Self Improvement for Men: A Complete Guide

Are you interested in self-improvement for men? Are you looking for guidance to become a better man? Are you a man interested in leading a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life? Do you need self-improvement tips? Do you know a young man who can benefit from self-improvement mentoring? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

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What Is Self-Improvement for Men?

The road to self-improvement is often a long and arduous journey that can be incredibly rewarding once achieved. As it is often said, if you have to be addicted to anything, be addicted to self-improvement.

The term self-improvement can mean different things to different people. If you want to improve your physique, weightlifting, maintaining a proper diet, or exercising will help you achieve your goal. If you want to get better at your work, you need to invest in courses that will make you better qualified for better roles or join a mastermind group. Whether you are looking to learn a new language, become better at money management or even be a better person socially, it is essential to ensure you are always striving to become a better version of yourself.

For men, the road to self-improvement is always a conscious attempt to become better in every way possible. This occurs when you finally decide that you need a significant positive change in your life. This is triggered by different factors like loss, becoming a dad, or getting a new job, and many other reasons. When you are dedicated to self-development, you become a well-balanced man who is always in search of wisdom and self-growth.

Self Improvement for Men

How to Achieve Personal Growth as a Man

Surround yourself with the right role models

If you feel inspired to improve your life, one of the best things you can do is surround yourself with the right role models. It would be best if you hang around people who share the same mindset and people who have successfully walked your journey. Having a relationship with men who possess the characteristics you aim to acquire makes it easier for you to become a better person.

You can either surround yourself with likeminded men through physical connections and networking or by using other avenues such as social media platforms and reading self-improvement bestseller books on amazon, podcast, and audiobooks by renowned authors.

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Eliminate toxic relationships

For you to succeed in your goal, the people you surround yourself with should be dedicated to helping you attain your self-improvement goals. It is important to cut off links with any relationship that does not influence your life positively. Most people fail to attain their self-improvement goals because they are still stuck in their old ways. The people you surround yourself with should be respected members of society and people who can teach you values for self-improvement. It is better to have a few people who influence your life positively than to be surrounded by tens of people who add no value to your life. If you want to start living a better life, you need to eliminate toxic relationships.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

When working on self-improvement as a man, how you feel about yourself plays an essential role in your journey. It is important to ensure your self-esteem matches your goals. Exercising is one of the best ways to boost your self-esteem by achieving the body you desire. It is also crucial for better mental health. When you are in better shape, you are able to do more and feel confident enough to do it. Part of self-improvement is learning to take care of your physical appearance as you work on your other features. You can find workout mentors online or at your gym. They can guide you on proper exercise for your goals and the best diet plans for your needs. A healthy body will have a positive impact on your mental health and boosts self-confidence.

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Change your mindset

It is impossible to achieve any goal in life without conditioning your mind. You need to train your mind to attract abundance and to accept growth to become an alpha male. The growth and abundance mindsets are the most important when it comes to self-improvement. When you maintain a growth mindset, you will have the courage to try new things. You understand that anything you do is meant to grow your skills and give you experience even when it is not a success.

The abundance mindset is developed from having confidence in your abilities and value. When you have an abundance mentality, you understand that you are a badass who adds value to the world and thus work to improve on this aspect. This can be developed by building your talents and from valuable life experience. No one with an abundance mentality is afraid of situations or outcomes, and they know they do not define them.

Acquire knowledge

In your self-improvement journey as a man, it is essential to ensure you do everything the right way. In this technologically advanced era, there is an abundance of self-improvement resources online and offline. These can help you with your self-improvement journey. You need to feed your mind you helpful information and knowledge, which will act as your guide through life.

Set goals

When starting your self-improvement journey, it is important to work with a goal in mind. You need to visualize what you want to achieve and determine why you need to achieve it. When you work with a goal in mind, you are better prepared to make choices that align with your goal.

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Best Self-Improvement Books for Men

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson

In this book, the author describes how cultural, societal, and family beliefs influence daily decisions on what to follow in pursuit of happiness. He explains why it is important for you to shed these beliefs, and others, forced on you externally. It teaches you to only focus on your personal sense of purpose without paying too much attention to other things.

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

As it is often said, if you can learn from your own mistakes, good, but it is better to learn from the mistakes of others. This book offers profound guidance about life and love by looking at the mistakes made by others in pursuit of the same things.  

Make your bed by Admiral William H. McRaven

This is the best self-help book for any man looking for inspiration. This book contains lessons learned by a Navy Seal during their time in service. You can sense the determinations, humility, and courage communicated through the lines of this book, written in great compassion and depth.

Best Self-Improvement Blogs for Men

best male blogs

The blog of Tim Ferris

This blog site focuses on lifestyle designs. It includes all kinds of life hacks and lifestyle advice. It is recommended to any man interested in self-improvement and learning to live a more fulfilling life.

If you are a man interested in self-improvement, Men’s Group is a men-only online group for you. Unlike most support groups targeting women, there is a shortage of support groups for men. Today’s generation of men lacks the right support system to help them become better men. It is on this foundation that mensgroup was formed. seeks to mentor men and equip them with resources to become better versions of themselves. Whatever self-improvement goal you want to achieve, the mentors on are ready to help you achieve it. Whether you want to advance in your career, build better family relations, or simply become a better version of yourself, has everything you need to do this. This online group will connect you with men who will act as mentors to help you achieve your goal. You are guaranteed to succeed when you are in the company of men at  

At, men are allowed to share their fears, dreams, and hopes in a safe space. It is the perfect self-improvement platform for all men, including young adult males looking for a space to learn and grow without fear of judgment or ridicule. You will be in the company of other men who also have gone through the same issues and managed to find healing and direction to better their lives. In this COVID-19 times, an online self-improvement support group can be the best choice if you want to become a better man.


Self-improvement and personal growth can change your life for the better. When you state working on yourself, you will start impacting different parts of your life positively. For any man, self-improvement is the key to reaching your best potential. Through self-improvement practices, you will be able to enhance your quality of life, learn to be a better man, and positively influence the lives of people around you.

Being part of a support platform can go a long way to ensure you achieve your goals. is a platform that can mold you into the man you wish to become. If you want to improve yourself and do not know where to start, joining mensgroup can place you on the way to total self-improvement. You will meet mentors, advisors, and facilitators, waiting to help you become a better you. Remember to celebrate yourself whenever you hit a milestone. This is the best way to be motivated to set new goals and reach for them.

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