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By submitting your information on the page https://mensgroup.com/mens-group-facilitator and becoming a moderator/facilitator/group leader in MensGroup, you agree to the following terms:


  • COMPENSATION: MensGroup will compensate any group moderator or facilitator by waiving their group membership fees. This cost can range between $19-67 per month depending on the current sales promotion. This remuneration is in exchange for the facilitator’s time when leading our online men’s groups. The moderator/facilitator can participate as a member in any discussion group and can attend any meetings they want as long as they are an active facilitator. The day they are no longer an active facilitator, their access to the MensGroup community under waived fees will be revoked.
  • REMOVAL: MensGroup retains the right to remove a group moderator/facilitator at any time, without warning. By submitting your info and/or becoming a MensGroup moderator/facilitator you agree that you do not have rights to advanced warning for removal from your role as moderator/facilitator or the community at large. Grounds for removal are not limited to but include direct-selling members or staff members to purchase their products or services and/or to work for their organizations, sexual misconduct, hate speech, personal outbursts, complaints from members or staff, not being a cultural fit, and more.
  • TERM: There is no term attached to your position as Moderator/Facilitator. For as long as you would like to moderate, we are happy to have you there as long as you maintain good standing in our community.


  • NO DIRECT SELLING: Moderators/Facilitators are allowed to mention in ONE SENTANCE at the beginning OR at the end of their group meetings what they do for work and where attendees can find out more. Anything more than one mention of this in a meeting is forbidden. Any posting of your info including URLs in the meeting chat is also forbidden. The only exception to this is if you are directly asked my a member in the meeting. In that case, you are allowed to respond. You are not allowed to follow up via private message or any other contact method with members to make them aware of your services. If someone asks, you can tell them. You can not approach any member under any circumstance with any self-serving URL or solicitation.
  • NO HATE SPEECH: Any moderator/facilitator found insulting or insulating an insult will be removed from the community immediately.
  • REPORT ISSUES: All moderators/facilitators are required to report any out-of-the-ordinary situations they observe in the community, which may include conflicts, solicitations, hate speech and more.
  • DON’T RAMBLE: The members didn’t sign up to hear YOU speak. They joined to share their situations and to get feedback from a number of guys. Keep it short. Rambling and/or dominating the meeting in any way will result in your removal from the community in not corrected after a warning.