Bromance: What Is It and Its Benefits for Men’s Mental Health in 2021

What is Bromance? Are there benefits to being in a Bromance? Am I in a Bromance? Should I be part of a Bromance? Are you curious about Bromance? If you are looking for information about Bromance, men, and masculinity, and make friendships, this article is for you.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla, and I have facilitated Bromance connections for more than 10 years now. I have done this by creating, a platform where men get support and build lifelong Bromance friendships. If you are curious about Bromance, this article will tell you everything you need to know about bromantic relationships.

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Sean Galla

An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

What is Bromance?

For most people, including men, it is difficult to imagine that straight men can have close friendships with other men in a platonic way. Most people expect male friendships to fit the common stereotype of bff laddish banter and competitiveness. Over the last few years, the growth of the Bromance ideology has shown the world another side of male friendships.

Bromance is a common term coined from merging ‘brother and romance’ to create a word described in Wikipedia as a strong bond or emotional intimacy between two males or a group of males. This is a bond that is super tight and affectionate though it is mostly non-sexual. The men in Bromance relationships are usually liberal and have no problem speaking their minds or putting their feelings on display. This is one way they are changing the male stereotype where men are allowed to be emotional without compromising their masculinity.

A bromantic relationship is usually a same-sex, non-sexual male friendship that is both intimate and affectionate. These are homosocial relationships that exceed normal male friendships and sometimes match or surpassed romance that can occur between heterosexual men. Compared to normal sexual romantic relationships, people who are in a Bromance say they experience elevated emotional stability, male bonding, social fulfillment, emotional disclosure, and better communication and conflict resolution in real life.  

Bromance also resembles the traditional expectations of a sexual relationship amongst gay men where there is a declaration of love, cuddling, kissing, and exclusive emotional confidence. however, it can be for a man of any sexual orientation.

Bromance is a concept that exists to change the ideology around basic friendships in connection to sex differences. In this ideology, women are allowed to get and offer emotional support and enjoy self-disclosure, while men are only allowed to share activities and interests in their friendships. This way, men are expected to be impersonal while women can be personal. In a Bromance, men are allowed to be vulnerable, open, and personal without losing their sense of masculinity.

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Benefits of Being in a Bromance

From TV shows like I love you, man, to Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, and Obama and Biden in the white house, you can find Bromance connections almost everywhere. It is usually two or more male friends joined at the hip and spend a lot of their free time together, goofing and supporting one another.

While Hollywood portrays Bromance relationships as effortless, where lifelong friendships are built over school days, drunken shenanigans, and shared workspaces amongst good friends, Bromance is much more than simply teasing and horseplay with a close friend. Bromance is also about having someone or people you can confide in when things get tough. Compared to women, men have fewer important friendship bonds.

Men do not have close friendships because talking about feelings has long been viewed as a female thing. However, in the 21st century, it is important for men to have male friendships that exceed the common male banter and drunken stupor. Men too, need to be surrounded by people they can talk to and people who can help them improve their lives for the better. There are many benefits associated with being in a Bromance.

A Bromance is a stress buster

Having a best friend or platonic companion with who you can share is one of the best ways to lower stress. According to studies, having a best friend when you are stressed can greatly lower the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Friends are good for a person’s mental health, and this is no different got people in a Bromance.

A Bromance allows you to be yourself

Generally, society expects men to always act as if they are fine, even when they are not. Part of being in a Bromance is to be able to be yourself amongst other men. You are allowed to be vulnerable and show emotions. In a Bromance, you are free to speak your mind and share your stresses without feeling as if you are less of a man for doing so. Being able to be yourself boosts your self-esteem, which is good for your mental health.  

It is good for your physical health

Sometimes being in a Bromance is about having a group of friends you exercise with. When you work out alone, you find it harder to remain motivated to keep pushing. If you want to get fitter, having a group of friends pushing you and encouraging you can go a long way in helping you reach your physical fitness goals.

You have a friend who is not your romantic partner

No matter how close you are to your partner, there is a level of emotional closeness and vulnerability you are unable to reach. Having male friends allows you to explore the depths of emotional attachments and vulnerability in a safe space. Most men feel emotionally closer to their male friends, which is what a Bromance should be.

Bromance boosts your brainpower

As you grow older, it becomes more important than before to have a close circle of male friends. According to studies, cognitive decline is slower in men who make an effort to see their friends regularly. Seniors with close friendships or a group of friends are less likely to develop dementia and other mental health complications related to old age.

Benefits of Bromance

Attributes of a Healthy Bromance


Men are less likely to express their honest emotions and feelings to other men. If you find that you can sit and have honest conversations with your make friends about your feeling, emotions, challenges, and issues, you can say that you are in a Bromance.

In a typical Bromance, your friends should be able to trust you enough to tell you everything about themselves and vice versa.


An ideal Bromance is about dependability. If you find yourself canceling plans with your male friends more often than you keep your word, you are not dependable, and this hinders your relationships from becoming a Bromance. Being in a group is about being dependable and keeping your word as much as possible. Dependability builds trust and makes it easier for people to develop trust.


Any friendship requires a level of loyalty to survive. A Bromance built on loyalty makes it easier for men to share with one another about anything. This is done with the confidence that what is shared in the group will remain in the group. If you are in a friendship built on loyalty, then you are in a Bromance.

Shared interests

For a Bromance to work, you need to like most of the same things and enjoy the same activities. While it is fine to disagree on some stuff, the best friendships are based on shared interests since it increases the number of things you can do together. Generally, men are attracted to men on the same level and have the same interests.


While you do not need a fellow man to be your bodyguard, you need a wingman. The best Bromance relationships are built on protecting one another’s characters, even when it is attacked in your friend’s absence. Even in rare physical confrontations, you should always be ready to be there for your friend.

To enjoy all the benefits that come with being part of a Bromance, you need to find the best group in your area. You can find resources on different Bromance groups on social media platforms and websites. Mensgroup is one of the best groups you can join.

Healthy Bromance

About Mensgroup

Men’s Group is a men’s bromance and support group where men can acquire skills by learning how to remain dedicated and disciplined. This is a space where young men can harness their full potential through learning skills like leadership, emotional intelligence, integrity, and accountability.

Since it is an online-based group, you can join a meeting from the comfort of your home or office. Mensgroup ensures there are regular meetings online to ensure men can get the support they need at any time whether they are in the US or the United Kingdom.

They also organize outdoor activities where men can bond as they enjoy shared outdoor activities as part of strengthening friendships. In Mensgroup, you will be amongst your peers who offer support and accountability to ensure you are consistent in your growth. Here, you will enjoy all the benefits that come with being part of a bromance. 


At a time when the world is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of talking about male mental health, Bromance relationships offer the best insight into the world of male feelings. More importantly, they are proof that it is ok for men to pen up and talk candidly about their emotions and feelings to one another, which has been proven to have profound benefits to their mental health. If you are in need of one, you can become part of a bromance on

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