The Downside Of Most Men’s Groups: All The Bullsh*t

Man, I’m just so sick of the bullshit in men’s groups. The spiritual ceremony, the cheesy masculine exercises, the academic discussions around “masculinity”. All of this nonsense is what led me to look into how to create a men’s accountability group

You know, in the beginning, this men’s groups’ stuff made me gag and I feel like it puts off a lot of good men from being part of a men’s group, which is nothing more than a useful tool to talk through things and to help a guy become happier and more successful.

My Story

I ran into some challenges of my life at various times and despite having great friends and family around me day-to-day, I felt as though I couldn’t fully share what was really happening or what I was really feeling about my relationships, my career, people conflicts I was experiencing, my finances, my mindset, my emotions and more common men’s group topics

I decided to compile my decade of learning into a detailed men’s groups guide.

Many Successful Men Use A Men’s Group

At around that time I read somewhere that many of the most successful men in the world had some variation of a men’s support group going on behind the scenes. I’m talking pro athletes, celebrities and successful businessmen. 

At the end of the day, it was just a bunch of guys coming together to tackle each other’s challenges and to help each other become happier and more successful. I thought that was so cool! 

The Research Shows…

They do this because the research overwhelmingly shows that people become more successful and feel happier when they have a supportive group of peers that bounce things off of.

Time and time again when people surrounded themselves with others in a structured format like a men’s group – in person doing men’s group activities or having online discussions – felt happier and made more progress towards their personal and work goals. 

After learning all of this I made the decision to check out some online men’s help groups.

But There Was So Much Bullshit In The Men’s Groups I Checked Out

I was so keen to join a men’s group. Yet I was immediately I was put off by all the bullshit that they were forcing upon their members including: 

  • spiritual ceremony 
  • cheesy masculine exercises like “you gotta own your balls bro”,
  • academic discussions like “how do we redefine masculinity”, 
  • one guru giving all the advice
  • and stuffy vibes with guys I couldn’t relate to, you know.

I wasn’t looking for a men’s group so that I could sing Kumbaya or to “own my balls”! I just wanted to talk about my life and what I was facing with other guys who could relate and help me navigate those situations. 

So I Started My Own

Frustrated that I couldn’t find a men’s circle without all of the nonsense, I started my own. That was over 10 years ago and since then I’ve run men’s circles for thousands of guys from all walks of life.

Some of our men’s groups were held over adventure trips like surfing wilderness survival training or racing supercars. Obviously those adventures were fun and many meaningful conversations were had in the men’s circles.

So we started focusing on virtual men’s groups via video conference because they’re just so damn convenient. You can attend from anywhere even from your home.

What is a mens group?” you may be asking. All it is is just normal guys getting together online to tackle whatever issues are opportunities that come up that week.

Men’s Group Results

Guys from all over the world are: 

  • overcoming their men’s issues and challenges together,
  • they’re becoming better fathers husbands and providers, 
  • they’re feeling happier 
  • they’re overcoming challenges like “my father is dying”
  • they’re experiencing more personal growth – especially with their emotions
  • they’re making more money, 
  • and they’re building real lifelong friendships with other guys of a similar mindset. 

Check Out A Men’s Group

I have no doubt that you too will benefit from a no-nonsense men’s group, so we’ve made it easy for you to check it out. 

And you can always check out other men’s groups by searching for men’s support groups near me!

All you gotta do is submit your details below to get started in our free community. From there you can check out one of our virtual men’s groups for free. You can ask questions and see if it’s the right fit for you.

So man thanks for watching and I hope we answered all of your questions! Feel free to check out one of our men’s groups or you can use our step by step guide on how to start and facilitate a men’s group