Dad Advice: 11 Helpful Tips On How To Make Parenting Easier

What is the best advice on being a great dad? Is it possible to learn how to be a good dad? How can I avoid being a bad dad? What is the best piece of advice for being a good father? If you are looking for answers to these and more questions about how to be a good parent, this article is for you.

My name is Sean Galla. I am an online support group facilitator with more than 10 years of experience. I have facilitated dozens of online support groups, creating safe, friendly spaces where men can come together to discuss issues affecting men, including parenting, family life, and seeking dad advice. Through these support forums, I have seen how important learning how to be a better dad can impact a parent’s life.

This article has all the dad advice you need to become a better parent.

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Giving and Getting Advice as a Dad

Giving and Getting Advice as a Dad

One of the biggest roles taken on by dads is giving good advice. When you were growing up, it was possible your dad gave you the advice you follow to date. As a father to your child, you are expected to advise them, warm them against doing self-destructive things, counsel them, and offer helpful dad quotes, and words of wisdom, coupled with a few bad dad jokes. This way, you are able to mold all-rounded kids who are responsible and smart.

While dads can be excellent givers of advice, it is not always easy to come across advice tailored for dads. This can sometimes make parenting seem harder than it should be. Whether you are a new dad or one experienced with raising kids, here is some helpful dad advice to improve your parenting self-esteem.

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Helpful Dad Advice That Can Make Parenting Easier

Whether you are a single parent looking for single dad advice, a new dad, or a dad interested in becoming a better one, there are tips you can use to help you in your endeavor.

Put the child first

As a dad, one of the things you should learn is how to put your child’s interest first. This can sometimes include giving up parts of your life or habits that interfere with your parenting. The best way to set a good example to your kids is through action, and this should reflect in everything you do. Sometimes, putting their interests first can mean taking better care of yourself physically and mentally so you can be a better parent to them.

Protect your children the best way you can

One of the roles played by a dad is that of a protector. There are numerous ways to make your child feel safe. This can include creating a safe environment for them at home, financially cushioning them to ensure their needs are met, teaching them ideal safety habits, and setting an excellent example of personal safety.

Spend quality time with them

Parenting is not always easy. Sometimes your schedule can be overtaken by other events in life, making it hard to create time for your children. It is essential to ensure you find time in your schedule to spend with your kids and not just wait for father’s day or the holiday season. You can spend some time with them after work or during the weekends. Take time to find out how their day went, how school is going, what challenges they are facing, and even their latest achievement. What kids want most from their dads is time.

Lead by example

One of the best ways to set a good example for your kids is by making them aware that they can take on any role in real life. You can do this by doing stuff around the house that would traditionally be considered to be mom stuff. This can include going to the grocery store, changing diapers, cooking for the family, doing laundry, feeding the kids, and tidying the house. Some of these chores can be excellent ways to bond with the kid, especially if they are toddlers or infants.

Read to the child

Today’s world is dominated by the internet and TV, which takes away from traditional reading. As a good dad, it is important to take the time to read children’s books to your child or children to develop their reading abilities. You can begin reading to them from the first year and encourage them to start reading on their own as they grow older. This is an ideal way of strengthening the father-child relationship and ensuring the child enjoys better literacy as they grow, and go through high school, and even college.

Kids are tougher than you think

Kids are tougher than you think

As a dad, it is easy to see your kids are gentle and fragile beings. However, the truth is kids are resilient and can handle more than they think. Ensure you give your child the space to explore and discover their interests without interfering, even when sometimes it may seem like they need your help. 

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Join a dad’s advice group

Dad advice groups, also referred to as fathers support groups, are forums where dads can meet and talk about father-daughter and father-son relationships. These platforms offer new dads, experienced dads, and even single dads an avenue to speak to men in the same position and learn from men with experience as dads. It is the perfect place for anyone looking for advice or help to become a better dad or foster better relationships with his children.

Most men do not know where to go for parenting help. Having a new baby can be isolating for most men. If there is no help and guidance or parenting groups to go to, men tend to cave under the pressure as most of them lack the parenting skills required to be role models and good guides to their children. Dad support groups ensure men have a safe space to express their parenting challenges and frustrations and get help for the same.

Dad advice groups can be online or offline.

Most online support groups offer anonymity to members, making them perfect for any father who prefers to learn and get help anonymously. Some dad groups are purely chat-based platforms, while others, like, offer virtual video meetings.

If you do not mind physically meeting and connecting with other fathers, offline meetings may be the right choice. Most of the time, these meetings happen in communities or neighborhoods. The sessions can be once a week, once every other week, or even once a month.

The most significant disadvantage of physical meetings is the unavailability of help round the clock. Unless you connect outside the group with a few fathers from the group, you can only share in the group during the meeting as there is no other way to meet.

There are many benefits associated with support forums for dads.

They offer parenting resources

If you are looking for resources and information on becoming a better dad, fatherhood groups can be excellent places to look. In these groups, you will find resources on child care and balancing fatherhood and your career. You will also find information about fathering children with medical needs and how to address discipline issues. Father’s support groups also encourage reading and recommend ideal parenting books to read such as The Dad Advice Project by Craig Kessler, among others.

They offer guidance

Learning how to be a good dad is not easy, and certain circumstances can make it even tougher. A support group is a right place for widowed fathers to get back on the right track. It offers guidance and support from other fathers who have previously been widowed.

Some father’s rights groups offer guidance to divorced dads by teaching them their father’s rights after a divorce and how to remain in their children’s lives even after losing custody. Regardless of the challenge you are going through as a father, a support group holds the answers you seek.

Some father support groups have a fatherhood program that offers single father help to first-time single dads or single dads who need help.

They offer friendship

If you are a dad who feels isolated or can’t seem to find a role model to learn from, a support group for dads can connect you to other fathers. These groups are all about positive parenting and being the best dads. You will learn from others and foster strong friendships with like-minded people. As a networking platform, an online support group like connects you with other fathers who can offer career guidance and advice as part of fatherhood support.

MensGroup Dad Advice Group


Men’s Group is an all-men online support platform. The main goal of this platform is to create an online community where men can be comfortable enough to share whatever they are going through, including the challenges they face as parents. Apart from getting positive support as a father, you will meet men who can guide you and help you become a better version of yourself, ultimately impacting your life as a father. This is the perfect group for anyone looking for all-rounded support and building relations that will positively impact their life.

Members meet virtually via chat, text, or video to share, educate, and inspire.


Being a good dad to your kids does not have to be a daunting task. With the right advice, you can create lasting memories with your children as they grow, and impact their lives for years to come.

Learning from other men on MensGroup about how to become a good dad will fast-track your journey to becoming the best father to your children. You will learn to become a better communicator, which will positively impact your fatherhood.

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