Men’s Community: 7 Best Men’s Community Groups

Are you looking for a men’s community support group? Are you interested in a men’s community? Do you know of a loved one who can benefit from joining a men’s community? Are you looking for information on men’s communities? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla. I am a facilitator of support groups and support forums, including men’s community support groups, with more than 10 years’ experience. In my line of work, I have seen firsthand how important being part of the men’s community support group is to anyone, especially men. A men’s community is a fantastic place for anyone to get the support they need to become better men and adopt habits and mechanisms that can help them cope with the demanding task of being a man.

In this article, you will find all the information you need about men’s communities and why they come highly recommended.

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An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

What Is a Men’s Community Support Group?

A men’s community is any support group that offers emotional support and practical advice about a challenge, concern, or experience common amongst men. These groups aim to offer support, guidance, and education to those people who offer men’s community services. Men’s communities help men gain insight into their lives as men.

These support groups help men take action against relationship issues, abuse, and their sexuality. This is done by creating awareness, educating men, volunteer, and advocacy.

A men’s community is a group of men who come together to learn how to overcome the challenges they are going through and to support each other. The purpose of a men’s community is to help men experience personal growth, enjoy create awareness on mental health, and guide men to attaining success.

Men’s communities help men to feel understood and talk about what they are going through in life as bachelors, husbands, and fathers.

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Men's Community

Who Should Join a Men’s Community Support Group?

A man is viewed as the leader in a family. He is expected to be the head and to guide the family. Because of these expectations from society, many men happen to keep silent and not speak out about what they are going through or suffering from. This can cause physical health issues, and sometimes mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

A men’s community is ideal for men who need a safe space to freely talk about what they are going through. These support groups give men the freedom and platform to speak out their hearts and minds among other men going through the same issues.

Numerous benefits come with joining a men’s community. Some of the benefits are:

Men learn to be better communicators

When a man joins a men’s community, they have a platform that they can speak out about their issues. Generally, men are not the best communicators and a men’s community helps to mold them into better communicators to their friends, family and spouses. In this community of men, they are free to talk about their marriages, families, and work.

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Help to prevent loneliness

A man could be among his family, wife, and children, or if not married, among his parents or guardians and siblings. However, he may be absent psychologically and could be emotionally torn even though they look physically ok. This can often cause loneliness since it feels as though no one would understand.

Joining a men’s community is one of the best ways to avoid the feeling of being alone. In this group, men are free to talk about what is in their hearts and minds without fear since they are among like-minded people. Such a support group provides solace and encouragement to men no matter what they are battling with.

Finding their purpose in life and career guidance

A men’s community support group will enlighten a man on things that they could have ventured in and never have. A talent or hobby that one could make a living out of can be identified and nurtured in such a community. Such a support group gives you space to discuss men’s careers and what purpose they have in life.

In the same group, one, two, or more men can discover shared interests that can make good business partnerships. This offers them a chance to explore a business idea they would have otherwise never thought about exploring.

Saves you money

Being in a men’s community ensures you do not use the money on a therapist or clinical psychologist. A support group will allow a man to discuss the issues he is going through and get insights from fellow men who could be going through the same issue or ever did in the past and recovered. Since these are peer-led services, most groups do not charge members fees.

A men’s community group is led by an experienced facilitator who has had experience with the issues facing the members. This facilitator(s) listens to what men share and thereafter give solutions to the problems highlighted.

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What to Look for in the Best Men’s Community Support Group?

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A man who is looking for the best men’s community should look for one that is dedicated to empowering men in all areas of life. This goes a long way in making a man a better son, brother, husband, and father. One should also look out for a men’s community support group with an experienced facilitator who is dedicated to helping the members find solutions to what you are going through.

It is a good idea to find men’s support groups within your locality. However, the social distancing rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made physical meetings impossible to have. Therefore, it is better to search for online men’s community groups like This way, you are able to get the support and help you need regardless of your physical location.

Online support groups are the best for people who prefer to keep their identities private. You can participate with video off and mute your mic if you do not want the other members to recognize it.

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Recommendation for the Best Men’s Communities

Breakthrough for Men

The Breakthrough for Men is a support group that is built to empower men and allow them to confidently participate and consequently enable them to build connected lives and meaningful relationships. This support group was rooted from the Breakthrough Men’s Community education program.

The motive of this support group is to create community support systems and encourage people to be leaders, advocates, and allies. It also celebrates the uniqueness and breaks free of rules set by society to promote restrictions. Another motive is to promote positive thinking about ourselves, the world, and others. Breakthrough Men’s Community is located in Monterey, California.

Under the leadership of breakthrough, is John Hain who joined the support group as a participant in 1994. He serves regularly on learning, workshop leadership teams and sharing peer counseling techniques, and introducing mindfulness practices and useful neuroscience principles. Artwork tagged psych images by John Hain is also highlighted in the Breakthrough men’s community site.

Sun Street Centers

Sun Street Centers is a support group that offers a men’s residential program that offers to counsel men and takes care of their health as well through their outpatient services. It is located in Salinas, CA.

Jesus Culture Sacramento

This is a men’s community support group that is tagged Man Camp and goes after the connection, adventure, and living fully alive the way God created us. This support group has small groups for men who would want to be part of a community.

Like the site’s name suggests “Jesus Culture Sacramento” the support group holds annual men’s retreats which are full of fun adventures, moments with God, lots of meat grilling, and games.

Men’s Resource Center

Men’s Resource Center is based in West Michigan, United States. It provides men of all ages opportunities for education, support, challenge, and growth. These are aimed to attend to men’s issues in particular. It offers support groups for men suffering from anger management, domestic violence, sex addiction, men’s psychotherapy, progressions, intimate connections, and making a man into becoming a better father.

ManKind Project

ManKind Project is a non-profit training and education organization that supports a global network of free peer-facilitated men’s groups and supports men in promoting authenticity, integrity, and service in their lives. It is a community of men that looks that offer a platform for free men’s groups where real men talk about issues affecting them including but not limited to their mental health.

Future Men

Future Men is a support group for men who are aspiring for something in the future. It could be been a future dad, jobs in the future, or a future husband. It was founded in 1988 and its vision is “A better future for every man and everyone”. If any man is looking out for future workshops, this is the place to be.


Lack of a support system is one of the major causes of mental illness amongst men. Men’s Group is an online men’s community support group that offers group support, help, and guidance to men. It is a supportive network of men ready and willing to help others like them through shared life experiences.

Men's sheds

Mensgroup uses different group activities for service delivery. The community session will equip you with all the information you need to overcome your issues and lead a better life as a man. It is more than just a men’s community support group. It offers emotional support to those that need solace.

As an online support group for men, the group has experienced men’s group facilitators that offer impactful conversations and offer a community for men who are interested in self -improvement.


There are numerous men’s communities in different parts of the United States. If you are a man looking for a men’s community available at all times, you can try out different options to find the best one for your needs.

Mensgroup is one of the best men’s community options available today. As an online-based men’s support group, you can be sure that there is an active meeting or forum at all times.

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