An Infidelity Support Group: 3 Best Support Groups for Betrayed Spouses

Are you looking for an infidelity support group? Are you looking for advice and guidance on how to heal from betrayal trauma? Has there been infidelity in your relationship or marriage? Are you a survivor of infidelity? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla. I am a facilitator for online support groups. Some of my work involves overseeing infidelity support groups and helping betrayed spouses who have been on the receiving end of sexual betrayal by their loved ones. In my more than 10 years as a facilitator, I have seen firsthand how important support group therapy can be for people looking to heal and lead their best lives even after infidelity. If you are a survivor of infidelity, joining an infidelity support group is one of the best decisions you can make.

In this article, you will find helpful information on infidelity support groups and why they are important to infidelity survivors.

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What Is an Infidelity Support Group?

Infidelity is a phenomenon sometimes associated with narcissistic behavior that is shattering marriages, relationships, and families at an alarming rate.  Sharing your experience with family or friends is not always the easiest thing when you find yourself on the receiving end of infidelity because it affects your self-esteem. An infidelity support group is a forum where you meet other infidelity survivors in a judgment-free and safe space.

A support group for survivors is simply a meetup of people who have gone through the same experiences related to physical affairs. This is where you will meet like-minded people with a common goal to heal and move on from their heartbreaking experiences. A support group lets you connect with a network of supportive people who have previously walked in your shoes. These groups are also resources for infidelity news, latest stories, and professional help for people who may need it.

If you prefer not to let the world know that you are a survivor of infidelity, you can choose to join the online infidelity support groups anonymously. These groups take your confidentiality seriously and do not require your real name or information to be part of them. This way, you do not have to worry about the stigma associated with being a survivor of infidelity.

Some online infidelity support groups like make it possible for men to connect with fellow men through video and chat. There is something for everyone online. On the other hand, if you need a grief support group, has you covered. 

Why Join an Infidelity Support Group?

As a survivor of infidelity, one of the hardest things to do is seek help. Most people feel ashamed and prefer to live in isolation to avoid the stigma associated with failed relationships. Living in isolation can often lead to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Joining an infidelity support group is the best way to overcome your circumstances and lead a more fulfilling life even after a failed relationship.  Being part of a support program allows you to forgive the people who hurt you and open yourself to the possibility of finding love again.

A support group reminds you that you are not alone

Healing takes place more quickly when one gets support from people who understand. There is power in a group. When you join an infidelity support group, you meet with people who share the same experiences. This eliminates the feeling of loneliness associated with a failed relationship. Support groups are also safe spaces where you can vent, share, and learn without fear of judgment or being misunderstood. It helps you know that you are not alone, and your case is not unique. This is one of the reasons people find healing in a support group. On the other hand, if you ever need a herpes support group, has you covered. 

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They help you to create a connection

In the beginning, it is easy to get overwhelmed after realizing that you finally have a safe space where you can share your feelings amongst people who understand your pain. After a few sessions, you learn to build a connection with group members. Some of these connections last long after you leave the support group. The bond created in a support group is built on common beliefs and understanding of each other’s struggles. This makes it easier for you to share and learn as you get the support you need through your healing journey.

It is a safe space to share

When you join an infidelity support group, there is no fear of judgment, ridicule, or stigma. This is because you are in the company of others who have gone through infidelity. For any support group, therapy group, or community group to achieve its goal, it needs to offer a safe space for survivors to share their stories. An infidelity support group is one that offers an environment of acceptance and love. No matter how bad you think your story is, a support group can help you feel comfortable enough to open up and share your story. By sharing, you allow yourself to be vulnerable, which is an important step towards healing.

Your healing process is guided

When you join an infidelity support group, you are guided through the steps you need to follow to achieve complete healing. Discussions are facilitated by other members of the group or those who have gone through the steps with success. Through your healing process, some of the topics you will learn are how to deal with your loss, self-care, setting boundaries, finding emotional and physical safety, forgiveness, and coping.


When you join an infidelity support group, you become answerable to other members of the group. If you fail to show up to the meetings, other members will reach out to ensure you are ok. They will ensure you stay throughout the process and that you get complete healing. This is done by guiding you through the steps until you find yourself. Going through the healing process alone can be frustrating and slow. Being part of a group ensures you are not alone and that you have people who are willing and ready to help you heal. On the other hand, if you ever need a sexless marriage support group, has you covered.

Tips for Survivors of Infidelity

As a survivor of infidelity, it is important to learn how to cope after being cheated on. Here are timely tips that can make the healing process easier. 

Do not blame yourself

Most infidelity survivors try to justify the behavior of their spouses by blaming themselves for the affair. The first thing you need to understand is that your partner chose to cheat on you. It is not your fault that they cheated, and you do not have to blame yourself. This helps you process your pain as opposed to ignoring it because you think you deserve what they did.

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Explore your options

After an affair, most relationships never go back to what they were. You can explore various options as part of your healing process. This includes forgiving your spouse and staying, divorce, or separation. It is important to do what you feel is best for you. Consider the benefits and disadvantages of every choice to ensure you make the best decision for you. 

Join an infidelity support group

A simple search for an infidelity support group near me or infidelity support groups online will give you multiple leads. You can attend any one of the numerous infidelity support group meetings to heal from your experience. As stated above, there are numerous benefits to joining an infidelity support group. These types of support groups range from financial infidelity support group options to Christian infidelity support group options. If you decide to walk this journey together, you can join an infidelity recovery support group to help get your relationship back on track.

Top Recommended Infidelity Support Groups

Infidelity Survivors Anonymous

Infidelity Survivors Anonymous is a support group for people experiencing infidelity-induced trauma from a sexual betrayal from a relationship. This group makes use of helpful tools and resources to help survivors of infidelity to cope with the consequences of infidelity. They also make use of the 12-steps healing programs to guide you through the healing process. The meetings take place in different locations throughout the country and are facilitated by other infidelity survivors who managed to find healing.

Infidelity Recovery Institute

If you and your spouse still want to make your relationship work, the infidelity recovery institute helps spouses find their way back to each other beyond affairs and sexual infidelity through marriage counseling. They believe that relationships and marriages do not have to end after infidelity issues. They help you understand the affair type and the underlying issues in the relationship that may have led to the affair. They will take you through their 7 steps infidelity recovery program.

Men’s Group

While it is easy for women to talk to their friends, family, and women’s forums about being cheated on, men associate infidelity in their relationship with failure and ridicule, especially if they were married to a narcissist. This makes it hard for them to speak about their feelings and emotions after they are cheated on.

If you are a man who is a victim of infidelity, offers a safe space to share, learn, and heal. This is an all-men online infidelity support group where you meet other male survivors of infidelity. At, survivors of infidelity facilitate the support group. Here, members can share in confidence and without fear of judgment. Men hurt too, and at, you have a place to vent and find healing. On the other hand, if you want to learn more about support group activities then follow blogs today.

Online Grief Support Group


 It is said that time heals all wounds. However, the best way to heal the wound caused by a cheating spouse is joining an infidelity support group. Support groups for infidelity survivors offer a safe place that works to see you through the healing process. Our community at will guide you through the healing process and overcoming the trauma caused by a cheating spouse.

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