What Are the Goals of Men’s Groups? – All You Need To Know

What Are the Goals of Men’s Groups? What is the purpose of a men’s group? What makes a good men’s group? What do men’s groups talk about? Why do men join men’s groups? What are some of the benefits of joining a men’s group? When are men’s groups most effective? This article is for you if you are looking for answers to these or more men’s group-related questions.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla, and I have been facilitating men’s groups for over 10 years. in my own experience, one of the most commonly asked questions by a lot of people in my line of work is what the goal of a men’s group is. While lots of guys are interested in self-improvement, not a lot of them fully understand how being part of a men’s group can help them on their journey.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about men’s groups and how being part of one can be beneficial to your overall well-being as a man.

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What is a men’s group?

A men’s group can be termed a regular meetup of a small group of men with shared interests in life. Usually, these are peer-to-peer circles of men who meet physically or online. Also referred to as self-help groups, men’s groups are comprised of a group of guys who share common experiences or needs. It is also a space where members can come for helpful resources, mentoring, friendly banter, encouragement, sharing, talking, and getting support.

In a men’s group set up, members have access to free space to talk to fellow men and learn from others who are in similar situations or have gone through similar situations. This gives you a good chance of getting valuable insight, references, and help through firsthand experiences.

Common characteristics of a men’s group include:

  • It comprises peers – these are people directly experiencing or affected by a specific issue or circumstance.
  • It is usually small in size to ensure it can address each member’s needs
  • It is led by volunteer providers or professional facilitators/group leaders
  • It is voluntary to attend

What Are the Goals of Men’s Groups? – The benefits

You meet with likeminded men

A men’s group is a men’s ministry that puts you in contact with people who understand what you are going through or need. Since it is a men-focused group, you will be amongst fellow men who understand the issues men face in their day-to-day lives. This is the best way to get the help you seek from people who have been there before.

Available support round the clock

Most men’s groups, including free men’s groups double as support groups usually have a hotline you can contact anytime. Most online support groups are available round the clock, ensuring members can find support or help at any time, regardless of location.

They are judgement-free zones

Regardless of your situation, men’s groups are safe spaces for sharing. The people in the program have gone through similar issues and thus offer help and advice from experience. Talking to people who have walked in your shoes ensures no discrimination or judgment. This is the best way to help to rebuild your self-esteem.


There are different support groups for different needs

Men’s groups come in many shapes and forms. Depending on your needs, there are mental health support groups, career advancement groups, personal growth support groups, divorce support groups, parenting groups, and many others.

Directed advice

Men’s groups offer directed guidance and support for different life issues. Whether you are facing problems at work or home, group members can help in ways other services may not be able to.

Chance to give back

Being part of a group program allows you to learn and become a peer supporter to new members. You can also take the knowledge and experience to start men’s group programs in your community as part of giving back.

Learn how the men’s group rules and regulations benefit men’s groups.

What are the goals of men’s groups?

Speaking from experience, the purpose or goals of men’s groups are multi-faceted. Different men join these support groups for different reasons. Some are going through a divorce and want advice and support. Others are looking for a social group so they can stop living in isolation, while others join these groups for accountability and personal development.

Generally, men’s groups can be used to achieve different things in life, the main ones being accountability, clarity, support and challenge.

Some of the goals of men’s groups include:


Men’s groups are about building healthy relationships among men. In a men’s group, men can find accountability partners, supportive friends and friends. When you are part of a men’s group, you are part of a committed partnership that propels you to success in different areas of your life.


Most men go through life without fully realizing full consciousness of the power they hold as men. once you learn how to find a men’s group, you can awaken to your full potential and learn how best to live authentically as a man healthily.

When you become part of a men’s group, you will be encouraged to find and live within your purpose. If you are unsure about your purpose, being part of a men’s group can go a long way in helping you discover and live in your purpose.


The goal of a good men’s group like Mensgroup or the mankind project is to create a space where men can learn and practice good life values that they can incorporate into their daily lives outside of the group.

Once you learn how to be authentic in a group setting, you will likely transfer these values to other areas of your life outside the group.


Who can join a men’s group?

Generally, men’s groups are open to men, young and old. They are especially helpful for guys who are entering their 30s, 40s, and 50s, who are busy with work and family and then run into NEW challenges such as:

  • Communicating in relationships
  • Parenting
  • Divorce
  • Learning how to control your emotions
  • Juggling work, health, and family
  • Questions of purpose
  • And more

The idea of men going through these common men’s group issues alone is a shame because sharing this burden with fellow men is possible.

How much better would that feel than going alone? How much quicker would you grow into more happiness and success with guidance from men who have already been through whatever you’re facing? 

Finding meetings

A simple search for men’s groups on the internet may not give you a wide range of results since there are very few groups specifically catering to men. However, there are a few options available.

Generally, you can find online and offline/in-person men’s support groups. While online group meetings occur online, in-person meetings are more local and occur in community centers or therapy centers in different localities.

Most men find online men’s groups more ideal since they can access a meeting anywhere.

You can find groups and podcasts for different group topics, including intimate relationships, men’s work, career support, or even addiction support.

Online therapy groups

Online men’s groups are perhaps the closest most people can get to group therapy for men. According to findings, at least 98% of American men attending virtual meeting group therapy show significant improvement in their mental health and stress management. Also, more than 70% of men dealing with depression show a significant improvement in their symptoms. In addition, 94% of men prefer online group therapy sessions to in-person meetups.

Online group meetings, though unconventional, have gained popularity in the recent past. Online Zoom meetings make it possible for people to get the help they need from any part of the world. This makes therapy convenient and accessible. Online group therapy makes it easier for most men to connect with others like them despite the distance.

Being in a group with people from different parts of the world gives you a global understanding and perspective of issues shared in the group.  

If you are looking for an online group therapy program specifically catering to men, mensgroup.com is an online support group for men that offers virtual group meetings.

More About MensGroup


Lack of a support system is a significant cause of mental health issues amongst men. MensGroup is an online group therapy platform that strives to offer group session support, wellness guidance, and help to men experiencing different life issues.

MensGroup is a supportive network of men ready and willing to help others like them through sharing life experiences. The mensgroup.com group therapy session will give you the information to overcome your issues and lead a better life. It equips you with resources that make you a better man and ensure you lead a more fulfilling life.

What Are the Goals of Men’s Groups? – Conclusion

The idea that men should be strong and resilient without social support is outdated and wrong. The best opinions come from people who have gone through common experiences before, as they can see the world from your perspective.

Men need a safe space to share their achievements, fears, and dreams without fear of judgment. This is the only way to overcome different issues in a learning-friendly environment. Mensgroup.com is a men-only platform where men can get information, discuss issues, be in the company of fellow men, and network to better their lives as they learn through shared experiences.