Is My Wife Cheating: 7 Signs of Infidelity to Watch Out For

Is my wife cheating? Is my wife seeing another man? Is my wife having an affair? Is my wife hiding things from me? What are the red flags of a cheating wife? Why do wives cheat? What should I do if my wife is cheating? If you are a husband looking for answers to these or any more cheating questions, this article is for you.

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In this article, you will find information about cheating in marriage and how to determine whether your wife is cheating.

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Infidelity in Marriage

While men are usually the ones on the receiving end of cheating allegations in relationships, the truth is that women can be cheaters too. In fact, the percentage of unfaithfulness amongst married women has increased by almost 50% since 1990. Men are thought to cheat more than women because women are better at hiding it. It is nearly impossible to tell a cheating wife from a faithful one most of the time.

While you probably already know that women cheat, the last thing you expect is that your wife would ever look at another man, let alone go as far as cheating, yet here you are looking up answers to the question ‘is my wife cheating’. Infidelity is as traumatic for men and women. While it is usually a revelation of cracks in a marriage, sometimes people cheat while in happy marriages.

While their wife’s infidelity blindsides most men, some may start suspecting their spouse of cheating because of a gut feeling and actions outside the norm. When it is finally confirmed, most men file for divorce as the best possible way to handle the betrayal and disappointment. This is why most divorce cases are filed with infidelity as the cause of the split.

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What is Considered Cheating in Marriage?

Like most things in marriage, cheating is relative amongst couples. This is because what one couple may consider cheating may not be for another. It is essential first to determine what cheating means to you as an individual to determine whether, indeed, your wife is cheating.

To some couples, looking at another man or woman can be considered cheating, while others only think it is cheating if there is sexual intercourse involved. It is important to talk to your partner about what cheating means to ensure you are on the same page when you are married. By communicating your boundaries, your spouse will always know when they take things with another person too far.

What Drives Wives to Cheat?

While most people find cheating inexcusable regardless of the cause, it is important to understand the known causes that drive wives to cheat. Generally, wives cheat because of one of four main things:

Self-esteem issues

Self-esteem is how one person values themselves. People who suffer from low self-esteem are always looking for validation in their life to boost their self-esteem and assert their self-worth. Most of the time, these people turn to dangerous vices like cheating.

When your wife loses confidence in herself, she might find solace in the person outside your marriage who makes them feel worthy again.

Self-esteem issues can be caused by different issues, including a negative body image after birth or body changes that change how she feels about herself.

Lack of love in the marriage

When you have been married for a while, it is normal for love sparks between you to die down. When this happens, it is normal for a couple to drift apart, making them seek solace and the feeling of being loved and wanted by other people.


If your marriage no longer has an emotional connection, you find that you spend less time together and start living looking more like roommates than a married couple. This often leaves the spouse on the receiving end feeling neglected. If your wife feels neglected in your marriage, they may find solace in another man’s company, eventually leading to an affair.

Unmet sexual needs

Mismatched sexual libido and expectation are common causes of cheating amongst spouses. While it is often a case associated with men, sometimes a woman can have high sexual desires that the husband does not meet. If she desires sexual experiences that you do not like, she may seek satisfaction from other men who share in her interests.

While there is no excuse for the betrayal of cheating, learning the cause is an ideal starting point for anyone trying to understand why the wife is cheating.

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Is My Wife Cheating – Signs of Infidelity to Pay Attention To

Signs of Infidelity to Pay Attention To

Changes in how you communicate

Communication breakdown in a relationship is never a good sign. Different issues can cause communication breakdown, and cheating is one of them. When a spouse is cheating, they usually stop talking about the things they’d speak to you, which may make you start suspecting she’s having an affair.

She becomes distant

You may notice that something seems off with her body language. She starts showing signs of absentmindedness and no longer values spending time with you. Trying to ask her what is on her mind is met with a cold answer to the negative. Sudden mystery in her life and peculiar behavior are common signs of guilt. Women seek an emotional connection and communication in relationships. If she is not asking for these things at home, it may be because another person is meeting her needs.

Sudden changes in her social life

While hanging out with friends is a good thing in any relationship, it can be peculiar if it starts happening more often than before. Most of the time, when a spouse is cheating, they create these new personas for friends or coworkers you do not know to keep you from the truth.

a cheating partner will suddenly start hanging out with new friends or have a buzzing social media life than she used to and does not bother to involve you or introduce you. you will notice she picks new hobbies that require her to leave the house more often or excuses to miss family events to attend another getaway without you.

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She suddenly starts to protect her phone

This is one of the most classical warning signs of cheating spouses. When your wife suddenly starts to guard her phone using passwords, or using new passwords, and taking it everywhere, chances are she is talking to someone else and trying to hide it. You will notice her phone is suddenly always buzzing with text messages and phone calls, which was not the case before. If you ask her who she is talking to, she will say a friend and dismiss the issue before asking more questions.

She starts picking fights every chance possible

Picking fights even over things you wouldn’t fight over before, is a common sign of cheating and her way of discrediting the marriage to justify her affair. Picking fights makes it easy for her to claim that the marriage is not working and hence the reason for seeing other people.

Sexless marriage

lack of sex is a telltale sign of infidelity. When your significant other starts cheating, she will feel less attracted to you and have excuses for not wanting to participate in marital sex life. Nothing you seem to do can turn her on anymore, and she refuses to talk to you about the issues of less sex in your marriage or tell you why she is not interested. you will notice that she hardly says I love you anymore.

Telling lies

If you are suddenly catching your wife in small white lies for no apparent reason, it may be a sign that she is hiding something more significant. When someone is cheating, her lies do not match up to the timeline, and they find it hard to justify coming home later than usual or having to run many errands all of a sudden that take longer than they usually would.

She will lie about everything, including the undiscussed charges in your credit card statements or bank account charge for her new clothes.

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What to Do If You Find Your Wife Cheating

If your answer to the question is my wife cheating is a resounding yes, you need to decide how to handle the issue. The first thing you need to determine is whether you want to save the marriage or break up.

Talk to a professional

Making such huge life decisions is not always easy. To ensure you are in the right frame of mind to make the best decision for yourself, it is advisable to seek help from a family therapist or marriage counselor. They will help you sort through the emotions and find your footing as you plan to take the next steps.

Join a support group

Sharing your experience with family or friends is not always the easiest thing when you find yourself on the receiving end of infidelity because it affects your self-esteem. An infidelity support group is a forum where you meet other infidelity survivors in a judgment-free and safe space.

Infidelity support groups like Men’s Group make it possible for men to connect with fellow men through video and chat.

About MensGroup

About MensGroup

Men associate infidelity in their relationship with failure and ridicule. This makes it hard for them to speak about their feelings and emotions after they are cheated on.

If you are a man on the receiving end of infidelity, Men’s Group offers a safe space to share, learn, and heal. This is an all-men online infidelity support group where you meet other male survivors of infidelity. At, survivors of infidelity facilitate the support group.

Here, members can share in confidence and without fear of judgment. Men hurt too, and at, you have a place to vent and find healing.


Finding out that your wife is cheating can be heartbreaking for any man. It is said that time heals all wounds. However, the best way to heal the hurt caused by a cheating spouse is by joining a support group. Support groups for infidelity survivors offer a safe place that works to see you through the healing process. Our community at will guide you through the healing process and overcome the trauma caused by a cheating spouse.

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