How to Save a Relationship: 7 Tips to Save a Struggling Relationship for Men

How can I save a relationship? Can you fix a broken relationship? How can I make my relationship work again? How do you save a dying relationship from a breakup? Is it possible to make your relationship work again? How do you know if a relationship is worth saving? If you are looking for tips on how to save a relationship, this article is for you.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla. I am a facilitator of support groups and support forums for men, with more than 10 years of experience. My job includes facilitating support forums for men, including relationship support forums. In these forums, men come together for advice, guidance, and support that can help better their relationships, especially those on the verge of dying. If you are afraid that your relationship is on the verge of breaking, this article has all the information you need on how to save a relationship.

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All Relationships Struggle

All Relationships Struggle

Being in a relationship is tricky. One moment it can feel as though you are on a cloud of euphoria and feel like you are stuck in a failing relationship the next, making you questions whether it is better to let go of the relationship. Things can be even harder for long-distance relationships.

No matter how strong you think your relationship is, it is inevitable that you will hit a few rough patches as you go. These rough patches can manifest in different ways and in small things, including on-and-off cycles, never-ending relationship problems, failing to see things from each other’s point of view, infidelity, a failing sex drive between two people, and countless other reasons. It is important to understand that every relationship’s well-being struggles, and what you are facing may not be unique to you.

When it starts to feel like it is falling apart, it is normal for both people in what used to be a healthy relationship to begin looking for ways how to save a relationship if they do not want to lose it.

The good news is that even experts believe that there are ways a relationship can be saved. You can use a few strategies to restore the good health of the partnership and even make it better than it was in the early days even after going through difficult times. For any relationship to survive, it requires commitment and effort from both ends.

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Signs of a Struggling Relationship

You fight constantly

If it feels like your long-term relationship has turned into a war zone, it is probably because there are underlying issues that are causing the relationship to struggle. While every couple fights, having consistent arguments that never seem to end is a sign of a struggling relationship.

They no longer seem to care about you

When you started, one of the things that made you love your partner was how intentional they were about understanding your love languages. They would text and check up on you during the day, make plans to spend quality time together, and meet you halfway to make the relationship work. If this seems to have changed and you feel that you are the only one pulling the weight, your relationship may be struggling.

Your partner feels distant

If your loved one suddenly stops sharing stuff with you or doing the things they usually would make you feel loved and seen in the relationship, it may signify unresolved issues.

Trust issues

Numerous factors can cause insecurities in loving relationships. If you feel that you no longer trust your partner, it may be ideal to confront the elephant in the room before it is too late. Trust requires two people to be honest with each other and take responsibility. If you are suddenly keeping secrets from one another, there are underlying issues that need to be resolved for the relationship to survive.

No longer putting in the effort

It is normal to fall into a routine when you have been in the relationship for a while. This can make a couple too conformable in the relationship that they stop putting effort into it. It can be a problem when one party shows disinterest in the relationship while the other wants to make it work.

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Knowing When to Save a Relationship and When to Let Go

While relationships can be saved, the hard truth is that not all are worth saving. Before you start researching how to save a relationship, it is essential to determine whether the relationship is worth saving in the first place. Sometimes, you will find that it is better for your mental health for two people to go their separate ways.

While love is an essential component of a relationship, it is not the only thing one looks at when deciding whether a relationship is worth saving. If you feel like your mental and physical health are threatened in a relationship, this is a red flag, and you need to let the relationship end.

It is also important to ensure you are in a relationship with a supportive partner who shares your core values and shows the same interest in the relationship. If you have to compromise your values and morals for the relationship, it is an excellent reason to consider leaving the relationship instead of saving it.

When deciding whether a relationship is worth saving, it is vital to ensure that your partner feels the same way. Trying to save the relationship does not work if one of you has already emotionally and mentally checked out with no desire to repair the relationship.

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How to Save a Relationship

Work on yourselves individually

Work on yourselves individually

To save a relationship and make it stronger, the two of you need to do the inner work. Take time to work on yourself as an individual to connect with your inner self. This will help create an open space where you can share openly. This will make it easier to work as a couple to make the relationship better.

Learn to fight better

Fights and arguments are important aspects of any healthy relationship. The key to fighting better is doing it right. This includes communicating feelings honestly and creating room in the relationship for mistakes and forgiveness. When you can fight fair, you help build your trust, bringing you closer together.

Show gratitude

It is advisable to learn how to express your appreciation for your partner, even for the little things they do to make the relationship work. This should be an everyday thing, where you appreciate your partner and the little things they do to make life easier for you. You can have a night routine where you appreciate one another for what they did during the day that made you feel loved and cared for.

Enjoy your time together

It is important to acknowledge and savor every moment you spend with your partner to save the relationship. This should be done for every moment you spend together, even in the absence of more significant occasions like holidays or birthdays. Make the most of every moment you have together, whether you are running errands together or simply in each other’s company.

Do check-ins

Like any other aspect of your life, successful relationships require maintenance. One of the best tips on how to save a relationship and rebuild trust is having regular check-ins to see how the relationship is doing from your partner’s perspective.

To do this, you need to schedule a time together where you have honest conversations about the status of the relationship. You can talk about different areas of the relationship, including communications, parenting, intimacy, and finances. you can consider involving a relationship coach for your check-in sessions.

By having regular check-ins, you can resolve potential problems before they cause issues in the relationship. This is also an excellent way of working on your connection and emotional intimacy.

Celebrate one another

Celebrating your significant other’s wins is as important as supporting them when they have a hard time. It is important to be present in your partner’s high moments and ensure they know that you are happy and proud of them. Creating an open space to celebrate each other’s achievements is an important aspect of sharing in each other’s life.

Join a relationship support group

Sometimes, speaking to other people who understand relationship issues can be ideal for saving a relationship. A relationship support group introduces you to other people dedicated to making their relationships work. Here, you can get helpful advice, professional help, resources, and ideas on how to save a relationship.

If you are a man looking for an ideal all-male support group, MensGroup is a leading support group for men where you can meet relationship experts and other like-minded men for advice and conversations about healthy relationships.  

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In MensGroup, you will meet other men who have experienced relationship issues and managed to save their relationships.

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Being in what feels like a dead relationship can be frustrating. If you want your relationship to work and last, following the tips highlighted in this article about how to save a relationship and joining a support group is the best decision you can make for your relationship.

If you are a man looking for guidance and support, is the perfect place to get the advice, feedback, and support you need from fellow men who want to see you thrive and enjoy a happy relationship.

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