Parenting Support Group: Top 3 Support Groups for Parents

Are you a parent looking for support? Are you looking for a parenting support group? Are you a new parent in need of early parenting guidance? Do you know a parent who can benefit from a parenting support group? If you answered yes to one or all of the questions, you have come to the right place.

My name is Sean Galla. I am an online support group’s facilitator with more than 10 years of experience. I have facilitated dozens of online support groups, including parenting support groups. Through my many years working as a facilitator, I have seen parenting support groups transform the lives of parents. Whether you are looking for parenting advice or you want to learn how to be a better parent, one of the best choices you can make as a parent is joining a parenting support group.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about parenting support groups.

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What Is a Parenting Support Group? 

Parenting is one of the most important jobs anyone can be trusted to do. As much as you love your child or children, parenting can be challenging. No two children are the same. While it may have been easy with your other children, sometimes one of your own can test your limits. If you are a new parent, one of the best ways to become the best parent to your child is by joining a parenting support group.

A parenting support group is a meetup where experienced parents, new moms and new dads come together to share, learn, and discuss topics related to parenting. According to research, parenting support groups are the best place to learn about healthy parenting skills. (This is also discussed in online divorce support group topics). It increases your sense of empowerment as a parent and gives you a feeling of belonging. 

When you become a parent, one of the things you may experience is isolation, especially if you do not have friends who are parents. As you start this new journey in life, being part of a community of fellow parents can help you deal with the emotions of being a new parent. Parenting groups can also be helpful to parents of teenagers coping with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Even without these issues, parenting teens is challenging enough. With the right support group (even that of a herpes support group), you can learn of the best ways to parent teens and foster better relationships with your kids in their formative years.

Why Join a Support Group for Parents

Parenting Support Group

They are reminders that you are not alone 

If you are having a hard time with parenting, a support group can serve as a reminder than you are not alone. (On the other hand, you can also find help from a narcissist support group. In these parent groups, you get to meet with other parents going through the same parenting emotions, challenges, and practicalities. It gives you a platform where you can blow off steam without feeling judged or misunderstood.

When parenting a child who is struggling, it is normal to feel as though you are a bad parent. This often leads to feelings of embarrassment and shame, which prevent you from opening up to your loved ones. In a parenting support group, you get to be in the company of other parents experiencing the same issues. This gives you the confidence to open up and share freely without feeling embarrassed or shameful. A parenting support group serves as a reminder than there is no such thing as perfect parents or perfect kids.

Support groups are a type of self-care 

Even when you have the happiest and healthiest child, parenting always comes with its difficulties. This often results in parent burnout, which is especially common with new parents. As a parent, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself as all your effort and attention go to the child.

Being part of a parenting support group is one of the best ways to take care of yourself without feeling as if you are neglecting your child. One out of every five parents suffers from burnout. When you are at this point, you lack the energy to do anything, and you lack the patience required to parent properly.

Parents can find reliable, positive self-care and help from parenting support groups. When you are part of a support group, you have a safe space to express yourself. This allows you to decompress and create more room for better parenting. Being part of a parenting support forum (even on a men’s divorce forum) is the perfect way to care for your mental wellbeing and that of your children.

Support groups for parents are a place to gather and build a support system 

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One of the best benefits of support groups for parents is the access they give you to resources and information related to parenting. Whether you need referrals to the best doctors or caregivers, a support group has all the information you need.

Support groups are the perfect place to learn more about different health conditions common in children. You can join a support group for parenting advice or support groups for parents of children with special needs. It is in a support group that you can get helpful resources like programs, books, and websites.

You can also work together with other members of your parenting group to come up with creative ideas to help your children navigate life even when going through the shared issues.

They help parents to build skills

Whether you join a parent group for infant child care, young children, teenagers, or grown children, it can be the perfect place to learn of parenting tips for any age group. You meet with other parents with kids in the same age group where they share ideas, tips, and tricks that work for them. Additionally, parents in support groups share tools for healthy communications with kids, especially teenagers. What works for one parent can work for you too. You can only learn of the best way to parent and methods that do not work to avoid falling in some pitfalls.

It slows you to self-reflect 

Being part of a support group gives you a safe space where you can focus on what is going on in your child’s life and how it is affecting your family members. This is especially important when dealing with difficult teenagers. Getting time to reflect can be difficult in your day-to-day life. A parenting forum offers the best opportunity to do it while getting honest feedback from fellow parents. A parent’s support group also gives you the chance to explore other options that can help a troubled child.

Types of Support Groups for Parents

There are different types of parenting support groups.

Parenting educations groups – these support groups primarily deal with general parenting by offering guidance and advice. These are ideal for new parents who want to learn from others with more experience. They are also ideal for parents who want to become better parents or want to learn how to create better relationships with their children. These are ideal for single parents too. 

Special needs support groups – these parenting support groups that offer special education related to raising children with specific needs like mental health issues and conditions, substance abuse, and addiction. Here, you will get advice and support resources on how to parent children with special needs. It is also a good place to get referrals to the best specialists for your child.

It is important to assess your needs to ensure you join the right support group for parents. Some parenting support groups like meet online, and on social media platforms, while other support groups for parents avail of a local chapter for physical meetings in your area. Online meetings are the best choice for any parent looking for support amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can find a support group for parents in various ways.

  • You can check online listings for parenting support groups.
  • Your local community center can have recommendations for parenting groups for adopted children and foster care. 
  • You can ask your pediatrician for health care  parenting groups referral
  • Mental health professionals can offer referrals and parenting resources for parenting support groups for parents with special needs children.

Top Recommended Parenting Support Groups 

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HOPE (Helping Other Parents Everywhere), is an online-based parenting support group. It is open to parents, guardians, and relatives wit troubled teenagers and young adults. In any of their support programs, you will find people who share in your struggles and experience with difficult teens. You will get resources to the specialized help you need as you learn from other parents on the best ways to handle different issues. By having the right tools and parenting skills, parents can gather the confidence they need to change the family dynamics.

Mad in America

Mad in America peer support groups for parents offers a safe space for parents to exchange information as they share their parenting experiences with children with mental health issues. It helps them to start conversations beyond mainstream medical treatment for children. The support group meetings last for 90 minutes and are limited to 15 participants. The facilitator offers a confidential space where you can share information around the psychiatric diagnosis and available treatment methods. 

Men’s Group

If you are a male parent looking to learn from other men on the best way to parent, offers support services where men can share their parenting goals, challenges, and skills. Being a father comes with numerous challenges that can be overwhelming. is an online community of dads who are ready to guide you and help you to become a better parent. Whether you are a single dad, a divorced dad, or a married dad, being part of will arm you with skills you need to navigate parenting as you strive to be the provider and protector to your children. By joining Men’s Group, you will become a better version of yourself, which positively impacts your life as a dad.

Members on mensgroup parenting support group meet virtually on video, chat, or text.


While you may not have it all figured out, joining a parenting support group is the best way to ace parenting. parenting groups give you an opportunity to share with your peers and learn from them in a safe and conducive environment.

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