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Your Dedicated Men's Team Will Help You Crush Your Challenges

A high-quality, DONE-FOR-YOU men’s group of 6-10 guys. Our men’s teams are hand-picked, facilitated video men’s groups for guys who want to take their personal growth to the next level!

“Meeting Online With The Same 6-8 Guys And Supporting Each Other Week-After-Week Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done To Overcome Challenges And Grow”
~ Sean Galla

Most Guys Lack a Place To Consistently Work Through Life Challenges.

Without a consistent group of guys to work through stuff with, men experience:

  • Loneliness and isolation
  • People-pleasing, poor boundaries & “nice guy syndrome
  • Rocky relationships & conflict
  • Bad habits and addictions
  • Anxiety, overwhelm, depression, apathy, and a lack of motivation
  • Poor communication skills
  • Challenges and decisions feel more difficult

A Men’s Team Has Your Back!

A men’s team will help you:

  • Overcome your challenges faster
  • Build real, lifelong friendships
  • Regularly get to share and get feedback
  • Get more out of our community with an ideal sized men’s team
  • Easier to get into some of your stuff with more trust in the guys
  • More confidential
  • Trained facilitator lead (better facilitators = better conversations)
  • Easier to build deeper relationships
  • Great for guys facing medium to long term challenges that could use an ongoing sounding board: relationship issues, breakup recovery, nice guy syndrome, addictions, emotional issues etc.

How Is It Different Than The MensGroup Community?

The MensGroup Community includes online discussions and many different drop-in men’s group meetings. Some of these drop in meetings will have 3 attendees and others may have 20+.

Some guys prefer a smaller, consistent men’s group with the same 6-10 guys.  If that’s you, you’ll like our men’s teams.

You get to access the community discussion forum and drop in men’s groups from our “community” plan. But you’ll also get placed in a highly-curated men’s group of 6-10 guys that meets bi-weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Time Commitment?

OUR MEN’S GROUP MEETINGS TAKE PLACE BI-WEEKLY. You will have a meeting every second week. The same day of the week. Same time. The meetings typically last 1.5-2 hrs. So 3-4hrs per month total.

How Much Does It Cost?

Counsellors charge $100+/hr. Weekend retreats can be $1000+. For the 4 hours of your online men’s group meetings, our due is $67/mo USD + tax. Why $67? Because we pay our men’s team facilitators and need to cover our costs.

Can I Leave Any Time?

There is no commitment. A lot of men’s groups force commitment for 6-12 months. With us you can come in and check out a men’s group and if it’s not for you, you can leave and cancel your subscription any time.

Men's Team Access
  • Group Matchmaking Service
  • 2 Video Men's Group Meetings /Mo
  • The MensGroup Community Included
  • No contract. Leave Any time.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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