Breakup Support Group: Top 3 Breakup and Grief Recovery Groups

Are you going through a breakup? Are you looking for breakup support groups? Are you looking for help on how to heal from a stressful breakup? Are you looking for information about breakup support groups? Do you know a loved one who can benefit from joining a breakup support group? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

Hallo. My name is Sean Galla, a facilitator for online support groups for men, including breakup support groups. For more than 11 years, I have seen breakup support groups and forums change the life of many men. It helps when one has a support system for every stage in life, and a breakup is not any different. There are numerous benefits associated with joining support groups. In this article, I will answer all the questions you have about breakup support groups and tell you why they are important.

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What Are Breakup Support Groups?

You probably never thought that one day you would be searching the internet for breakup support groups. When getting into a relationship, most people hope that the relationship will stand the test of time, lead to marriage and hopefully last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When things change in a relationship and take a turn for the worst, the only way out for most people is a breakup.

Going through the realization that your relationship is indeed over can be one of the loneliest times of anyone’s life. Going through a breakup without a support system can leave you broken, sad, alone, and bitter.  While you could talk to your family and friends about it, the fear of burdening them with the details of the pain you are going through often stop most people from doing so. It is also harder for men to open up about their feelings, especially to their family or friends.

Breakup groups are a type of group therapy that provides a supportive environment for people going through the challenges associated with a breakup. In these groups, people going through a breakup or who have gone through it come together to help one another through the healing process. It comprises people who understand the emotional turmoil that comes with a breakup.

Breakup support groups are a safe place where people going through separation or breakups can come together and share their experiences without judgment. These groups allow you to see how others live through a breakup and give you the hope of a good life, even after a breakup.

A breakup support group will help you transition to singlehood again, learn how to make new social connections, boost your self-confidence, and learn how to deal with everyday triggers and stressors without allowing them to affect your day-to-day life.

Going through a breakup is challenging. Physical separation from your spouse and the financial impact of the process negatively affects the relationships between the couple and their children, extended family, and even their friends. If there are children involved, they are the most affected because they have to adjust to having two parents living separately.

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Breakup Support Group

Why Breakup Support Groups Are Important

According to statistics, at least 10% of people in the US with no history of mental illness go through depression when going through a breakup. 60% of people who have had depression have a reoccurrence of the condition when going through a breakup. This is often caused by the feeling of failure due to a failed relationship. A breakup support group can help prevent mental health issues like depression.

While women have their circle of friends to talk to about their feelings and emotions through a breakup, men usually do not have this luxury. Even through breakup and separation, the man is expected to remain strong and show no emotion. Joining a breakup support group gives men a safe space to vent, share, show their emotions and find time to heal from their experience.

Breakup support groups teach ideal coping mechanisms for anyone looking to survive a breakup. It connects you with others in similar situations. These groups can be especially helpful to people losing their main support system (the spouse) through a breakup. It gives you a space to work on your emotions as you adjust to your new life.

Breakup support groups are an excellent place to begin if you are contemplating divorce or separating from your spouse but lack the courage to do so. A breakup support group will help you gather the strength to follow through with the process. It will give you recommendations to the best divorce lawyer and legal advice if you need one.  

A breakup support group is ideal for anyone interested in safeguarding their mental health after a breakup. Divorce and breakups are some of the most stressful times of anyone’s life, and this can negatively affect your mental health. A support group helps you to remain above water even when things get heated.

When going through a divorce, it is normal to lose friends and have family members who choose sides. Most men also lose their family home and custody of their children, which can leave you feeling empty and worthless. Being in a divorce group shows you how to recover from this loss and become a better man. A divorce group is for anyone looking to find meaning in their new life as a divorcee. It will show you that there is life after divorce.

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Types of Breakup and Divorce Support Groups

Support groups for people going through a heartbreak or breakup can be conducted online or through physical meetings. 

Physical divorce support groups for men

Physical breakup support groups are types of meetings that require in-person attendance from the participants. The group meets weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and consists of people currently going through a breakup or divorce. They are often led by a facilitator who can be a mental health services expert or someone who managed to get through a breakup without losing themselves in the process.

In these group meetings, participants are given an opportunity to talk about anything related to their ex-love life. By sharing personal experiences, the group can learn, support, and grow as part of the grief and recovery process. 

Online support groups for breakup and separation

If you prefer not to attend physical meetings, you can opt for online breakup support groups like For you to be part of an online breakup support group, you will need to register on a website. Once you register, you can connect via text, chat, or video call with other members of the group. 

Contributions made in online breakup support groups are either from people going through a breakup or separation from their significant other, men who have gone through a divorce or are contemplating a breakup. Online breakup support groups offer a safe space place to vent, comment, and get advice and guidance anonymously on all matters around the breakup. This is the best place to find healing for your mind and self-esteem after a life-altering breakup.

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What You Learn in a Breakup and Recovery Group

When to get into new relationships

Most people think that jumping immediately into another relationship is the best thing to do after a breakup. This is not always the best idea. Jumping into a new relationship can feel comforting and might be a distraction from the breakup, but this does not give you enough time to heal. In a breakup support group, you are advised to wait before you start dating again. 

Focusing on yourself

Your well-being is important when going through a significant change, like a breakup. A support group ensures you remain in touch with yourself through the process. Schedule that doctor’s appointment you have been putting off or go to that nutritionist you have always wanted to meet with. Taking care of yourself when things get stressful can help with your recovery from a breakup and boosting your self-esteem. 

Building your interpersonal skills

Bottling in emotions about what you are going through a breakup is not healthy. Even if you are nervous to talk in front of your peers in your group, sharing your feelings takes a lot of weight off your shoulders. Mental health is very important when surviving a breakup. 

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Recommendations for the Best Breakup Support Groups 

Loveshack is a public forum where people meet and talk about issues affecting relationships. While it is primarily meant to help relationships to work, it also offers support for people going through a breakup and divorce. It is the perfect place for using pseudonyms if you prefer to learn privately as it is open to the public. 

This breakup sub-forum helps men going through a divorce/breakup through the grief process. During the breakup process, it is normal for men to go through grief that sometimes affects mental health. The support forums on are moderated by other members who have previously gone through a breakup, and therefore have an understanding of the toll breakup grief can take on a person. This virtual divorce support meetup will help you through your breakup. 

Divorce Support Group


Men’s Group is an online support platform for men with the main goal of creating a positive community for men. Here, men can talk about anything they are going through, including breakups, instead of bottling up their emotions. 

During a mensgroup breakup support group meeting, members meet virtually with other group members going through something similar and looking for breakup recovery help. These online meetings are cost-effective and have been proven effective. Joining mensgroup is your best chance to handle a breakup positively. 


Breakups can be a difficult emotional roller coaster, and it gets worse when you do not have a support system. Joining a breakup support group is one of the best ways to move on and find healing from all the hurt caused by a failed relationship. Mensgroup is an online support group for men going through a breakup and is open to anyone, whether you are in San Francisco or Los Angeles. It focuses on male empowerment by offering the best help to move on after a heartbreak. 

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