No More Mr. Nice Guy PDF: A General Overview and Summary

The aspect of people being nice or being viewed as nice by the public is assumed normal but that is not always how people view or carry themselves. When someone treats you well or in a polite way, generally they are nice people. However, people can be nice to you or treat you nicely but have anterior motives about it. This is one of the things discussed on No More Mr. Nice Guy PDF.

Nice guys are not hard to find but do other guys regard them as nice or just gullible? This is one of the questions the book No More Mr. Nice Guy addresses. It would be normal to assume that if you regard yourself as nice, getting what you want in love and intimate relationships, or in life becomes easier. However, this is not always the case. 

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About the No More Mr. Nice Guy PDF Book

The No More Mr. Nice Guy PDF was originally published as an e-book after which it spurred controversy through the media. The author of No More Mr. Nice Guy PDF, Dr. Robert Glover, is a certified marriage and family therapist.

Through this book, Robert A. Glover tries to bring out aspects of how his life is for men and the extent they go to get the approval of others. He terms himself as a Nice Guy through his early adult life.  He explains how he took up the role of caretaking and aspired to be liked by people as his way of being an alpha male.  However, he could not understand why everyone did not have a similar road map to life, or why it was hard for them to see his full potential.

Mr. Glover states that in his formative years, his life came crumbling down. His marriage life was not all merry, with one having ended, the second was not going so well and his career dreams had stalled, all while trying to be the emotional center everyone knew him to be. With time, his dark side started to show. He started becoming resentful, frustrated and confused as a result.

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No More Mr Nice Guy pdf

How the No More Mr. Nice Guy PDF Was Inspired

Glover decided to start working on a proven plan that would help countless men. He joined a men’s group and began seeing a psychotherapist. His assertiveness towards this move was to find out why he has difficulty setting boundaries and why people around him were not responding so well to his Nice Guy philosophy. He wanted to find a way to open up to people and make them see him differently.

As a result, he realized that the problem was with him and not the people around him. He realized that even in his nice-guy persona, he had no boundaries and was indirect, dishonest, passive-aggressive, and was not always as nice as he thought he was.

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As he came to these realizations, he noticed that the married men he worked with within his practice as a marriage therapist tend to make the same kind of statements concerning their partners just as he used to do. These statements included: “All I want is to be appreciated. Is that asking too much?”, “I can never do it right”, “How come I always seem to give so much more than I get?”, “She’s always mad” and “She never wants to have sex anymore.”

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Over time, Dr. Glover came to realize that like him, his client was also passively inclined to pleasing others, which influenced every area of their lives. He came to realize that there were many other men like him who think that being nice would make people like them more, or it would make it easier for them to have their needs met without needing to ask. He came to the realization that nice guys expect life to be smooth, problem-free just because they are nice, and this is never the case.

Glover then started writing his first book “No More Mr. Nice Guy” for such men. He created a men’s group that met every other week, which helped him in getting material for his book. He wrote chapters of the book to bring to light what he was discovering in the group discussions, and what he termed as the “Nice Guy Syndrome” and how to help to recover nice guys. 

The Nice Guy Syndrome

The No More Mr. Nice Guy PDF talks about the “Nice Guy Syndrome” which tends to bring out acts on how a man tries too hard to please others neglecting one’s own needs, thus causing unhappiness and resentfulness. Dr. Glover claims that this is the reason many unfulfilled men come out as frustrated, especially to their loved ones.

As Dr. Glover wrote the book, he started receiving constant feedback from recovering nice guys who had the same views as him. This went to show how the book positively influenced men and has become a common name among the best sellers.

The author explains how men can stop seeking approval and start getting what they want in life. He does this by presenting them with information and tools to help them get their needs met, express their emotions, embrace their masculinity, enable them to enjoy a more satisfying sex life, and form meaningful relationships with other men. This book can help men live up to their potential as the integrated male.

This book was first published in 2003 by Barnes & Noble and Running Press and has since been translated into several languages and sold to thousands of people, which clearly shows that it has reached out to many men around the world. one of the many forums this book has been used to mentor men is on

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About the Mensgroup

If a man is looking for a platform, they could get solutions to issues like masturbation, self-esteem or general help Men’s Group is the answer. Lack of a support system is one of the major causes of violent acts and mental health issues amongst men. Mensgroup is an online men’s support group that offers group support, help, and guidance to men. It is a network of men ready and willing to help others like them through shared life experiences.

Mensgroup uses different group activities for service delivery, including book reading and recommendations. The sessions will equip you with all the information you need to overcome your issues and lead a better life as a man. It is more than just a men’s support group as it offers emotional support to those that need solace. tackles challenges like improving communication for a man in his family, workplace, or in society. There are also Mensgroup group meetings that provide self-help books to men on topics dealing with divorce and breakups, shedding the nice guy syndrome, managing emotions, being a dad, motivation, work, and purpose.

Mensgroup is all rounded and aims to build up men by giving them a platform where they can speak out their issues with no judgment. In this support group, a man should be assured of freedom of expression, emotional awareness, and support.

The mensgroup is an online support group best for a man who refers to anonymity even as they seek help.


How Mensgroup Relates to No More Mr. Nice Guy PDF

Similar to reading the No More Mr. Nice Guy PDF, the benefits that come along with being part of the Mensgroup are enormous. If a man joins the mensgroup support group, they will be happier and successful in life. This is achievable by being in a group of many other men where you get to share your ups and downs, what you go through, what you think about, as you exchange ideas with fellow men.

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Dr. Glover in the beginning met up with several men to bring in ideas and help in the writing of the chapters of No More Mr. Nice guy book. They enriched the book as the ideas the author had of the Nice Guy syndrome were intertwined with those of many other men. The richness of the book is due to the fact that it encompasses ideas derived from real-life experiences.

Mensgroup members can greatly relate to the issues addressed in the book. This makes it easier for them to connect with each other and gain the confidence to face their issues head-on. Experienced facilitators are part of the support groups where they offer men advice after listening to their issues. They also host books clubs where members recommended books ideal for self-improvement for men like the No More Mr. Nice Guy pdf book.

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The No More Mr. Nice Guy book brings a lot of inspiration to many men who think that being nice is just what they conceive of it, yet society expects more from someone to be termed nice. If any man wants to get a No More Mr. Nice Guy book, they could purchase it on Amazon where it is available in kindle and as an audiobook. One could also follow up on conversations regarding the same on Reddit.

There are numerous men’s support groups in different parts of the United States that teach the principles highlighted in this book. If you are a man looking for a men’s support group available at all times, mensgroup is one of the best options today. As an online-based mensgroup, you can be sure that there is an active meeting or forum at all times.

The possibilities of success once you join a men’s support group are tremendous. It is only through a men’s support group that you can truly enjoy a better and happier life.

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