Man With No Friends: What To Do If You Have No Friends

Are you a man with no friends? Are you often judged for not having friends? Do you find it hard to make friends or even a best friend? Do you want to learn how to make friends? Do you want to know why you are a man with no friends? Do you know a man with no friends? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article is for you.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla, a facilitator for men’s groups and men‘s forums. Man with no friends is one of the most common topics discussed in men’s groups. For men, it is harder to make or keep friends, which can be frustrating. One of the benefits of men’s groups and men’s forums is making new friends by virtue of being in the same group.

If you are looking for help making friends and keeping them long-term, or you need to understand why some men have no friends, this article comprises lessons learned from men’s groups about men with no friends and why they are often misunderstood.

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What Kind Of Guys Have No Friends?

Man With No Friends

Just as the statement leads, a man with no friends is simply a friendless person who does not have friends, even one close friend. This man does everything independently and lacks a strong social life since they do not have anyone, including female friends, to enjoy socializing with. Often, the closest friends a man with no friends has are their co-workers, family members, or loved ones.

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Why Some Men Have No Friends?

Numerous reasons can make it hard for a high percentage of men to make friends or get in a bromance. Taking the time to understand these reasons can make it easier for people to understand than judging a man with no friends.

Anxiety and shyness

According to psychologists, a man with no friends can be socially anxious, lack social skills, and is mostly an introvert. When you have social anxiety, you often possess this unexplained fear of being embarrassed or judged by others. When you have social anxiety, you lack the required social skills to make a good friend or group of friends or open up to emotional intimacy.

An introvert is a person who enjoys time alone as opposed to being with real friends or chatting on a social network like Facebook.

Psychological issues

When a man has no friends, it can sometimes be caused by mental health issues or trauma from bad past experiences.

If an adult man was embarrassed or bullied when they were younger, it affects their well-being, making it difficult to form new friendships in their adult life. To cope with their insecurities and social anxiety, they push others away or become too controlling, driving people away, making it hard to make good friends or keep old friends.

Other men have mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, among other personality disorders that influence their ability to make friends.

Frequently moving

If a man spends most of his childhood, adolescence, high school life and adult life moving from one place to another, they often have an issue keeping friends around. Without excellent social skills or the willingness to go out and meet up with people, a man will easily suffer from a lack of friends due to his recent move.

Also, moving to a new city from a rural setup can make it difficult to make friends in a new place frequent moved lead to social isolation since you never stay long enough in one place to make lasting friendships. This often leaves one feeling like an outsider, leading them further into isolation and loneliness.

Being too goal-oriented

Sometimes a man with no friends is that way because they fail to make time in their busy schedule for their social life. Unlike women who have an easy time making new friends and balancing their work-life situations, most men find it hard to work on their goals while still having an active social life or intimate relationships. These men prefer completely abandoning their social needs to focus on their careers or achieve set goals.

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Why a Man Needs Friends?

Man Needs Friends

All humans are social creatures. We are born to socialize and live in a community. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, everyone can benefit from interpersonal connections to get emotional support when you need it.

In this growing digital age, research shows that it has become increasingly difficult to make meaningful friendships or even retains old ones.

For most men, it becomes harder to meet people or maintain long-term friendships with other men and even harder to keep old friends.

Emotional isolation is one of the leading causes of lifestyle vices and diseases like smoking, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, high blood pressure, tumors, and other neurodegenerative behaviors.

Having a group of people you can call good friends gives you continuous support whenever you need it. It also helps in fighting social anxiety by learning to be around people more often.

Friends act as accountability partners. Research shows that people are more likely to achieve a goal when they are held accountable. When you have a bestie, they follow up on your progress to achieve your goals because they want the best for you.

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How to Make Friends?

Be conversant with a variety of topics.

You find certain things easy to talk about, while others are a big deal and do not come naturally to you. To make friends and keep them, you need to be conversant with issues that are of interest to men. This can include sports, politics, economics, memes, video games, and even cars. This will make it easier for you to start conversations and keep them interesting, regardless of the men you meet.

Be approachable

When hoping to make new male friends, you need to possess a level of physical attraction in terms of approachability. When in a social setup, you need to smile at other people and nod in greeting. Ensure your body language remains relaxed, as this sends the signal that you are open to conversation and new friendships.

Show interest in getting to know them.

You are more likely to keep someone interested when you shoe interested in getting to know them. You can ask open-ended questions about his interests and himself as a person. When you get to know him, they will also be interested in getting to know you. While at it, avoid questions that only call for yes or no answers and instead ask questions that engage them more.

Be honest

Honesty is one of the most valuable traits in friendships. It is important to show your potential new friends the real you as this is the person they are interested in. do not pretend to be someone you are not as it will eventually come out, and you’ll have a hard time living up to expectations. 

Accept invitations to meetups and hang out.

Once you hit it off with a man you want to make your friend, you can invite them for another hangout session away from the current setting. You can make them feel included by tagging them along for events and meetups. You can let him know he is welcome to join you.

The Best Places to Meet New Friends

Best Places to Meet New Friends

The number one reason men find it hard to make male friends or new friends is that their social lives are isolated. Most men are stuck in a routine that involves going to work and going back home to their family and not much else. Joining an organization is probably the best way to create a new social circle and make meaningful male friendships.

Some organizations you can join include:


Fraternal organizations can bring satisfaction and fulfillment into the life of lonely men by giving them an opportunity to meet like-minded men. These are the perfect places to make friends since they provide the perfect platform to make new friends without worrying about romantic feelings. You meet people you share common ideas, the same sense of responsibility and tradition, and focus on self-growth and self-development.

Sports leagues

If you are a sports lover, joining a sports team can be the best way to make new friends amongst your teammates as you share an activity you all enjoy. Your town definitely has clubs for adult males you can join for some man competition. Being part of a sports group also helps you stay in shape as you feed your man spirit and create lifetime bonds with other males.  


Even though this is the 21st century, society still expects men to head home and be the pillar of family strength, which gets in the way of men making and keeping friends. Just like women, men too need to have a close group of friends who they can confide in and spend time with away from their everyday responsibilities. Mensgroup offers a safe space where men with no friends can seek advice, discuss pertinent issues in society, and make meaningful friendships.

Men’s Group is an online-based support group and forum that focuses on men and the needs of men. It offers a platform where many people from different parts of the world, like Kent and New York, can come together to discuss everyday issues that affect men without breaking the social distancing guidelines in this pandemic.

As an online group, the meetup takes place online through video calls or chat. This allows every male to make good friends, even when they run a busy schedule.


Deep friendships do not develop overnight. If you are a man with no friends interested in making new friends, you need to be willing to put in the work to cultivate the friendship and make it what you want it to be. Join a men’s group to increase your chances of meeting many people and making new male friends. Mensgroup is one of the best places to get together with friends you share common interests, goals, and ideas.

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