Men’s Group Reviews: An Honest Film Review

Unlike fine wine, a film never gets better sitting on a shelf. However, there are times when a slight delay in the release date can work to the advantage of a film. Welcome to the men’s group is one such film. Welcome to the men’s group is a movie that was released in 2018 and rated highly on IMDB. It is about a group of men from the same men’s support group that descend into chaos when conflicts amongst the members threaten to break the trust between them.

Men’s group is a movie directed by Joseph Culp, who also co-stars in it with Scott Ben-Yashar as the screenwriter. While this movie was completed years before its release, it was difficult to find a distributor, which delayed its showing. However, the movie was finally released in 2018 in the heart of the #MeToo movement, which would be said to have played a role in helping this movie get traction.

The movie starts with Larry’s character (played by Timothy Bottoms) waking up in his massive new home, a clear depiction of white male privilege. As it turns out, things are not as fancy as they seem for Larry as he is going through some financial and marital issues. As the audience will soon come to know, the other men in the men’s group are also going through significant life issues. As he is well known for his ability to bring out the best in any movie, Timothy does not hesitate to throw himself into this film and does not disappoint.

The movie cast includes veteran actors like Timothy Bottoms, Stephen Tobolowsky, and David Clennon. Other strong cast members include Mackenzie Astin, Joseph Culp, Terence J. Rotolo, Ali Saam, and Phil Abram.

This comedy-drama movie is a story of eight men who develop a rare friendship marred with long-standing conflicts. This group of men assembles one Sunday of each month for group therapy through a ceremonial bitch session, ritual breakfast, and fellowship. The group has been active for more than ten years in the movie, meaning every member has had enough time to develop a personal issue with others. The conflict is usually over women. This movie seeks to enlighten and entertain, which is achieved in this emotional roller-coaster while showing the underside of male privilege.

Just when you think there is nothing better about this movie, director Joseph Culp introduces Carl (played by Stephen Tobolowsky), who livens up the play. Carl has a wife and daughter who throw him out of their home and go binge shopping on Carl’s dime. This causes Carl to lose his mind and experience manic episodes of depression.

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The Movie Setup

The Movie Setup

It is not difficult to note that the welcome to men’s group movie focuses on wealthy, older men living in Los Angeles. It offers a very specific angle through which most people view the American male culture. Based on popular opinion, the filmmakers failed to make it an all-inclusive film featuring men from different backgrounds facing similar male issues. This would have made it possible to write about different problems, fears, and responses, which would have given the movie more depth.

While the L. A perspective is still valid, it only expresses a complete picture of one-half of the male culture in America. Notably, the movie did not feature any black men, Trans or gay men.

This men’s group productions movie edit is too long. For a 130 minutes movie, experts feel that it was 40 minutes too long. This is especially because it is centered on conversations by men in one room. Films on self-improvement, especially for men, can be mistaken for being preachy. For it to be a success, it needs to offer the viewer an overwhelmingly entertaining experience that will linger in their minds long after the movie ends.

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Full free balling nudity

To add some skin to the movie, the creators explore nudity for the first time as one of the film’s concepts. Eschew to the display of fit females, this movie offers plenty of male nudity, which would make the viewers thankful for years of the lack of male nudity in film.

In this film, Larry’s daughter, Olivia, and her group of friends walk into a group of dancing naked men in their living room. She is mortified, which is clear from the display of horror on her face. The gaze of the other young women is transfixed on the group of middle-aged men. In character, the actor playing Olivia shows prowess and powerful dramatic skills to give this scene the oomph and film reviews it deserves.

The Need for a Men’s Group in Society

The Need for a Men’s Group in Society

As depicted in men’s group reviews, most men have a difficult time expressing themselves. Opening up to family, spouses, or friends on matters related to their mental health. Men’s resistance to sharing their fears, emotions, and concerns comes from the fear of losing their emasculation. Men do not want to be seen as vulnerable, in need of help, or overwhelmed.

A men’s support group like, mankind project, or the good men project offers a free space for men from all races, including African American and Hispanic men, to vent, share, learn, and grow in an environment free from judgment, shame, or ridicule.

Most support groups for men are centered on commonly shared issues and personal growth, be it financial, emotional, mental, physical, and even sex life issues. In these groups, men will be in the company of other men going through the same issues, ensuring no fear or shame in sharing and seeking help.

In most men’s support groups, topics on masculinity are often discussed. These conversations help men to recognize how the societal idea of masculinity can be toxic. Men are taught to separate their emotional needs from defining their masculinity. In blended support groups, men may feel less compelled to share, since they do not want to seem weak in women’s presence. An all-male men’s support group makes it easier for men to express who they are without worrying about looking weak or too needy.

In the movie, the cast members represent different issues men face in silence. This includes societal pressure, bad marriages, and mental health issues. In essence, the movie is meant to show how significant being part of a support group can be.

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Men’s Group Support Group for Men

If you are a man interested in being part of a support group, the Men’s Group is a men-only online group you should join. The modern-day generation of men lacks a reliable support system that can help them become better men. This is the foundation on which was formed. MensGroup seeks to mentor all men while equipping them with the right resources to become better versions of themselves.

Whatever the goals you want to achieve, has mentors ready to help you achieve them. Whether it is career advancement, building better family relations, or simply becoming a better man, has all the resources you need to do this. Through this online group, you will connect with fellow men to help you achieve your goal.

As an online support group, you can join a meeting from anywhere, whether you are in the heart of New York or in a remote town in New Zealand. 

Men’s Group Reviews

Men's Group Reviews

“It has felt awesome sharing what I’m experiencing and working through those life challenges with other men. I don’t see myself leaving MensGroup any time soon…” – Neal S., Cape Town, South Africa.

“Everyone’s topics have been so relevant. Others have been through the stuff I’ve been facing with my divorce. I didn’t know what to expect but now I look forward to it.” – Colby S., Richland WA, USA.

“I enjoy having a safe space to share and get perspective on men’s issues we rarely get to talk about. As an older guy, I found the process easy. It’s structured in a way that makes it comfortable.” – Mark H., Georgetown, SC, US.

“It’s helpful to take ideas from therapy to men’s group, and men’s group to therapy. They’ll put you in a team of people who are similar that can benefit each other. It’s so worth it!” – Jasen M., Vancouver, Canada.

“This isn’t what I wanted, but it’s exactly what I needed. I keep looking forward to this group every two weeks.” – Jess L., Seattle, USA.

“My wife got me into it. I didn’t know what to expect. It’s been really good to share, get stuff off your chest and get feedback.” – Martjin S., Luxembourg, EU.

“Having a place where we can both seek and offer constructive perspective and support for each other, is invaluable.” – Chris A., Beijing, China.

“It’s really hard for guys to express themselves emotionally. Seeing so many other guys do that, it’s a breath of fresh air. There hasn’t yet been a session where I haven’t yet learned about myself.” – Travis B., Baffin Island, Canada.

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Men need a safe space where they are allowed to share their dreams, fears, and hopes. MensGroup offers the perfect platform for all men, including young men looking for mentors to help them learn and grow without fear of judgment or ridicule. The company of men in MensGroup has gone through similar issues and managed to heal and find direction to live a better life. In this COVID-19 times, an online support group for men can be the best choice for anyone in need of becoming a better man.

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