To Hit Your Goals?

9 Video & Audio Lessons And Printable PDF Workbook That Will Help You Win This Year

When you give yourself the gift of access to this NMMNG course, you will immediately get access to:

  • Printable PDF workbook, so you can take notes and work through your goals offline. 
    The course area is designed for MOBILE and computer, so you can watch or listen from ANYWHERE
  • Video and audio files are on the same page for your convenience
  • The transcription and key points for each recording is found below for clarity
  • Tons of personal examples from Sean’s own Goal Setting recovery journey

Course Leader Sean Galla

Sean Galla is a peer support specialist who has been running men’s groups and building self-improvement communities online for 15+ years.

Discover more about this course leader – Sean Galla – in his short video intro.

You Deserve To
Hit Your Goals
And Win

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  • 9 Audio Lessons
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The price goes up Jan 31st!

Goal setting course package