Sexual Abuse Support Groups: Resources and Support Groups for Men

Are you looking for sexual abuse support groups? Do you know someone who can benefit from joining a sexual assault support group? Are you a survivor of child sexual abuse or sexual violence? Are you looking for sexual violence, including domestic violence support and referrals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article is for you.

My name is Sean Galla, a support group facilitator and moderator specializing in support groups for men. Coming to terms with sexual abuse as a victim is one of the hardest parts of healing. Being part of a support group can go a long way in helping survivors of sexual abuse to come to terms with what happened to them, find healing and enjoy a normal, healthy life. I have seen firsthand how beneficial sexual abuse support groups can be.

This article will tell you everything about sexual abuse support groups and why every survivor needs an anti-sexual violence organization on their side.

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An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

What Is a Sexual Abuse Support Group?

A sexual abuse support group is a type of forum or outreach dedicated to offering sexual abuse services, resources, and help to victims of sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse support groups offer life-changing crisis intervention and community education for survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones.

Sexual abuse often leaves adult survivors feeling hopeless and as though they have lost power and control of their life. According to accounts given by most survivors, the sexual abuse experience takes away a part of their identity.

Sexual abuse support groups serve as a reminder for survivors that there is more to them than the abuse. A support group is a reminder that there is life after the fact and that it is possible to live a rich, fulfilled life even after the abuse.

Support groups are an opportunity for survivors to regain a sense of self and feel safe enough to speak about their experiences.

Most sexual abuse victims struggle in silence for years while being burdened by shame, guilt, fear, and sometimes receiving little to no support even from the people in their lives. Joining support groups for sexual abuse survivors allows them to connect with others who have survived the same form of violence, helping them break down barriers and live a successful, trauma-free life.

In a support group, survivors learn how to rid themselves of the feelings of guilt, shame, and isolation while getting the empowerment they need to find healing. While every experience is unique, being in the same space with others with similar experiences is a powerful form of support and validation.

Sexual abuse support groups offer survivors a safe space to learn coping skills, overcome trauma, and expand their social support networks.

With proper training, facilitation skills, and preparation, sexual abuse advocates can provide this valuable tool to survivors in different communities.

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Why Are Sexual Abuse Support Groups Important?

Sexual violence, be it sexual abuse, harassment, abuse, coercion, discrimination, or exploitation, often leaves pain and a feeling of shame in the survivors. While nothing can change what happened, advocacy and support groups can go a long way in helping the survivors deal with their feelings and thoughts brought about by their experiences.

Talking about the experience is the hardest part for most survivors of childhood sexual violence. This is especially true for male survivors. While there are many support groups and services for women, very little is done to support male survivors of sexual abuse. There is a lot of social stigma and silence around make sexual abuse and abuse cases. This results in a lack of understanding and awareness about the adverse effects of these experiences on men.

Most survivors of sexual assault gravitate towards avoidance as a coping mechanism, including avoidance to seek health care. This contributes to the severity of the trauma induced by the experience, which affects the mental well-being of the survivor, especially child sexual abuse survivors. The process of confronting what happened is painful, so people prefer to ignore it. The best way to overcome sexual trauma, avoidance, and the side effects of traumatic stress is through talking about the experience. For this to happen, survivors need a safe space, which is exactly what a support group offers.

Having safe spaces where survivors can come and share their experiences without being blamed or judged is a step in the right direction for survivors looking for healing. Sexual abuse support groups offer sexual abuse and abuse survivors a haven. In these groups, members are free to talk about their experiences and struggles while getting the support and help they need to move past their experiences.

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Sexual Abuse Support Groups Near Me

Sexual Abuse Support Groups Near Me

Numerous advocacy, service providers, and national organizations and support services like the rape crisis center and RAINN offer statewide online, offline, or both support groups to sexual abuse survivors and family members of survivors, including sexual abuse hotline and helpline services.

Online sexual abuse support group

Online sexual abuse support groups are types of support groups that meet on internet platforms including websites, and social media sites. There are numerous online sexual abuse support groups to choose from, including that caters specifically to the needs of men.

Some online sexual abuse support groups allow members to share as they seek advice and assistance. A quick search on google will give you a list of online sexual abuse support groups on platforms on Facebook and Reddit.

The best benefit of an online support group is that it is available round the clock; there is always a support group you can drop in at any time. Whether in New York or Washington, you can zoom in and join virtual meetings anywhere.

Online sexual abuse support groups offer anonymity since members do not need to show their faces or talk while in attendance. These online support groups are the best way to get support when facing issues brought about by your experience.

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Offline/In-person sexual abuse support group

Offline or in-person sexual abuse support groups take place in predetermined locations such as support centers or community centers. In these types of groups, members meet physically in a group of 15 to 20 people.

A major drawback of in-person victim assistance chapters for sexual abuse support is that members do not enjoy anonymity since the meetings require the members to attend physically. Also, offline support groups are not available round the clock, making it hard for members to find support any time they need it.

Ultimately, your choice for a support group should be based on your preference, availability, and what you most feel comfortable with.

Support for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Violence

If you are an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, you will experience a range of challenges through your healing journey. Sometimes, daily tasks can be triggers that take you back to the day the experience happened. Sometimes, adult survivors experience difficulties with having healthy relationships and even taking part in some activities.

If you are finding the recovery journey difficult as an adult who was sexually abused as a child, you can seek professional help and support. 1:1 therapy and support groups offer a safe place for you to talk about your experiences and start the recovering and healing process. There are numerous online support services as well as community-based peer-to-peer support groups.

Some of the support services options available include (specifically catering to male survivors of sexual abuse), SAMHSA, Isurvive, Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN), the national sexual assault hotline, and Male Survivor: Support, Treatment, and Advocacy.

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Support for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Support for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

If you are a man who has experienced sexual abuse or abuse, it is possible to get the help and support you need to overcome your experience. Sexual abuse amongst men can bring about shame, feelings of worthlessness, and even mental health issues. Finding a support group that specifically caters to the needs of male survivors can go a long way in helping you move past your experience and lead a healthy, guilt-free life.

Sexual abuse support groups for men address general issues related to sexual abuse, masculinity, identity, self-care, prevention education, and self-esteem issues that follow abuse, relationships and give you a reason to remain hopeful in life even after a traumatic experience.

MensGroup is one of the leading support groups for men that supports the sexual abuse of male survivors.

Information about MensGroup

If you are a man interested in being part of a support group, the Men’s Group is a men-only online group you should join. The modern-day generation of men lacks a reliable support system to help them become better men. This is the foundation on which was formed. MensGroup seeks to mentor all men while equipping them with the right additional resources to become better versions of themselves, including sexual abuse and domestic violence survivors.

Whether you are looking for a healing, support, or just a haven, has mentors ready to help you overcome your trauma while making new friends. By becoming part of MensGroup, you will build healthy relationships and become a better man even after the traumatic experience. Through this online group, you will connect with fellow men to help you heal and move on.

As an online support group, you can join a meeting from anywhere.


For sexual abuse survivors, the greatest hindrance to seeking help is the fear of being judged and even blamed for what they went through. Sexual abuse support groups offer a safe space for survivors to come forth and be amongst other survivors. These groups make it easy for survivors to seek help and find healing away from society’s judging eyes. If you are a male survivor looking for support, MensGroup is an ideal support forum to find help and get back on your feet. By joining a support group, you can lead a happy and normal everyday life even after a sexual abuse experience.

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