Brad Pitt On Numbing Tough Feelings, Pain, Regrets & Loneliness

There is no bigger superstar celebrity than Brad Pitt. The star of countless box office successes, Brad is the definition of a leading man. Rich, famous, desired by women with beautiful ex-wives and children.

Yet in these videos, Brad exposes his experience and feelings from the past few years including a public divorce, admitting that he is an alcoholic and going to rehab. He explains what a struggle it’s be to manage his feelings and stop numbing with avoidant behaviors and how helpful his support group has been. Finally, he shares how he manages his emotions ongoing.

Brad Pitt on numbing tough feelings

In this video, the interviewer says “most men think that it’s not okay to get help for these kinds of things” and she’s right.

Yet Brad shares that he was running to things to avoid tough feelings. He just didn’t know how to deal with them. He used things to escape his difficult feeling: drugs, booze, Netflix, snacks and more.

Brad explains that in sitting with your feelings instead, you come out the other side with a greater understanding of yourself and a greater capacity to enjoy things like the birds in the trees.

Brad Pitt shares his pain, regrets, loss & great loneliness

In this second video, Brad Pitt talks about getting older and keeping secrets. He says that he just wants to get on with it.

He says we all carry great pains, great regrets, we’ve all experienced loss, we’ve all experienced great loneliness at times. We’re really good at packing that away. Not dealing with it.

All you can strive for is to come out the other side a more confident, well-rounded, loving human being.

Brad Pitt is a great example of how to feel

In a society where men are taught to repress their feelings and act like they have everything under control, it is so refreshing to hear someone we look up to – like Brad Pitt – say that it’s okay to feel and share our feelings. That it doesn’t make us weak or a loser. It’s just part of the human experience.

And in another video and also in this NY Times article, Brad Pitt talks about how valuable it was to share vulnerably with a men’s group during these tough times recovering as an alcoholic.