A Local Men’s Group: Top 3 Social Support Groups for Men

Are you looking for a local men’s group near your area? Do you want to learn more about local men’s groups? Do you know someone who can benefit from a men’s group in your area? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla. I have been facilitating men’s groups online for more than 10 years. In my years of work, I have seen how important it is for men to be part of a men-only community where they can get support and the change to share in a free space. If you are a man interested in self-improvement, finding a local men’s group to join can equip you with the tools you need to lead a happy, healthier life, as you become a better man.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about local men’s groups and why they are important.

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An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

What Is a Local Men’s Group?

A local men’s group is a type of forum created for men by a circle of men in a certain locality. It is meant to offer support to men who live in the same area. In the right local men’s group, it is possible to experience personal growth, healing, success, and happiness. Simply put, a men’s group is a group of men who occasionally gather with the sole purpose of supporting and challenging each other to become the best version of themselves.

For many generations, support groups were mostly created to support women. Society has long ignored men’s emotional needs because men are expected to be strong and fearless. The man is the head of the house and is thus expected to provide basic needs, emotional needs, and still manage their parental duties. Just like women, men, too, feel the pressure that comes with these expectations from society. According to statistics, suicide rates are higher in men than women. Without the proper support system, men too can crack under pressure. 

In modern-day, this narrative is slowly changing. More and more local men’s support groups are popping up in different parts of the world. Support groups like Mensgroup and the Mankind project are exclusively for men. These discussion groups offer a free space where men can drop-in to share, learn, and support one another in a safe space.

In a men’s group, men do not have to feel shy or ashamed of their experiences. Everyone in the group has probably gone through the same issues and is thus willing to help men in need. Whether you are looking for a divorce support group for men, a chronic illness support group for men, career advancement advice, or mental health support for men, joining a local men’s group can be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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Why Should You Join a Local Men’s Group?

As a man, being part of a supportive community made up of other men who supportive is more than enough reason to be part of a local men’s group. There are many other benefits associated with being part of a man’s group.

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Loneliness can be dangerous

According to statistics, loneliness increases the chances of premature death by up to 30%. Social isolation can lead to chronic stress, causing other stress-related issues like depression, anxiety, and addiction. It is important for men to be part of a community where they feel loved, understood, and accepted. A local men’s group ensures men meet other men who understand, which can go a long way in preventing loneliness.

The masculine requires challenge and feedback to grow

Men are often associated with masculine energy. This masculinity grows better through challenge and feedback. For men, improving at anything is easier when pushed while being given feedback on their progress. In a local men’s group, men are taught how to be in touch with their complete selves. This helps to ensure they rid themselves of their blindsides to be able to improve.

When one if part of a men’s group, they can be guided into improving in all areas of their life.  Men in the group can point out parts of yourself that you cannot see and call you out on habits that do not support growth.

Local men’s groups can improve intimate relationships

Regardless of your sexual orientations, being part of a men’s group can positively influence your personal relationships. As a man, your relationships’ quality of depth is determined by the quality and depth of the relationship you have with yourself. For you to truly learn to love yourself, you need to be able to learn who you are all rounded. Attending a group meeting enhances your emotional intelligence, making it easier for you to connect emotionally with your loved ones. 

Being part of a men’s group in your area allows you to learn to build a better relationship with your inner self and the people around you. This can go a long way in helping you to become a better father, husband, brother, or son. Being part of a men’s group gives you a support system away from your spouse where you can share, learn, and get the help you need to become the best partner to your spouse.

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Men’s groups help you to accomplish more in life

Being part of a local men’s group gives you access to a group of men who offer support and accountability when it comes to self-improvement.  Most men try to go through life as lone wolves where they keep their dreams, goals, failures, and successes to themselves. The moment a dream, idea, or vision is shared with group members of a local men’s group, it stops being a dream and becomes a plan.

The men in your support group will ensure they equip you with the right resources to ensure you achieve your goals. Some men will act as your mentors to help you through this journey, while others will arrange a meetup with peers who can help you achieve your goal.

A support system when things get tough

Even though your life might be perfect now, life is full of ups and downs, which can be difficult to weather alone. When you spend time trying to overcome life’s adversities by yourself, chances are you will fail most times. Being part of a men’s group even when things are going well ensures you have a support system ready to offer their advice, guidance, and support when things go wrong.

Being part of a men’s group ensures you get the help you need when faced with failure, heartbreak, and even mental health issues among other men’s issues.

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You meet likeminded friends

Being part of a men’s support group in your local area like the MKP (Mankind project), allows you to be around like-minded modern men. Most men’s groups are often created for different people with different interests and common issues. Being in a small group of people who share the dame interests ensures there is no room for misunderstanding, judgment, or ridicule. It is in this space where you can share freely and offer support to other members freely.

Apart from offering support, members of a men’s group can also share in other interests like sports, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

The Best Local Men’s Groups to Join in 2020


Crossroads is a Christian based men’s ministry where young men or men of different age groups meet and connect in a social setup.  This local men’s group meets in homes at least once a week for bible study and support. The group encourages its members to reach out to church families in need and offer the necessary support to make the life of that family better. The group also takes part in disaster relief efforts and mission trips.

Maui Men’s Group

Maui Men’s Group is a local men’s group that meets bi-monthly. This support and advocacy group operates in partnership with the Pacific Cancer Foundation. This is a local support group for men living in Maui county and the islands in Hawaii who are dealing with different types of cancers and facing the challenges that come with the condition.


Men’s Group is an online-based men’s group that offers support, advice, and help to men from all lifestyles. As an online-based men’s group, you can become part of this ever-growing community, whether you live in New York or the furthest corner of the world. Mensgroup facilitates several online men’s support programs, ensuring there is a group for every man.

When you join Mensgroup, you will be placed in a group with men who can relate to your experiences. This ensures you have a safe space where you can freely share and learn. Being a man can be lonely, and being part of a men’s group can be the change you have long searched for. You can check the website for upcoming events. 

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Like any other thing in life, the best way to figure out which local men’s group will work for you is to go out there and try it for yourself. There are numerous local men’s groups in different parts of America. If you are looking for a support group available from different localities, mensgroup is one of the best options today. As an online-based support group, you can get help, advice, or support at any time of the day.

The possibilities of success once you join a local men’s group are tremendous. Whichever group you join, you can be sure to be happier and healthier.

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