Group Therapy for Men: 5 Important Benefits of Group Therapy

What is group therapy for men? What are the benefits of group therapy for men? Where can I find group therapy specifically for men? What is discussed in a men’s therapy group? If you are looking for answers to these and more questions related to group therapy for men, you have come to the right place.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla. I have facilitated men’s support groups, including men’s group therapy sessions, for over 10 years. For many generations, men have been made to believe that seeking help is a show of weakness. Group therapy for men works to ensure men, regardless of age, orientation, or occupation, can get the group experience support and guidance they need as they navigate through life.

Whether you are looking for career advancement advice, mental health support, emotional support, social support, or just a men-only space for good banter, taking part in group therapy for men can be all the help you need. Here is everything you need to know about group therapy for men and why you should consider joining one.

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What Is Group Therapy for Men?

What Is Group Therapy for Men?

Group therapy for men can be described as a safe space made up of 5 to 10 men or more in a setup that allows them to share, vent, learn, and adapt to life challenges and changes as they create self-awareness. Group therapy is an excellent option for men who find it hard to go for individual therapy sessions with therapists or mental health professionals.

These group sessions offer a safe space where men can learn as they listen to other men share and seek the support of an understanding community of fellow men. Psychologists and mental health professionals see group therapy as the most approachable form of talking therapy. In a group, men feel less pressured to talk about themselves, which makes them more open to sharing and learning.  

Group therapy for men’s meetups is often led by a trained facilitator, a licensed counselor, or a therapist to ensure all members have access to professional help, support, or advice they need.

Most men seeing a psychotherapist are asked to participate in group therapy for men as an essential part of their recovery process. If you prefer to avoid a psychotherapy group, joining a general therapy group for men can be the next best choice.

Group therapy for men is available for different needs. You can find group therapy for men-specific issues such as mental health, relationship, anger management, chronic conditions, and general life issues. In these issue-specific groups, you find fellow men going through issues similar to yours, making the groups a safe place to share and learn without it negatively affecting their self-esteem.

Depending on the problem you are facing, or the kind of help you seek, group therapy for men can be one of the best choices you make when trying to address and overcome the issues to lead a better life.

Group therapy is also a type of psychotherapy for men’s issues. This type of therapy is available to people from different parts of the United States, like New York and Washington, DC. Meetings usually occur online in mental health clinics, therapeutic practices, hospitals, and community centers.

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Why Group Therapy for Men Is Important

Even though gender roles and stereotypes make it seem that men do better on their own, psychology shows that men yearn for a connection that allows them to share their life issues, engage in mindless banter, and even enjoy social settings amongst fellow men. At a deeper level, men have an unmet need to share and learn from each other’s experiences on what it means to be a man. Unfortunately, men have very few opportunities to do this.

With group therapy for men, young and old can finally have a safe space to make these social connections, learn from fellow men, and share their lives with other men who understand.

Group therapy for men is also an excellent space for men to come and learn how to be in tune with their emotions. Most men were raised to understand that it is in a man’s nature to suppress their emotions, as expressing them is seen as a sign of weakness. In a support group, men learn that it is ok to share their feelings as it offers a safe space to show emotions and get support. This can go a long way in boosting men’s mental health and making them more emotionally available to their loved ones.

Through group therapy, men can become more open to talking about their life and seeking support and mental health care when they feel stuck.

Benefits of Attending Group Therapy for Men

Benefits of Attending Group Therapy for Men

You find your voice

Through group therapy, you become more in touch with your feelings as you learn the importance of expressing how you feel. In therapy groups for men, members are strongly encouraged to pay attention to their feelings and feel free to talk about them.

You get support and encouragement

Group therapy makes it possible for men to get encouragement and peer support from other group members. Participating in the group meetups lets you hear what the other members are going through and their progress, which gives you a sense of belonging and hope to be better.

You give and receive support

In group therapy for men, members are encouraged to rely on one another for feedback, connection, and support, instead of getting it all from a therapist. The group will engage and discuss issues affecting different members’ well-being for the benefit of everyone in the group.

You learn to practice healthy relations

Without proper socialization techniques, it can become hard for men to sustain relationships. In a group therapy setting, new members get honest feedback about their ability to relate and get advice on improving their skills. By being part of a group, men are able to see how people relate to one another. This goes a long way in encouraging them to build healthy relationships with others outside the group.

It is a safety net

One of the most significant issues faced by people, especially men, is finding a safe space where they can speak freely about their feelings, emotions, mental state, and hopes. Attending a group therapy session will teach you how to be authentic by encouraging you to speak up for yourself. These skills are practiced in the group to boost members’ confidence, making it easier for members to use the learned skills in their day-to-day life.

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Finding Group Therapy for Men Meetings

A simple search for group therapy for men may not give you a wide range of results since there are very few therapy groups specifically catering to men. However, there are a few options available.

Online tools like the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) and Psychology Today can help you locate group therapy near you from organizations like the American Psychological Association (APA) and others that offer cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoeducational groups, and other types of self-help therapy groups for men.

Online Therapy Groups

Online therapy groups are perhaps the closest most people can get to group therapy for men. According to findings, at least 98% of men attending virtual meeting group therapy show significant improvement in their mental health and stress management. Also, more than 70% of men dealing with depression significantly improve their symptoms. In addition, 94% of men prefer online group therapy sessions compared to in-person meetups.

Online group therapy, though unconventional, has gained popularity in the recent past, more so in this covid-19 pandemic period. Online zoom meetings make it possible for people to get the help they need from any part of the world. This makes therapy convenient and accessible. Online group therapy for men makes it easier for most men to connect with others like them despite the distance.

Being in a group with people from different parts of the world gives you a global understanding and perspective of issues shared in the group.  

If you are looking for an online group therapy program that specifically caters to men, Men’s Group is an online support group for men that offer group therapy sessions virtually.

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About Men’s Group

Mens Group

Lack of a support system is a major cause of mental health issues amongst men. Men’s Group is an online group therapy platform that strives to offer group session support, wellness guidance, and help to men struggling with different life issues.

Men’s Group is a supportive network of men ready and willing to help others like them through sharing life experiences. This group therapy session will give you the information you need to overcome your issues and lead a better life. It equips you with resources that make you a better man and ensure you lead a better, more fulfilling life.

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Joining and attending group therapy is scary at first for most men, but it should not be. To ease you into the process, you can find group therapy for men online, as these make the transition to group therapy easier since they encourage anonymity.

Taking part in group activities in group therapy sessions for men is the best way to understand the group process and connect with the members. If you are a man interested in joining a therapy group just for men, Men’s Group is perfect for meeting like-minded men who will listen and offer advice with no judgment.

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