How to Find Purpose as a Man: 7 Guides to Find Your Life Purpose

Do you want to learn how to find purpose as a man? Do you struggle with big questions like – How do I find a sense of purpose as a man? What should a man’s purpose in life be? How do I know what my purpose of life is? How can I find my purpose? What does it mean to be a man of purpose? What is the purpose of a man? If you answered yes to this question, this article is for you.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla, a men’s support groups and forums facilitator with more than 10 years of experience. For most men, finding purpose in their own life gives their life meaning, which is an important part of personal development and their well-being. Part of my work involves helping men self-discover, including creating spaces to find their true purpose and a sense of meaning in life.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about how to find purpose as a man and give you actionable tips on how to do so.

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What Is Purpose?

What Is Purpose?

Questions related to life’s purpose are some of the most profound questions most humans struggle with their entire life.

Most dictionaries will define purpose as a set of goals or a strong sense of direction for life. Most people think that purpose and meaning of life are the same things, though they are somewhat different. Purpose can be said to consist of the number one motivating aim of living your best life. It can be defined as the reason most people wake up in the morning.

Purpose helps to guide life decisions, shape goals, influence behavior, create meaning, and even offer a sense of direction in life. For some people, their own purpose is connected to their work; they feel a clear purpose when doing meaningful, satisfying work. For others, their life’s purpose is taking care of their loved ones, family, or friends. Other people will seek their purpose through religious beliefs and spirituality. Some people even find their purpose in different aspects of their life.

This goes to show that purpose is different for every individual. For men, finding their purpose gives their life more meaning. Finding your life’s purpose helps to path your way through life.

Some of the common questions that come up when one reflects on their purpose in life include:

  •       Who am I?
  •       Where do I belong?
  •       When do I feel fulfilled?

Sometimes, people hesitate to pursue their purpose because they feel it is selfish or self-serving. On the contrary, finding your life’s purpose as a man is more about tapping into your gifts and using them to make a meaningful contribution to the world.  

Leading life coaches say that finding your true life purpose often leads to the end of a selfish way of life and leads one into a more serving way of life. Once your authentic purpose is clear, you are able to use your power and gifts with the world around you. Therefore, you can think of your life’s purpose as your contribution to the world.

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Does Every Man Have a Purpose?

Mental health experts and psychologists argue that the same way all other forms of life have purpose is the same way most humans have a purpose. It is the reason people feel the drive to discover and define what their purpose is. The fact that you are searching for the meaning of purpose or guides on how to find purpose as a man in the real world shows that you already feel the void in your life and believe your self-worth lies in serving a specific purpose.

Why Is It So Difficult to Find Purpose?

As people grow older and into adulthood, their life purpose can become dimmed and elusive. This is because most people believe they should lead a certain way of life, depending on their upbringing and the environment they grow up in.

Most children are discouraged from following their passions and personal path from the time they are kids to high school, which often causes self-limiting beliefs about one’s abilities, and even pessimism. This pre-programmed mindset makes it even harder for people to find their true life path, which prevents most of them from living according to their purpose.

One’s purpose can also become elusive when they are preoccupied with day-to-day life. Most people live in a pattern that makes them comfortable with just existing. They feel stuck in a rut and cannot seem to find a way out even though they feel that something profound is missing from their life or career path.

The good news is that it is possible for you still find your life’s purpose.

How to Find Purpose as a Man

How to Find Purpose as a Man

Search inward

You will never really live in your purpose if you look for it from the outside life, from social media, or from people’s approval. As a person, you need to realize that everything you need can be found within yourself and the only thing making it difficult for you to see this is your self-limiting beliefs.

You need to identify all your limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones. This will help you develop self-awareness, become more in control of your emotions, and consequently more in control of your life.

Your purpose should come before your goals

If your primary focus in life is consistently achieving short-term goals, it becomes harder to find your true passions or even discover your purpose since you live in a comfort zone. Every goal in your life should be driven by your need to discover your purpose. This way, you will avoid experiencing short bouts of accomplishment and emptiness after. When you make your goals more purpose-driven, you will start to see life happening for you and not to you.

Every time you set a goal, you need to ask yourself how that goal aligns with your purpose and whether it will make you feel more fulfilled. You can start keeping a journal to keep your end goals in mind.

Develop an abundance mindset

Focusing on what you have is a perfect way of making life feel richer. When you have an abundance mindset, you open yourself up to the goodness and beauty surrounding you. Looking at life from this new perspective can help clarify your purpose. You will find that this mindset makes you questions your purpose in lifeless since you feel that you are on the path to it.

Focusing on what you have is also an excellent way of eliminating doubt and fear that may make it hard for you to discover your purpose. This makes finding your purpose an exciting journey instead of a scary one.

Own your life

To truly find your life purpose, you need to come to terms with what is right for your life and believe in deep within you. You must ensure that your actions are not driven by anxiety or fear, as this often leads you to make the wrong decisions.

To truly own your life, you must get over the victim mentality. You realize that your life’s circumstances are a result of your decisions. This makes it easier for you to take responsibility for your life, including making it your responsibility to find your purpose.  

Discover the things that bring you joy

When you discover the things that bring you joy, you discover your passion. Your gifts and abilities are connected to the things that bring you joy. Are you the happiest when you are with your friends and family or when you give a successful presentation at work? Does your happiness lie in helping others? Are you often told that you are great at something?

Taking time to closely examine the things that bring you joy or skills that come naturally to you can often lead you to a path of self-discovery, which includes finding your life’s purpose.

Develop a vision statement for your life

Before you can answer the question, ‘what is my life purpose?’ You first need to determine what an ideal world looks like to you and where you fit in. this is called a life vision statement. It involves identifying what life would be like if every person around you lived up to their potential. With this statement, you can create a roadmap that guides you in the right direction.

Join a support group

Often, people can discover their true selves, passions, or gifts by spending time with others on the same quest. Joining a men’s support group like MensGroup can make it easier to find your purpose since other people may notice your gifts and point them out to you. Also, a support group is a self-improvement group that can help you become a better version of yourself and inspire you to lead a more purposeful life.

Joining a support group can help you find answers to questions related to purpose by engaging with people from different walks of life and hearing their different perspectives about life.

Information About Men’s Group

Information About Men’s Group

If you are a man interested in discovering your purpose and self-improvement, Men’s Group is a men-only online group for you. Men’s Group seeks to mentor men and offer support to help them become better versions of themselves and find their life’s purpose. Whether you want to advance in your career, build better family relations, or become a better version of yourself, Men’s Group has everything you need to do this. You are guaranteed to succeed when you are in the company of men at Men’s Group.

The Bottom Line

Finding your life’s purpose is a journey. Learning how to embark on this journey makes it easier for you to take the first steps towards self-discovery and truly live in your purpose. With this article, you can be able to start your journey toward your purpose. Joining a support group is also an ideal way of learning more about yourself and living a more meaningful life. Men’s Group is a leading online men’s forum that can help you navigate the path to finding your true purpose.

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