Men’s Group in Nottingham: Top 5 Men’s Issues Support Groups

Are you looking for a men’s group in Nottingham? Have you been investigating men’s support groups around Nottingham? Looking for reviews for Nottingham men’s groups? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla. I am a facilitator of support groups and support forums, including men’s support groups, with more than 10 years’ experience. In my line of work, I have seen firsthand how important being part of the men’s support group is to anyone’s mental health, especially men. Men’s support groups are a fantastic place for anyone to get the support they need to become better men and adopt habits and mechanisms that can help them cope with the demanding task of being a man.

In this article, you will find all the information you need about men’s support groups in Nottingham and why they are highly recommended for men.

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An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

What Is a Men’s Group?

This is a group of men that meets regularly with the intention of bettering themselves as individuals. It is a group that addresses various issues affecting men in the modern-day, including discussions about their personal and social lives. Such a group offers therapeutic benefits to the men in attendance.

A men’s group can comprise of 5-10 guys who meet regularly to share what is happening in their lives. These groups have experienced facilitators that help them demystify the issues they discuss and give them guidance on how to best navigate their situations.

The main purpose of a men’s group is to help a man become better in life. These group meetings can take place online, in person, and over weekend retreats.

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Men's Group in Nottingham

How to Find Men’s Groups in Nottingham

If you are living in Nottingham and are in search of a men’s group, finding one might be hard especially during this COVID-19 pandemic with all the social distancing guidelines and meeting prohibitions. Without much physical interaction allowed, the only option for men’s group meetings in Nottingham city is online. A simple google search for “men’s groups near me” can give a referral to numerous meetings taking place throughout Nottingham, including England and wales.

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Benefits of Being in a Men’s Group in Nottingham

Numerous benefits come with being part of a mensgroup. Below is a mention of some of the benefits.

Takes away loneliness

Unlike women, men are known to keep their troubles to themselves and not speak about them as they take on the role of carers for their families. Also, women have more social circles and thus interact more compared to men. Whether in informal groups or formal groups, women have better avenues and opportunities to share what they are going through with fellow women. On the other hand, men have very few spaces where they can feel safe and protected enough to share with no reservation.

This is the reason men’s groups are necessary. These groups give group members a safe space to socialize with fellow men, share the issues they are going through, including health problems and healthcare, and get solace and comfort from fellow men. Interacting with other men takes away loneliness and helps in finding answers to questions that linger on their minds. Being part of a men’s group shows you that you are not alone and that your case is not unique. This renews your hope in getting solutions or required help.

Improves intimate relationships

Intimate relationships that men are part of can be with a woman or a fellow man, depending on the sexual orientation of a man. Finding a safe space to discuss relationship issues for men is one of the toughest tasks.

Being part of a mensgroup brings various insights into how relationships work and the issues surrounding them. Apart from a man sharing his experiences, he will get a chance to listen to what other men are undergoing as well. Whether you are straight, gay or LGBTQ, being part of a men’s group in Nottingham can help strengthen your intimate relationships.

You accomplish more in life

As a man, being part of a men’s group in Nottingham creates a powerful network for support and accountability in the things a man wants to accomplish in life. This is one of the best ways to ensure you realize your dreams and aspirations. The more a man talks about their goals and dreams, the more likely they are to do it. Being part of a men’s group makes it easier for you to accomplish more in life.

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Nottingham Men’s Group vs Online Men’s Groups

Men’s groups in Nottingham meet in specified places all over Nottingham. These include sit-down kind of forums where men physically meet to talk about issues affecting them. In these forums, men talk about anything including spiritual issues, health issues, intimate relationships, or even their professional lives. 

The same thing happens in online men’s groups. These are internet-based support forums where men meet via skype, google meet up, or zoom calls. Online men’s groups have now been common especially in this coronavirus period. In online men’s groups, men have the options of hiding their identity if they prefer anonymity even as they attend the meetings.

Nottingham Social Circles

Top Support Groups in Nottingham

Mission Hills Church

This is a church that has men’s groups that meet in multiple locations. This church believes in a full life in Jesus which begins with transformation, a life fully committed to Him. Mission Hills Church is a place where you can be accepted as you are, you can experience freedom, receive grace, and heal from your past pain.

The men’s groups under Mission hill church take place in Mansfield and are designed to help a man live in a community. This church encourages a man to find a group that fits their season and stage of life. The men’s group helps them grow in their faith and also find a meaningful connection. Through the mission hills church website, a man who wants to join a men’s group could easily find a community they can be part of.

Self-Help UK

This is a place that offers various things to people living in the John Street Mansfield area. Self-help UK is a place where one can find and join a self-help group. It is the leading specialist organization in promoting, supporting, and encouraging self-help groups, both locally in Nottinghamshire and nationwide.

These groups offer counseling, daycare centers for people with dementia, befriending, clubs, and support groups. Self-groups in Mansfield include a men’s group, Wednesday social club, women’s group, and a Sunday lunch club.

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This is a platform for finding and building local communities. People from all over the world use meet up to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones, and pursue their passions as well.

Under the Meetup platform, one can explore their city, build their career, and get creative as well. Under meet up, one could find various groups in Nottingham. The groups under meetup include East Midlands speakers, the Nottingham social activities group, Amber Valley friends, Mobile Notts, and Derbyshire conscious community.

Meetup also has various conversations with its participants via lecturers. An example of an open lecture is one on Be Ambitious and Model Excellence (BAME) which is set to be held on Thursday, January 28, 2021. This public lecture will be an online event. The meetup platform also has helpline numbers that one could reach them via in case of any inquiry.

Govan Community Project

This is a community project that has a men’s group which offers space to men to make friends, learn skills, and share lunch. This project goes with the slogan of “Building Hope”. The Govan Community Project is a registered charity in Scotland (SC042012) and Company Limited by Guarantee (SC39071)


Men’s Group is an all men online support platform that meets Monday-Friday and over the weekends. As an online men’s support group, the main goal of this platform is to create an online community where men can interact with each other, chat and source insight from each other. It being a group that has an online presence is a plus for people who want to get access to a men’s group despite the COVID-19 lockdown. A man can get feedback, guidance, and support from taking part in an online men’s group.

Men's issues support groups in Nottingham

The men’s group is the perfect group for young people and an older man going through various challenges such as communication in his relationship, divorce, and breakups, family issues, managing his emotions and issues in his workplace, and life’s purpose. Members of the men’s group meet virtually via chat, text, or video to share, educate, and inspire. 


Men need to feel happy, successful and get inspired to become a better husband and dad. For this to happen, they need a safe avenue to speak about the issues they face. This is why men’s groups in Nottingham exist. In these groups, men do not feel intimated or fear for speaking about what they are going through. is a group that helps men speak out by giving them a platform where they can speak openly and freely about their feelings, emotions and issues. This offers encouragement and a sense of belonging in whatever they are facing.

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