Group Coaching On Communication w/ Tom Neher

You and 6-8 guys are all learning from the coach and other guys facing similar challenges.

Most Guys Lack a Place To Consistently Work Through Life Challenges.

Without a consistent group of guys to work through stuff with, men experience:

  • Loneliness and isolation
  • People-pleasing, poor boundaries & “nice guy syndrome
  • Rocky relationships & conflict
  • Bad habits and addictions
  • Anxiety, overwhelm, depression, apathy, and a lack of motivation
  • Poor communication skills
  • Challenges and decisions feel more difficult

Benefits Of Group Coaching

  • Overcome your challenges faster
  • Build real, lifelong friendships
  • Regularly get to share and get feedback
  • Get more out of our community with an ideal sized men’s team
  • Easier to get into some of your stuff with more trust in the guys
  • More confidential
  • Trained facilitator lead (better facilitators = better conversations)
  • Easier to build deeper relationships
  • Great for guys facing medium to long term challenges that could use an ongoing sounding board: relationship issues, breakup recovery, nice guy syndrome, addictions, emotional issues etc.

How Is It Different Than The MensGroup Community?

The MensGroup Community includes online discussions and many different men’s group meetings. Some of these drop in meetings will have 3 attendees and others may have 20+.

Some guys prefer a smaller, consistent men’s group with the same 6-10 guys.  If that’s you, you’ll like our men’s teams.

You get to access the community discussion forum, and drop in men’s groups from our “community” plan. But you’ll also get placed in a highly-curated men’s group of 6-10 guys that meets bi-weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Time Commitment?

OUR MEN’S GROUP MEETINGS TAKE PLACE BI-WEEKLY. You will have a meeting every second week. The same day of the week. Same time. The meetings typically last 1.5-2 hrs. So 3-4hrs per month total.

How Much Does It Cost?

Counsellors charge $100+/hr. Weekend retreats can be $1000+. For the 4 hours of your online men’s group meetings, our due is $47/mo USD + tax. Why $47? For 4 hours+ of meetings, this works out to a little more than $10/hr. That isn’t unreasonable, is it?

Can I Leave Any Time?

There is no commitment. A lot of men’s groups force commitment for 6-12 months. With us you can come in and check out a men’s group and if it’s not for you, you can leave and cancel your subscription any time.

The MensGroup Community is awesome because you get to select your own conversations and relationships. It’s our entry-level offer. Guys can come in and find conversations and other guys that are relevant to their situation. 

But some guys want more. They are more serious about making personal changes to improve themselves and their relationships. They want a consistent group size. They don’t want to be in a group of 30 guys, like some of our popular drop-ins. They want to build deeper, more supportive friendships. They want to do more self-improvement work on themselves. They want a sounding board that really knows them. They want higher quality conversations and the ability to regularly get to share and get feedback. 

So the community and it’s topic-specific meetings are more for talking about specific issues whereas the men’s teams are more for going deeper with the same 8-10 guys.

We choose a group for you based on your goals, interests, values and geography. We hand-pick the right members to help support you in achieving your unique goals.

Yes the group will be facilitated by a trained MensGroup facilitator to ensure no one person dominates the conversation and that everyone gets value. It could be Sean Galla or another experienced moderator.

We place 15 people in each men’s group to ensure that even on a slow week, you’ll still have 6-10 attendees in a meeting. Typically only a few guys have a pressing matter they need to discuss each week so this number works well.

They are the guys that are taking their personal growth more seriously. They want to regularly check-in and get feedback from others. They desire a more tight-knit, consistent group with more depth in the conversations.

It’s totally cool to miss MensGroup meetings if you are facing a family, health or work energy. That’s why we stack the groups with extra members (15). We expect a few guys to miss each meeting. That being said, we expect you to operate with respect and show up to support your group mates even if you don’t have a pressing matter to discuss. If you only show up to take value or you miss more than 4 meetings in a row, you will be removed from our community.

To make it easy for you to upgrade or downgrade, we keep the subscriptions separate. So you will be charged separately for the MensGroup Community and your Men’s Team. You will have 2 subscriptions: one for community access and the other for your men’s team.

Of course! If you feel that a men’s team isn’t the right fit for you, we’re happy to update your membership level back to the MensGroup Community!

  1. Click Get Access below
  2. Submit some personal info on you and your schedule availability. This will be used for our team to match you into groups.
  3. You will be hand-placed in a men’s team with 8-10 other guys. We do our best to place you with other guys in similar life stages and facing similar challenges. It can take up to one week to get placed into your men’s team.
  4. We’ll then introduce you to your men’s teammates and we will send you the details for your upcoming meetings.
  5. You’ll then be placed into a private discussion group in our platform just for your group. This allows your group members to communicate and find support in between meetings.
Weekly Group Coaching With Troy
  • Group Matchmaking Service
  • 2 Video Men's Group Meetings /Mo
  • The MensGroup Community Included
  • No contract. Leave Any time.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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