Men’s Talking Group: Top 3 Best Men’s Talking Groups

What is a men’s talking group? Are you looking for a men’s talking group? Do you know loved ones who can benefit from joining a men’s talking group? Are you a man looking for a safe space to open up, share, and learn? Are you looking for information on how men’s talking groups work? Are you going through men’s issues and in need of support? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

 My name is Sean Galla, a facilitator for men’s talking groups with more than 10 years of experience, commonly referred to as men’s support groups. For many generations, men have been made to believe that talking about their issues is a show of weakness. Men’s talking groups work to ensure young men and old, regardless of orientation, or occupation can get the help they need as they navigate through life. Whether you are looking for career advancement advice, mental health support, or social support, being part of a men’s talking group can be all the help you need.

In this article, you will get all the guidelines you need to understand men’s talking groups. Here is everything you need to know about joining a talking group for men.

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An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

What Is a Men’s Talking Group?

Men's Talking Group

A men’s talking group is a group of people talking about men’s issues or a type of psychotherapy for men’s issues that a trained therapist or a facilitator can guide. This type of talking support is available for men in different parts of the United States like New York and Washington DC. Group therapy can take place in mental health clinics, therapeutic practices, hospitals, and community centers.

A men’s talking group can also be a self-improvement or small group of 10 group members or more where men come to share about a specific issue or different men’s group topics. It is also a place for men to vent, learn, and adopt the best skills to handle life challenges.

Most men seeing a therapist are asked to find and join a men’s talking group as an important part of their recovery process. If you prefer to avoid joining a therapy group, joining a general men’s talking group can be the next best choice.

Men’s talking groups exist for general issues, mental health issues, chronic conditions, and any other topic relatable to men. These groups are for men going through similar issues, as they offer a safe space to share and learn without fear of ridicule or shame.

Depending on the problem you are facing as a man, or the kind of help you need, joining a men’s talking group can be one of the best choices you make when trying to address and overcome these issues to lead a better life.

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Why a Men’s Talking Group Is Important – The Benefits

For the longest time, it has been considered weak when a man shows his emotions or vulnerability. This is why men feel embarrassed to share their issues today.

According to statistics, suicide rates are higher in men than in women. A major contributing factor to these high numbers in men is because men are forced to bottle up their emotions and go through stress alone, which is the false idea of healthy masculinity. This often leads to poor mental health and serious distress among men since men cannot seek help and do not know where to go for help.

When men decide to seek help for their issues, they are often placed in unisex talking groups. Being around women makes it hard for men to share openly, which can stagnate their healing process. This is why men need their own group. Men-only talking groups offer a safe space for men to share their personal experiences, learn from one other, and get help in a safe place.  

Being part of a men’s talking group or men’s circle ensures that troubled men have a platform to air their concerns and worries. They also offer helpful resources to men who seek help for different health and social issues. Once they get the help they need, they can use their experiences to help others.  

Most group members experience a sense of relief when they find a group they can share freely among other men going through the same issues.

Different men’s talking groups are designed to target specific groups and address specific issues. These include:

  • Depression talking groups
  • Social anxiety talking groups
  • Panic disorder talking groups
  • Obesity and eating disorder talking groups
  • Addiction talking groups
  • Gay men’s talking group
  • Chronic pain talking groups
  • Couples counseling talking group

Some talking groups focus on self-improvement and improving social skills. They seek to help the members overcome issues like low self-esteem, shyness, anger, and loneliness, which prevents them from living a fulfilling life.

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Men’s talking groups are support networks

A men’s talking group is a support network and sounding board for anyone who needs a listening ear. The group members help each other through different life issues using group-based sharing and support ideas and group exercises and activities. The group equips you with the tools you need for personal growth and holds you accountable along the way.  

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In a men’s talking group, members come from different cultures, ethnicity, academic background, and social standing brought together by an issue familiar to them. This gives the group diversity and an opportunity to see issues from different perspectives.

You can learn a lot about handling your own issues when you see how different people handle the same issues. You will learn of different coping strategies and mechanisms, giving you a better chance to overcome different issues.

A men’s talking group is more than just a support group

While it is possible to benefit from a professional therapy group, most people have also found great success in being part of social talking groups for men where group members are free to share whenever they want. The facilitator provides helpful men’s groups’ topics and resources to members, including scientific solutions to different issues addressed in different groups.

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Joining a Men’s Talking Group

A search on google will give you access to numerous men’s talking groups in different locations. If you prefer not to join in-person groups, it is possible to find an online men’s group like or menspeak men’s groups and The Mankind Project. In this covid-19 pandemic, online talking groups ensure you can get help from home.   

Choosing a Talking Men’s Group

Is it open or closed?

The difference between an open and closed group is that new members are always free to join an open group, while closed groups do not accept new members once the group’s meetings begin. People interested in joining closed groups can only do so during the registration window. For men who are sensitive and shy, it is best, to begin with, a closed group, as this makes it easier to familiarize themselves with the members and how support groups work.

Group confidentiality rules

For a talking group to work, especially a men’s talking group, members must hold the issues raised and shared in the group as sacred. The need for privacy should be an important part of the group, as this is the only way trust can be built. Group members start as strangers but grow to be important parts of your everyday life. For a group to benefit its members, it is important to ensure that trust is valued in the group.


When choosing the best men’s talking group, you need to consider how much access you have to the group. In-person support groups require members to meet in person at pre-determined locations. This can make it difficult for some people if they live away from the meetup location or are shy about showing up in person for group therapy.

On the other hand, you can access online support groups from anywhere as long as you have an internet-accessible device. Online support groups offer better accessibility and anonymity compared to in-person groups. Your choice depends on your needs and preference.

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The Best Men’s Talking Groups to Join

man talking to group

Man Therapy

Man Therapy is a men’s therapy organization that facilitates men’s therapy sessions for men struggling with addiction, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, grief, relationship issues, and trauma. It specifically targets veterans and first responders who need support.

L3 Leadership 

L3 Leadership is a mastermind group that is centered on building a community of leaders by encouraging them to grow to their full potential. As a member of L3, you are encouraged and equipped to follow your dreams and are guides on how to become a better leader in your family, community, city, and country. All L3 mastermind group members are coached, encouraged, and held accountable as part of the growth process to meet your goals.


Men’s Group is an online men’s talking group that strives to offer group session support, guidance, and help to men struggling with different life issues.

The group talking session will give you the information you need to overcome different men’s issues and lead a better life.  It is more than just a therapy group. It equips you with resources that make you a better man and ensure you lead a better, more fulfilling life.

As the best men’s group, a group meeting takes place virtually over video or chat, making it perfect for busy men who prefer not to attend physical meetings or men who are attending talking groups for the first time.


Joining a men’s talking group can seem scary at first, but it should not be. Taking part in the group activities on mensgroup is the best way to understand the group process and connect with the members. If you are a man interested in joining a talking group, is perfect for meeting like-minded men who will listen and offer advice with no judgment.

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