Men’s Advocacy Group: The Top 8 Men’s Rights Groups

Are you looking for a men’s advocacy support group? Are you interested in men’s advocacy? Do you know of a loved one who can benefit from a men’s advocacy support group? Are you looking for information on men’s advocacy support groups? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla. I am a facilitator of support groups and support forums, including men’s advocacy support groups, with more than 10 years’ experience. In my line of work, I have seen firsthand how important being part of the men’s advocacy support group is to anyone, especially men. Men’s advocacy support groups are a fantastic place for anyone to get the support they need to become better men and adopt habits and mechanisms that can help them cope with the demanding task of being a man.

In this article, you will find all the information you need about men’s advocacy support groups and why they are highly recommended for men.

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What Is a Men’s Advocacy Group?

A men’s advocacy support group is any support group that offers emotional support and practical advice about a challenge, concern, or experience common amongst men. These groups aim to offer support, guide and educate those people who offer men’s advocacy services. Men’s advocacy support groups help men to gain more insight into their lives as bachelors, husbands, and fathers.

Men’s advocacy support groups help men take action against their exploitation and sex trafficking. This is done by creating awareness, educating, volunteering, and advocacy.

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Who Should Join a Men’s Rights Group?

Men’s advocacy groups or a men’s rights groups is open to any man who is interested in self growth, championing men’s rights, and becoming a better man inside out. it is open to men’s rights activists and men who are interested n shedding their men’s issues and adapt positive masculinity. 

Advocacy is defined as a process of enabling and supporting people to express their concerns, views, and thoughts. Women, compared to men, have many more advocacy panels to voice their concerns, thoughts, and views. The reason for this may be because men are assumed to be the head of families and are termed to be the stronger sex while women are the weaker sex.

A men’s advocacy group gives men a platform to air their concerns, views, and thoughts. In such a support group, a man will have the freedom to talk out whatever they are going through without fear or shame as they will be among like-minded people.

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Benefits of Joining a Men’s Support Group

Numerous benefits come with joining a men’s advocacy support group. Some of the benefits are:

It takes away their loneliness                       

Joining a men’s advocacy support group enables a man to avoid isolation and makes it easier for them to mingle with other men, hence taking away their loneliness. In cases where men have gone through a divorce, they may be lonely as they do not live with their spouses or their children if their father’s rights were infringed.

It improves a man’s intimate relationships

Intimacy is important to both a man and a woman and brings people together especially those in a personal relationship be it marriage, dating, or courting. In men’s rights organizations like the national coalition for men you get to learn about mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional connections in intimacy.

A man in a men’s advocacy support group will hear from others about their intimacy issues and also learn more about intimacy and how to make it better.

Encourages self-love

There is no doubt, a man faces a lot of challenges in his life. Challenges may come from false accusations and domestic abuse at home, workplace, church, society, and the many places he frequents. A man can questions their masculinity if they face abuse from their spouse or if going through domestic violence.

Being part of an advocacy group helps men to adapt healthy positive masculinity habits and encourages them to get out of any abusive relationships.

It is a resource center

A men’s advocacy group is also an information center. For instance, a man can learn a lot of about child custody and child support from the group. In the right group, you will get advice and support to ensure you win your custody cases against your ex-wife. You will also be guides on how to go about family court hearings.

You can also learn a lot about health care for men and where to get it when you are part of a men’s advocacy group. 

Allows a man to become better men

A men’s advocacy group also helps a man accomplish more in his life. It is in such a support group that men get to know more about issues to do with family law, equal rights, and civil rights. Facilitators who are well versed in the area of gender quality, fatherhood, and fathers’ rights are part of these support groups. They listen in and later give the men the right advice on the way forward depending on the issue they are facing.

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Recommendations for the Best Men’s Rights Groups

Mental Health America

This is a platform that provides space for various support groups to be found. If one needs to locate a support group near them, Mental Health America is the place to do that search. Online support groups are also available especially in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic where people should follow strict guidelines of social distance and work from home.


Mindwell is a men’s group that comprises of peer support, support, or activity groups whose participants are men only. These support groups bring together men who are like-minded and are going through the same experiences.

Due to the worldwide pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the MindWell site advises those interested in joining any peer group to go to their coronavirus mental health information Hub for well-being information and service updates. One could also locate various men’s groups to join on MindWell’s social media platforms.

National Coalition for Men

A non-profit educational organization that creates awareness about sex discrimination as a way that affects young men. National Coalition for Men has been in existence for now over 40 years and the slogan is “Helping make the world a better place for all of us”. NCFM Vice-President and friend of the national organization, Marc Angelucci was murdered in front of his home in Crestline on July 11, 2020.

Mr. Angelucci is described as a generous man who advocated for men’s rights and genuine gender equality in the United States of America. NCFM also published an article “NCFM Mr. Manners, Activities During the Pandemic (satire)” that mentions the Former President of the United States of America, Trump being younger than Nancy Pelosi. This story is based on sexism which is also a topic discussed under the NCFM support group.

NCFM hence does not support instances of sexual assaults and advocates for a stop to such experiences.

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Men’s Rights

This is a men’s advocacy group that advocates for men’s rights that include getting a father’s rights when a man has separated from the mum of their child or is divorced. Men’s Rights encourage men to ask for alimony for their children as they deserve to have a father figure in their lives.

These support group also advocates for parental alienation for men who may be distanced from their children. It also offers a lot of advice to men who are going through a divorce or are already divorced.

Rocky Mountain Men’s Rights Advocacy

This men’s advocacy support group began in 2016 at the Red Pill in Denver, Colorado. Warren Farrell and Herb Goldberg argue that most men view power as an illusion and that women through their nurturers of children and primary carers are viewed as the true power holders in society.

The Rocky Mountain Men’s Rights Advocacy support group highlights A Voice for Men as the most popular men’s rights. This is one of the right groups for a man who is looking for a men’s advocacy group.

Southern Poverty Law Center

This is a group that works towards the spread of social justice and human rights of all people. They champion issues touching on hate & extremism, children’s rights, LGBTQ rights, immigrant justice, economic justice, voting rights, and criminal justice reform.

An article published in the Southern Poverty Law Center website on male supremacy advocates for the subjugation of women, with the claiming that men are more superior. This is rooted in the men’s rights movement that emerged in the 1970s. This advocacy supports the misandry that is associated with men. If one is interested in joining this support group you could listen to their series on “Sounds Like Hate” on their podcast channel.


Herein one finds support groups in New York. Apart from joining the already set up support groups, one has an option to start a fresh new group on the Meetup website. There are various men’s support groups on the meetup website as well and the topics they discuss on include but are not limited to men’s choices, males over 38ish What are you doing about your health? and New York City divorce group.


Lack of a support system is one of the major causes of mental illness amongst men. Men’s Group is an online men’s advocacy support group that offers group support, help, and guidance to men. It is a supportive network of men ready and willing to help others like them through shared life experiences.

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Mensgroup uses different group activities for service delivery. The advocacy session will equip you with all the information you need to overcome your man issues and lead a better life as a man. It is more than just a men’s advocacy support group. It offers emotional support to those that need solace.

As an online support group for men, the group meets virtually over video or chat, making it perfect for busy men who prefer not to attend physical meetings.


There are numerous men’s advocacy support groups in different parts of America. If you are a man looking for a men’s advocacy support group available at all times, mensgroup is one of the best options today. As an online-based self-help group, you can be sure that there is an active meeting or forum at all times.

The possibilities of success once you join a men’s advocacy support group are tremendous. It is only through a self-help group that you can truly enjoy a better, happier life.

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