How to Be a Confident Man: Guide on How to Increase Your Manly Confidence

What are the signs of male confidence? How can I become a confident man? Where can I learn how to be a confident man? What s male confidence? If you find yourself asking these questions about male self-confidence, this article is for you.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla, a facilitator of self-improvement groups for men. These groups are formed to offer support and advice to men interested in improving their self-wroth, including their confidence. Through these groups, men find the right support to help them boost their self-esteem and lead better, healthier lives. In this article, I will tell you everything I have learned about self-confidence for men in over ten years and give actionable tips about how to be a confident man.  

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An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

What is Confidence?

What is Confidence

Having self-confidence is the state of knowing one’s self-worth and having complete trust in one’s self, which is normally what most confident people refer to when they talk about confidence.

The ability to project confidence can be beneficial in different areas of a man’s life. When you come off as a confident alpha male, you gain credibility, leave a stronger first impression, and are trusted more when it comes to handling different personal and social issues.

Today, Amazon has more than 35,000 books on building confidence, showing how on-demand the need to be confident in, especially amongst men.

Generally, genuine confidence comes with three characteristics:

  • It is grounded in self-knowledge of one’s own abilities and limitations.
  • It is nonreactive.
  • It is not dependent on the outcome.

A man who possesses genuine confidence has some physical traits that are hard to miss. He is usually the man making strong eye contact in conversations. He waits for his turn to speak and listens attentively to what other people are saying. A man with confidence isn’t intimidated by others around him. 

A genuinely confident man is always in a state of alert relaxation. He is aware of his surroundings and responds purposefully to what is happening around him. They don’t have to make much effort when socializing or become the center of conversations because they do not focus on impressing the people around them. A confident man is secure in himself and strives to be of value to others around him.

Any man who wants to be truly confident should focus on becoming a genuinely confident man. Here are timely tips on how to be a confident man.

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Tips on How to Be a Confident Man

Have a vision

A confident man always has the motivation and determination to work on a clear vision. This takes skill and time to develop but is a tangible reality for everyone.

Your vision should be based on the trajectory you have for your life. Essential steps you can take to create your vision include:

  • Write down what you want for your future.
  • Evaluate your dreams and goals and determine which ones to let go of. This helps to make room for bigger and better goals.
  • Coming up with manageable small steps to take towards your vision. 
  • Be ready to alter your vision. This allows the vision to grow and develop just like you have as a human.
  • Take pride in your vision, no matter what others may think. 
  • Keep your list of goals somewhere you can see them every day.

Having a vision and making plans on actualizing the vision is a good place to start when working to develop real confidence. Your vision acts as a catalyst for overcoming the lack of confidence in your life.

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Know Yourself

Picture this – you have worked halfway through a project only for a colleague to question what you have achieved in the project and your method of doing it.

If you are confident in yourself and your skills, the questioning should not destabilize you. On the other hand, an insecure man may will develop self-doubt, feel less than, and react with anger or frustration. If you are more likely to react with anger, it just shows that you need to develop your self-confidence and self-knowledge. 

You can get to know yourself by:

  • Putting in the work and developing your strong skills and attributes. This will make you more confident in yourself and your abilities.
  • Take time to reflect on your personal strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to evaluate yourself realistically. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses opens the door to understanding yourself more and improving yourself. 
  • Ask your friends and colleagues for their views in terms of your strengths and weaknesses. This gives you a clearer idea of how others see you, allowing you to improve.
  • Taking a personality test. This is a valuable tool to use when discovering one’s sense of self-worth.

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Take action

Sometimes, the difference between true confidence and insecurity is something as little as their willingness to take action. While both men experience feelings of anxiety, fear, or apprehension, the confident man does take action regardless of these feelings while the insecure one starts fidgeting and chickens out.

Tips on How to Be a Confident Man

To become a badass confident man, you need to be deliberate about taking action. Strengthening the action muscle empowers you to push through and keep moving forward. 

