Step 4 of 4: Your Info Video100%

Last Men’s Team Step Before Entering Our Community

This step is the most important of all. Our team here at MensGroup is going to use all of this info to match you with the best possible group.

A short video of you talking will help us get a sense of your personality which will help us find you the best group. Only MensGroup staff will see this, not the public or men’s group members.

So please add a link to a video of you talking. Ideally, this will be a Loom video of you sharing what brought you to MensGroup.

If you can’t get Loom to work you can paste a link to a different youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook video of you talking about another topic will work as well. You can also email a video from your phone to

We have instructions for how to use Loom here (it’s easy!)

And you can download and use Loom here. It’s free!

This step is optional. If you can’t send us a video, enter “no video”  into the form field below: