Chronic Pain Support Groups: 3 Best Support Groups for Chronic Pain

Are you looking for chronic pain support groups? Do you live with chronic pain? Has chronic pain made it impossible for you to enjoy a better quality of life? Do you find it hard to work or make a living due to chronic pain? Are you looking for chronic pain help and support? Do you know anyone who can benefit from a chronic pain support group?

Hi, my name is Sean Galla, and I facilitate online support groups, including chronic pain support groups. Chronic pain is a debilitating condition to live with. With it being an epidemic, the need for support groups and support forums is more important now than ever. Living with chronic pain is difficult, and no one who has not lived with it can begin to understand the struggle. If you find it hard to talk to the people closest to you because of their lack of understanding, joining a chronic pain support group can be one of the best ways to get help and learn how to ease the symptoms of chronic pain.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about chronic pain support groups and why they are important.

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What Is a Chronic Pain Support Group?

Chronic pain support groups are simply online or offline peer-to-peer forums for people living with chronic pain. They can also be advocacy groups that support family members and caregivers for people living with chronic pain and chronic illness. In a chronic pain support forum, group members learn about pain management without relying on opioids, pain connection, and how chronic pain affects their mental health.

Chronic pain can be categorized in many forms, from pain caused by chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis to fibromyalgia and combat injuries to discomfort such as migraines, headaches, and lower back pain. Repetitive stress disorders and post-surgery issues can cause chronic pain.

Even with an increase in the number of people living with chronic pain, doctors are not well trained in handling most chronic pain symptoms. Sometimes, patients are told their pain is not real because medical tests come back negative. This leaves people living with chronic pain feeling isolated and desperate for relief. Chronic pain has often been the cause of opioid addiction as people try to find relief.

One of the best ways to get help for chronic pain management is joining a chronic pain support group. These avenues provide a safe space where you get emotional and mental support as you learn of the best treatment options and management strategies. When it comes to supporting groups, the options are limitless. There are support groups in local communities, phone support, and online support groups for chronic pain if chronic pain has rendered you immobile.

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Chronic Pain Support Groups

Types of Chronic Pain Support Groups

Before joining a support group, it is important to understand that most of these groups are peer self-help groups. The group leader is not always a qualified medical professional or therapist. Support groups for people living with chronic pain are meant to be a haven from medical diagnosis and doctors where people can come to talk, listen, and learn.

Chronic pain support groups come in many forms and shapes. They include groups for specific types of chronic pain conditions like lower back pain and fibromyalgia pain syndrome to generalized groups for people who have not gotten a specific diagnosis.

Generally, regardless of the type, chronic pain groups can be in-person support groups or online support groups.

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In-person chronic pain support groups

These types of groups require the members to show up t meeting in person. They meet in churches, public spaces, community centers, libraries, and health centers. During the meetings, deep bonds are often created between members through shared experiences and personal connections. However, these types of groups are only ideal for people who are not incapacitated by chronic pain.

Online chronic pain support groups

An online chronic pain support group takes away the need to leave your home to join a meeting. These types of groups improve access to support for pain patients who need special transportation to move around or people who are too ill to attend physical meetings. Online support groups also allow members to enjoy a level of anonymity. This often makes it easier for people to share more openly, making the group meetings more engaging. The best part about online support groups for people living with chronic pain is that one can join a meeting from anywhere through social media platforms or websites.

The major drawback to online support groups is that it can be harder to forge bonds and friendships, which are often helpful. However, online support groups like make it possible for members to join live meetings where they get to physically see other members and forge better bonds as they offer support to one another.

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Benefits of Chronic Pain Support Groups


Trying to deal with chronic pain on your own can leave you depressed and isolated. Chronic pain support groups give pain patients a sense of belonging and mindfulness. Often, people living with chronic pain are misunderstood and judged for being lazy or sensitive. When you are in a support group, your get validations for your pain and condition since you are in the presence of others going through similar conditions. Support group meetings give you a chance to connect with others, which often helps ease the stress associated with a condition and improves their wellbeing.

Support groups are information sources

Even though support groups are not substitutes for medical interventions, they are part of wellness since group members learn from one another as they share information and tips that have helped them through their personal journeys. Getting insight from others who are walking the same journey can sometimes be invaluable. Members learn how to alleviate their symptoms and better coping mechanisms, or even about specialists who can help with their condition.

Support Groups for Chronic Pain

You get a better perspective

When going through a never-ending struggle with chronic pain, it becomes hard to get a clear perspective about the situation. Most people living with chronic pain often sink into negative thinking, which leads to drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and mental health issues. When you attend a support group like the American chronic pain association, you get to hear from other people living with pain, which reminds you that you are not alone. Sometimes, you get to meet people who are having it worse than you, which clarifies your perspective about your condition.

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Recommendations for the Best Chronic Pain Support Groups

Pain connection

Pain Connection is a chronic pain support group ideal for families and people living with chronic pain. Support groups meet online and in-person with hosted meetings in different parts of the country. This support forum offers training for anyone interested in starting a chronic pain support group in their area as a way of expanding their reach. The support group includes a pediatric group for children and their caregivers.

Chronic pain anonymous

CPA (Chronic Pain Anonymous) is a 12-step program for people living with chronic pain. It works the same way addiction groups work to help people living with chronic pain manage their condition. The meetings are centered on guiding members through the 12-step program that focuses on belief in a higher power. CPA offers in-person meetings in different parts of the state.


Men’s Group is an online support platform for men with the main goal of creating a positive community for men. In a chronic pain support group on, men are free to talk about the issues they face persons living with chronic pain.

During a mensgroup meeting, members meet virtually with others going through something similar and looking for pain management help. The availability of online support improves accessibility for bedridden people, ensuring they can get help even from their bedrooms. These online meetings are cost-effective and have been proven effective. Joining mensgroup is your best chance to handle chronic pain positively.

chronic pain support forum

Facts about Chronic Pain

Over the different generations, people have always lived with chronic pain. However, it is only recently that medical practitioners have started taking it seriously. Today, chronic pain is categorized as a condition on its own as opposed to how it was viewed before as a symptom or side effect.

According to CDC statistics, at least 22% of women and 18% of men live with chronic pain. Treating chronic pain is complicated as there is no one medication or surgical process that fits all cases. This makes chronic pain a difficult condition to treat. What most doctors prescribe is pain management. This is done through mental health interventions, physical therapy, medication, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

If these mainstream treatment and management methods fail to work, patients resort to alternative acupuncture, biofeedback, and osteopathic manipulation. If the pain persists, healthcare providers may result in nerve blocks and steroid injections. Most doctors cite a shortage of treatment options for people living with chronic pain, contributing to the opioid crisis.

As part of the treatment process, doctors recommended joining chronic pain support groups to learn and share with other people going through similar situations.

Bottom Line

Living with chronic pain can be a difficult emotional roller coaster, and it gets worse when you do not have a support system. Joining a support group is one of the best ways to cope better and find healing from all the mental anguish caused by chronic pain. Mensgroup is an online support group for men going through different issues, including chronic pain, and is open to anyone, whether you are in New York or Los Angeles. It focuses on male empowerment by offering the best help to live positively even with chronic pain.

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