How to Win Your Wife Back – A Guidebook for Husbands

How do you make your wife fall back in love with you? How do I date my wife all over again? What are the most important things for a happy marriage? Where can I learn How to win your wife back after separation? How do I make my wife feel like I’m still in love with her? This article has all the answers you need to these and more questions.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla. I have been facilitating online support groups for men, including marriage support groups, for more than 10 years. In my years of work, I have had the pleasure of working with married men and helping them find their way back to romance and seduction.

If you have been wondering how to enjoy a healthier relationship with your wife and bring back the aphrodisiacs and emotional intimacy, you have just landed in the right place.

Whether you are going through a separation, facing an impending divorce, or need to bring back the romance in your marriage, this article has all the tips to win your wife back and thrive again as a married couple.

In this article, you will read expert step-by-step tips on improving your relationship with your wife and winning her back.

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Remembering the good old days

Remember when you had just started dating your now wife?

Back then, seducing her seemed easy, like clockwork. You knew what your wife wants. You were in a happy, healthy, thriving relationship. The emotional connection and sexual desire would make the sex gods jealous. Now you sit and wonder, where did it all go?

In younger years, your love story probably consisted of unwavering desire for each other, sexy lingerie, long foreplays, eye contact, consistent check-ins, hot outfits and dirty texting that would send you begging. It felt like you had this relationship idea on lock, like you had hit the jackpot when it came to fulfilling relationships.

It was impossible even to imagine that the relationship you share with your wife would ever struggle or even be a subject of possible divorce or separation. You cannot imagine her as your ex-wife.

Even so, after years of being together, getting married, and maybe raising a family, your relationship with your wife hits a deadlock; you have been stuck in a rut for years with no contact physically or emotionally.

You cannot remember the last time you enjoyed being in her company. All you do not is give your wife space, and it feels as though your wife become someone else. The two of you find it harder daily to keep the relationship going.

One of the things constantly on your mind is how you can possibly make her fall in love with you again. While it may not be there yet, you feel that your marriage is headed to doom, and a separation or divorce is not far in the future for you two.

If this is not how you want your love story to end, you still have a chance to save the relationship. Before it is too late, you can learn how to fix a marriage and bring back the spark and desire in the woman you fell in love with.


How to win your wife back – Why is my marriage struggling?

Before you can work towards reversing the stages of a dying marriage, it is essential to assess and find out the cause of the rift in the first place.

Preventing a separation or divorce before it happens can save time, pain, money and energy. A critical first step is identifying the cause of the struggle. Marriages can struggle for different reasons. The most common ones include:

Failed communication

When there is poor communication in a marriage, solving issues or even having conversations can become difficult. When every conversation leads to a blowout, both parties avoid talking to each other or expressing themselves in the relationship.

Poor communication is a leading cause of divorces. Long-term marital satisfaction is only possible where communication is present. Poor communication builds up resentment, misunderstanding and hurt feelings.

No quality time

Another common reason married couples struggle is failing to create quality to show your wife love. At some point, life becomes about prioritizing careers, an education, financial stability, and raising a family. This barely leaves any time for the couple to spend together, just the two of them.

A lack of effort

Marriage requires an unwavering commitment to each other. It also requires a lot of empathy and communication. When there is a lack of effort from either part over a long period, the couple can disconnect emotionally, putting the relationship at risk of collapse.  


This is yet another leading cause of divorce and separation. When there is infidelity, it breaches the trust a couple has built, which shakes and sometimes breaks the marriage.

Financial issues

Financial problems are leading contributors to conflict among married couples. Financial issues can arise at any time. A couple can begin to struggle with no proper communication on the issue.

Timely tips on How to win your wife back

Build a healthy relationship with yourself

Sometimes, your marriage may not work out because you do not have a good relationship with yourself. If you feel that the current personality may be turning your wife off, consider changing and becoming a better version of yourself.

Start being consistent

Your lack of consistency may be why your wife no longer trusts you. Finding ways to keep the spark in your marriage and working to maintain it through consistent effort should be your ultimate goal.

Whether introducing date nights a few times a week, making dinner for the family, buying her flowers, texting her often or even showing interest in her life, the consistent effort can win your space back in your wife’s heart.

Be open with your feelings

After realizing you do not want to lose your wife or marriage, you must convey your feelings, thoughts and fears to her. Telling her that you are afraid of losing her can be the very thing she needs to start being more open to receiving you again. Telling her how you feel will build your emotional intimacy. Don’t be afraid to tell her you miss her or want a new beginning.

Correct her with empathy and love and be open to correction

The relationship is a two-way affair. If there are things about your wife that you feel give you a hard time, it is important to learn healthy communication. While at it, ensure you find an ideal way to express your concerns in a way that won’t hurt her feelings or make her feel judged.

In the same breath, asking your wife why you no longer turn her on is essential. Be open to criticism and have an open mind to learn with the willingness to rectify.

Do not play the blame game

Once you start talking about the issues in your relationship, it is easy to fall into the pattern of shifting blame for the years of disconnection. Don’t do that. Remember that both parties must have said harsh words, said things, and hurt each other badly, so no one event is to blame for the fallout.

Since you have decided to make the marriage work again, it is better to stop focusing on the past and instead find ways to communicate better and fight better to safeguard each other’s feelings.

Woo her all over again

One key component of how to win your wife back is starting to woo her all over again. You can get a second chance and reignite her devotion just like you did when you met her. It is all about doing the little things she loves and speaking her love languages.

Write love notes, call her randomly to say I love you, buy her flowers, dance in the kitchen, help her with house chores, or take her out for coffee or lunch.

Consider going for marriage counseling or seeing a mental health professional

Sometimes, even with all the right tools, it helps to have the professional help of a relationship expert to save your marriage. Seeing a marriage and family therapist is a common route when learning how to win your wife back.

Couples open to couple’s therapy learn how to understand better and relate to each other and themselves. In therapy, the therapist or marriage counsellor acts as a neutral third party who takes a deeper look into your issues to help identify the problem areas by looking at issues from your point of view and that of your wife.

A good licensed marriage counselor will give practical steps you and your wife can follow to improve your relationship. You also learn of healthier ways of working through arguments and disagreements.

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Being in what feels like a dead marriage can be frustrating. If you want your relationship to work and your marriage to last, following the tips highlighted in this article about how to win your wife back and joining a support group are the best decisions you can make for your relationship.

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