Pedo Support Community: The Best Pedophile Support Group for Men

Pedo Support Community: The Best Pedophile Support Group for Men

Are you looking for a pedo support community? Are you finding it hard to find a support community for recovering pedos or non-offenders? Do you know a recovering pedo who can benefit from a pedo support community? You’ve come to the right place!

My name is Sean Galla, and I have facilitated online support communities, including pedo support groups and child pornography addicts support groups, for more than 10 years. In my years of service, I have seen how pedo support communities have helped thousands of men through a wide variety of challenging situations and emotional issues, including overcoming their pedo habits. 

In this article, I will be covering everything you need to know about pedo support communities. 

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An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

What Is a Pedo Support Community?

What Is a Pedo Support Community

Generally, topics around child sexual abuse and pedophilia are hard, especially when the offenders are people you care about. Pedophilia is one of the areas of sexual abuse that is rarely discussed, and anyone involved is shunned from society and isolated. For fear of being labeled a child sex offender, most pedophile non-offenders are scared of coming forth and acknowledging they have a problem that needs addressing.

Most non-offending pedophiles, or pedophiles who are committed never to perform the act again, do not know that there are pedo support communities specifically for people like them. A pedo support community is a network of adults and youth attracted to minors but have committed to never acting on these attractions.

While these are pedophiles, they are not child molesters. Having attractions towards children can make real-life difficult in a lot of ways, including causing issues with law enforcement. Apart from suppressing urges to harm children, non-offending pedophiles have to carry this secret with them because society does not look well upon pedophiles, even if they have never or would never touch a child. Therefore, a non-offending pedo goes about isolating themselves from others for fear of being judged or discovered.

While most people believe that pedophiles cannot control their urges, experts say this is not true. With the proper help and support, child sexual abusers can learn how to suppress their desires and live a normal life. This is what a pedo support community can offer.

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What Causes Pedophilia Behavior?

While many people assume most pedophiles are this way because of unaddressed childhood trauma or moral failing, current research shows that the condition is more likely caused by biological reasons, especially for sexual offenders whose sexual behavior is caused by a sexual preference for children.

Sex researchers, through neuroimaging studies of the brains of pedophiles, have found significant differences in the white matter in the brains of child sex offenders and that of non-pedophiles. In pedophiles’ brains, some “cross-wiring” was found to occur. This shows that the sexual activity desires pedos have for children are beyond their control. However, the choice to act or not to act on sexual fantasies or sexual attraction to children is a personal choice.

Even with an increased understanding of the biological causes of pedophilia, society doesn’t see a pedo as a victim of biology. The thought and fear of what can happen if people learn one is a child sex offender forces most pedophiles to remain closeted, especially if they have no access to a support community. Most pedophiles prefer to take their secret to his grave.

Pedo support communities, like Virtuous pedophiles, offer a safe space where non-offender pedos can talk with other pedophiles, and they get advice and support to remain strong in their battle against child sex abuse.

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The Benefits of Joining a Pedo Support Community

If you are a non-offending or recovering pedo looking for an inexpensive way to get help, a pedo support community is one of the best choices you can make.

While some people have large groups of friends and family members they can go to when faced with a problem, pedophiles do not have this kind of support system for fear of being judged and condemned.

Finally coming to terms and learning for the first time that your attraction to young children is caused by a mental health issue can be a difficult journey for anyone. Joining a pedo peer support community connects you to other people going through the same sexual interest issues, making it easier to get help and support and better your wellbeing.

If you are a man in need of support, a pedo support community like is the best place to get help from fellow men battling the same demons. Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes you may feel alone and vulnerable. A pedo support community can help you navigate this huddle. You do not have to suffer in silence, and you do not have to be alone.

A pedo support community can be a resource of information that you can use to handle different circumstances. If you suffer from mental health issues as a result of your struggle with pedophilia, a pedo support community can be the perfect resource for mental health professionals who can help you to manage the condition. It is also the ideal place to learn more about pedophilia from people who understand and have won the battle against their urges.

The ability to learn firsthand from your peers is the best reason joining a pedo support community is essential.

How Is a Pedo Support Community Structured?

How Is a Pedo Support Community Structured


Most pedo support communities are online-based for the safety of the members. To access one, you need a computer and internet connection. You can find these communities through internet portals and specialized websites.


Some pedo support communities function in real-time, while others function through newsgroups. These are termed as either synchronous groups or asynchronous groups.

Synchronous groups are interactive online meetings. They offer chat rooms where members can communicate anonymously in real-time over text. In these communities, one can use pseudonyms to maintain their privacy.

This is the best option for anyone who prefers to seek help anonymously. The meetings happen at specified times to ensure consistent participation from the members. The sessions last for one hour on average, and members are free to express their emotions through emoticons.    

Asynchronous groups are groups that are available 24/7 by text or telephone calls. In these groups, members can post FAQs or messages to the general audience or a specific member whenever they want to. Asynchronous pedo support communities also allow members to use pseudonyms and get the help they need regardless of their time zones as messages are available throughout.

The group leader

Pedo support communities are facilitated by group leaders who can be mental health professionals or sometimes non-professionals who are also non-offending pedophiles. The host primarily functions as a resource person instead of an online counselor. They use their human relations skills to help members disseminate information and express their feelings.

The group leader also offers help with finding a helpline, mental illness crisis centers, and self-help resources. They can also recommend links for pedo support communities that deal with specific needs, such as specialized mental health support and emotional pedo support communities.

What Are the Benefits of Online Pedo Support Communities?

Round the clock availability

Emotional support is needed around the clock for people going through a dark patch. With the right online support group, it is possible to join a meeting or talk to someone regardless of the time, day or night. You can use the helpline to contact an emotional support group.  

It is anonymous

As mentioned earlier, it can be difficult for some people to seek help since they prefer not to make themselves known or identified as pedophiles. Online pedo support communities are the best option for people struggling with social anxiety or who need to protect their privacy even as they seek help.

Additional help

In addition to online peer meetings, online pedo support forums provide additional assistance such as phone or in-person psychotherapy or other therapeutic interventions when need be. Some online groups offer family support to families facing issues caused by having a loved one who is a pedo.

Men’s Group Pedo Support Forum

Men’s Group is an online support group that offers subgroups for different needs, including men who identify as pedos. It is tailored to provide emotional support to create a positive community and start conversations and forums where men can share their journeys as non-offending pedophiles.

This is one of the most active online forums for men. It is the perfect place to interact with other people who have gone through similar challenges and have managed to find their way through. Their insight is invaluable.

MensGroup is the perfect place if you need to talk to people who are not your family or co-workers. During the online support group, you join virtual chat rooms or forums specifically tailored for pedos where you can share your life issues instead of bottling them inside. Here, you will find people facing the same challenges, which takes away the shame that might hold you back from sharing and getting the help you need.


Learning that you are a pedophile should not mark the end of your life. Pedo support communities are support vehicles for people going through distress and need to connect with people who understand what they are going through.

MensGroup is an online community for men facing different life challenges, including pedophilia. It also offers up-to-date information and resources related to dealing with issues related to the condition, making it the perfect place to start your healing journey. Try the free test run at MensGroup and find a support forum for you today.

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