A Mastermind Group Near Me – Types, Benefits & Finding The Best One

Is there a mastermind group near me? How do I find a mastermind group near me? How can I join a mastermind group? What are the benefits of joining a mastermind group? Can I start my own mastermind group? If you seek answers to these questions, you have come to the right place.

My name is Sean Galla. I am a men’s support group facilitator with more than 10 years’ experience. Part of my facilitating journey has been overseeing Mastermind Groups. This has given me the privilege of witnessing how beneficial being part of a mastermind group can be. If you are thinking about joining a mastermind group or starting one, this article has all the information you need to get a clear understanding of how mastermind groups work.

In this article, you will learn everything you want to know about the best Mastermind Group near me.

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What is a mastermind group?

Every successful person, like Henry Ford or Thomas Edison, is able to achieve success because they have a team of supporters and mentors throughout their journey. Successful people understand the importance of surrounding themselves with a group of people who have attained the level of success they aspire to attain. This is the concept a mastermind group is based on.

Wikipedia defines A mastermind group as a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. While almost similar to mentorship groups, mastermind groups comprise mastermind members who give and receive advice. These groups are all about brainstorming, problem-solving, addressing personal issues that hinder success or advancement, and can also be educational presentations.

The idea of mastermind groups was made popular by Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, and The Law of Success. Going by his definition, a mastermind group is “A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

While Napoleon’s definition is right, a mastermind group can also be defined as a small group of men who seek accelerated growth in different capacities.

Mastermind group meetings aim to discuss careers, business goals and build lasting networks to help the members reach the set goals. This can only be done in a network of like-minded people who keep each other accountable. Because of this common need for growth, the mastermind group members commit to meeting and regularly networking, in person or online.


Types of mastermind groups Near Me

While most mastermind groups are built by business men looking to build their business network and learn ways to become a better leader, business mastermind groups are not the only types of mastermind groups. As a matter of fact, there are more than 35 types of mastermind groups for different purposes.

  •                     Some of the most common types include:
  •                     CEOs and executive-level managers mastermind groups
  •                     musicians and artists mastermind groups
  •                     authors and writers mastermind groups
  •                     work-at-home parents mastermind groups
  •                     recently divorced mastermind groups
  •                     empty nesters mastermind groups
  •                     career advancement mastermind groups
  •                     fitness and weight loss mastermind groups

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Finding a mastermind group

To benefit from being part of a mastermind group, your mastermind group needs to be tailored to your locality. The good news is that there are numerous mastermind groups located in different parts of the world to ensure as many people as possible can access a group.

There are several factors you need to consider when looking for a mastermind group near you.

What are your needs?

To ensure you find the right new group, you need to know exactly what you are looking for in a mastermind group.

  • Do you prefer in-person meetings or virtual ones?
  • Do you prefer evening meetings or daytime ones?
  • What areas of your life do you hope to impact by joining the group?
  • Do you need a strict group or something casual?
  • Do you want to learn, brainstorm, and problem solve, or do you prefer an educational group?

Answering these questions will make it easier for you to find a mastermind group near you tailored to your needs.

How to find a mastermind group near me

Start your own group

This is by far the easiest way to find a mastermind group that caters to your needs. You can choose your members and schedule meeting based on your availability. Once you start a mastermind group, you can follow these 7 Tips To Harness The Power Of Your Own Mastermind Group

Find local mastermind groups online

Websites such as meetup.com always have lists of mastermind groups in different localities. You can search based on your zip code to find the nearest groups in your zone. You will get lists of different mastermind groups, making finding a tailored one for your needs easier.

Ask around

If you find it hard to find mastermind group near me options, you can also speak to your friends, colleagues, mentors, and social media connections for recommendations. This is one of the easiest ways to find groups that admit new members by referrals.

Check with local professional groups

Since most mastermind groups are created by business people looking to grow their business network and business development ideas, you can find a great mastermind group near me with referrals from local professional organizations. These include trade groups, religious groups, chambers of commerce, schools, and networking groups.


Benefits of a mastermind group Near Me

If you are thinking about joining a mastermind group, there are numerous benefits associated with being part of such a group.

You get a board of advisors.

Whenever you go through a problem in your business, career, personal life, or entrepreneurship journey, one of the things that can be helpful is being part of a tight mastermind group that is also a business advisory board. Being part of a mastermind group gives you access to people with the experience and goodwill needed to offer trusted guidance. A mastermind group is a trusted board of advisors who want to ensure you succeed in everything you do.

They are a source of wisdom.

A mastermind group comprises like-minded people going through the same issues and some who have overcome the hurdles you are experiencing. This makes them experienced and more understanding of your needs. The advice you get from group members can be relied on and used to achieve personal growth.

They foster accountability

Rarely will one succeed when they do not have anyone to be accountable to. A mastermind group acts as an accountability group where members report their progress. This motivates you to get things done to have something to report to the group when in the hot seat. Being part of a mastermind group can be the best way to get things done, especially for procrastinators.

They encourage exponential growth

In a mastermind group, you tap into different talents and networks, get advice from different people, and are held accountable. This is an easier way to experience faster growth since you access infinite wisdom from experienced individuals. This can go a long way in helping you achieve your goal faster.

Collaboration opportunities

Starting a mastermind group gives you the opportunity to create the best mastermind group that best serves your personal development goals and needs. Once your group is up and running, you get to collaborate with individuals who teach you new things and even things you did not think you needed to learn.

It is a space to grow your network

When you create a mastermind group, you immediately grow your network through the members of your group.   Every member in your group has a network that instantaneously becomes your network too. As you grow the group and make connections, you will build a group of friends who will be there when you need them the most.

It enhances your way of thinking

Being part of a mastermind group allows you to see things from different perspectives as presented by different members. This helps to grow your thoughts and improve your way of thinking.

While most mastermind groups are built by business owners looking to build their business network, business mastermind groups are not the only types of mastermind groups. There are more than 35 types of mastermind groups for different purposes. Generally, you can start a mastermind group for any need.

Online vs. in-person Mastermind Groups Near Me

All mastermind groups fall into one of these two categories. While in-person meetings work, you can further expand your network by joining an online-based mastermind group like MensGroup.

Whether you live in San Diego or rural Wisconsin, finding an online mastermind group is fairly easy. A virtual mastermind group connects you to people from different parts of the world, including your locality, especially during a pandemic. This expands your networks and improves your chances of getting better advice, support, and guidance. Joining an online mastermind group ensures you do not limit your connections to only the people in your locality.

Online Mastermind Groups offer flexibility, which increases the commitment of the members. It eliminates the need to find a physical location for meetings as members can meet online through social media forums and channels like Facebook group, zoom, google hangouts, Slack, LinkedIn and skype.


About MensGroup mastermind group


MensGroup is an online-based mastermind group for men by men. When you join MensGroup, you will get a network of fellow men ready and willing to offer advice, support, and guidance to ensure you reach your life goals.

As one of the most active online men’s groups, MensGroup is a platinum mastermind group that positively influences personal life, business life, and professional growth. In this online-mediated platform for all men. Here, you will meet men who have previously walked in your shoes and have managed to experience personal development and find their definite purpose through mentorship from a mastermind group.

If you are a man looking to get to the next level of your success, MensGroup is the right mastermind group for you.


How much success you experience from being part of a mastermind group lies in the willingness of the members to support and help each other through collective experiences. Influential group leaders guide members as a way of assisting them to overcome their hurdles and achieve success.

Being part of the right mastermind group like MensGroup gives you a rare opportunity to network and enjoy personalized help from the industry’s best players even as you make new meaningful, and lasting friendships.

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