Some practical steps you can take to make you more action-oriented include:

  • Making your bed as soon as you wake up
  • Creating and sticking to a workout routine.
  • Make yourself do something you would otherwise not do on a regular basis.
  • Overcoming your fear of anxiety or failure by doing something you are afraid of
  • Creating tangible daily steps that will help you achieve your bigger goals.
  • Remind yourself of the expensive cost of not taking action.

Be open to failure 

Confident men know that they need to be okay with failure if they want to achieve their goals. You will inevitably become a more confident man if you can accept this fact. 

When a human being accepts failing as part of the process, they break the power of shame that holds you back from attaining the desired goal.

A few ways to increase your openness to failing include: 

  • Becoming self-aware
  • Acknowledging when you feel fear and evaluating why you feel this way. This disarms the power the fear has over you.
  • Forcing yourself to do things you think you are bad at. This can include learning a new sport, trying a board game for the first time, or starting a new hobby. Failing in the things that make you uncomfortable will make you more comfortable with failing when trying to meet your goals.

Push yourself 

Have you ever come across a person who is keen on taking insane risks and noticed how their self-confidence is out of this world? This level of confidence comes from their ability to pursue their goals and take action constantly.

To become a confident man, you need to constantly practice pushing yourself to new limits and accept discomfort as a reality and not an inhibitor. 

Some steps you can take to push yourself include:

  • Ensuring you finish anything you set out to do even when it gets uncomfortable. 
  • Doing the difficult tasks first.
  • Facing at least one fear a week, Big or small. Doing something that completely scares you pushes you to new limits.
  • Take a deep dive and realize how often you hold yourself back.
  • Keep track of how fat you have come. This encourages you to keep going and that growth is possible. 

Cultivate a positive mindset 

No matter the situation, confident men always strive to think and focus on the positive. While this does not mean you ignore the negative realities that exist, you just need to separate the positive from the negative and choose to focus on the good, which is best for their mental health.

Confident men see the positive and use it as fuel to empower them to make bold decisive decisions. 

Being able to acknowledge negative situations and choose to focus on the positive is one of the best tips on how to become a confident man. Here is how.

  • Learn to tell when you are focusing too much on the negative. Usually, this comes with the feeling of being stuck and insecure. When you find yourself focusing on the negative, you can adjust your thoughts appropriately.
  • In every situation, learn to write out the positive aspects, and focus on the outcome you will get when you choose to keep moving forward.
  • Take time to think about all the positive things in your life. This teaches your mind to look for the positive in life.

Be open to learning

A man who is open to learning is a man who is confident in himself. Being open to learning means that you are comfortable in the fact that you don’t know everything. Only confident men can acknowledge that there is always room to learn.

Be open to learning

Being open to learning means that you are open to asking for help. This makes you a confident man who is continuously growing in knowledge.

You can become more open to learning by:

  • Understanding that admitting you don’t know something is not display weakness.
  • Living by the rule, “The day I stop learning is the day I die.” is a valuable and powerful way of fighting arrogance.
  • Asking for advice whenever you get stuck with a problem. 

Learn how to listen

Confident men have mastered the art of listening and waiting for the right time to speak. They have bold, engaging eye contact and inviting body language. They know how to make others feel heard and important. Listening comes naturally to confident men because they know the spotlight does not always need to be on them. 

You can become a better listener by:

  • Asking engaging questions.
  • Avoid distractions that interrupt your listening.
  • Actively engage in eye contact and being comfortable in your own skin

Join a support group

Men’s Group is an online-based group that offers support, advice, and help to men from all lifestyles. As an online-based men’s group, you can become part of this ever-growing community, whether you live in New York, the United Kingdom, or the furthest corner of the world.

MensGroup facilitates several online men’s support programs to make better gents.

When you join MensGroup, you will be placed in a group with men who can relate to your experiences. This ensures you have a safe space where you can freely share, make friends and learn how to be a confident man. Being a man can be lonely, and being part of a men’s group can be the change you have long searched for. You can check their social media or website for upcoming events.


Self-confidence is an attribute that can open many doors for any man. These tips highlighted in this article can go a long way in helping any man to become a confident man. Joining a support group is ideal for remaining accountable for your journey and ensuring you become the man you want to become. If you need a great men’s accountability group, you can become part of one at

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