Men’s Group in Birmingham: Top 3 Birmingham Support Groups for Men

Are you looking for a men’s group in Birmingham? Have you been investigating men’s support groups around Birmingham? Are you looking for reviews on new groups in Birmingham for men? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla. I am a facilitator of men’s support groups with more than 10 years’ experience. In my line of work, I have seen firsthand how important being part of the men’s support group is to anyone, especially men. Men’s support groups are a fantastic place for anyone to get the support they need to become better men and adopt habits and mechanisms that can help them cope with the demanding task of being a man.

In this article, you will find all the information you need about men’s support groups in Birmingham and why they are highly recommended for men.

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An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

What Is a Men’s Group?

A men’s group is any support group specifically for men that offers practical advice and emotional support and about a challenge, concern, or experience common among men. These groups offer support, guidance, and education to men and people who offer men’s services. Men’s support groups help men to gain more insight into their lives as bachelors, husbands, and fathers.

A men’s support group can be defined as a health service for men. This is because a support group sometimes offers physical health support, offers mental health support, and avails help for mental health issues that require professional help.  

Men’s peer support groups meet regularly to offer teaching to men on how to better their lives as individuals. These support groups cover all aspects that touch on a man’s life including spiritual and marital issues. This creates self-awareness through education, volunteer work, and advocacy.

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Men's Group Birmingham

Are There Men’s Group in Birmingham?

Yes, there are several men’s groups in Birmingham, including other parts of Solihull, Holloway Circus, West Midlands, and the larger Birmingham city region. These groups are also available to men in Birmingham in need of a support network. In a men’s group in Birmingham, you will find like-minded men who are going through issues that could be similar to yours or men who have overcome issues similar to yours.

In these support groups, men have a great opportunity to network as they learn from experienced facilitators who guide group discussions. These facilitators offer guidance, help, or solutions to issues raised in the meetings. In case a member needs additional professional help, a support group is the best place to get recommendations from a therapist or counselor.

Whether you are looking for a married men’s group, a men’s health support group, a domestic abuse support group, or a Birmingham LGBT center, you will find one in your locality.

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Offline Men’s Group in Birmingham vs. Online Men’s Groups

Offline men’s groups

A typical men’s group meetup in Birmingham comprises of men sitting in a circle where they share on turn and offer solutions. In such a group, men are free to talk about anything affecting their lives and what they find hard to disclose to other people.

Physical men’s groups in Birmingham meet at selected locations at preset times and can be a registered charities.

Online men’s groups

An online men’s group does not physically meet but instead meets online through video calling apps like skype, zoom, or google meet up, chats, and discussion forums.

The benefit of an online men’s group is accessibility. Anyone in Birmingham, or other areas near Birmingham, can join in a meeting from the comfort of their homes or offices. There is always an available men’s group meetup online, even on social media platforms.

Unlike the physical men’s group meetups in Birmingham where people can see each other, online men’s groups allow anonymity for members. It is ok to join a forum without showing your face by turning their video off during the group’s sessions. This way, members do not shy away from attending group meetings for fear of being identified by people they may know in the group.

Online men’s groups in Birmingham, including north Birmingham like are also the safest option today, especially in this coronavirus pandemic as it ensures social distancing measures are observed. Birmingham men’s group will give you the confidence to face your fears, face troubles head-on, and get one-on-one feedback and solutions from real people.

In this Covid pandemic, online men’s groups have ensured men can get the help they need regardless of their postcode.  

Whether you choose an offline or online men’s group, you are sure that these local groups offer a safe platform for men to share their daily life issues on a deeper level without facing judgment, fear, or negative backlash.

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Men's Mental Health Support in Birmingham

Why You Need to Join a Men’s Group in Birmingham

Joining a men’s group in Birmingham come with benefits that are not always available in individual or personalized therapy. According to psychologists, joining a men’s support group can be rewarding for men going through different life issues and is recommended alongside medical therapy.

Men’s groups offer Diversity.

Men’s support groups in Birmingham comprise men from different backgrounds and all lifestyles going through the same life situations. This diversity gives you a view of different issues from different perspectives as you learn of different ways to approach these issues. This gives you a better chance of overcoming your issues without sinking into depression or self-harm.

You can accomplish more in life.

Most men prefer to keep their goals, dreams, failures, and successes to themselves because they lack a space where they can share freely. When a dream, idea, or vision is not shared, it takes longer to accomplish because you have no accountability.

A men’s group is a platform that connects you with a group of fellow men for support and accountability as you work on your self-improvement.

Being part of a men’s group equips you with the resources you need to achieve your goals. In a men’s group, you are surrounded by mentors to help you in your journey, while others connect you with peers who can help you achieve your goals.

It is a support system when times get tough

Sometimes life can get difficult, and you may need a support system to be able to weather the tough times. Being part of a men’s group when things are going well ensures you have a ready supportive network to help you through the tough times.

As a member of a men’s group, you will always have a support system for all seasons of life, including loss, heartbreak, failure, and even mental health issues.

Men’s groups Fight Loneliness.

To overcome loneliness, men need to be part of a supportive community where they feel understood and accepted. A men’s group makes it possible for men to meet other men who understand, which goes a long way in preventing loneliness.

According to statistics, loneliness increases the chance of premature death by up to 30%. When men are lonely, they tend to self-isolate, which often leads to chronic stress and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and addiction.

It is more than just a support forum.

While it is possible to benefit from a professionally facilitated men’s group, most men have found great success by being part of peer-to-peer men’s groups. This is because these are information-based support groups for men led by facilitators. In these groups, members are free to share men’s issues at any time.

Recommendations for the Best Men’s Support Groups in Birmingham

Male Journey

Male Journey is a support group for men that offers a safe space where men can meet and connect with fellow men. There are numerous Male Journey, local groups, all over the UK, including in Birmingham. The local group in Birmingham uses different methods, including song and dance, to connect men and help them relate on a spiritual level.

Birmingham LGBT Centre

Birmingham LGBT Centre is a married men’s group that meets once a month to offer social support to men above 18 years who are bisexual, gay, or transsexual. This social support group is particularly meant for men who are married to women but have feelings for other men. It offers a confidential, free space for men to meet other like-minded men going through the same issues. Currently, meetings take place through Zoom. You can call their helpline to learn more about upcoming meetings.

Men's Support Group in Birmingham

Men’s Group is a men’s support group where men of all ages, young and old, find a free space to be their true self without fear of ridicule or judgement. It is the perfect safe space for men to come together and learn from one another about life issues, while making meaningful friendships. 

Since it is an online-based men’s group, you can join a meeting from anywhere in Birmingham from the comfort of your home or office. In these covid-19 times, mensgroup ensures there are regular meetings online to ensure men can get the support you need at any time. Here, you will be amongst your peers who offer support and accountability to ensure you are consistent in your growth.  


Taking part in different men’s groups in Birmingham is the best way to understand how a group works and determine whether it is the perfect fit for your needs. This is also the perfect opportunity to connect with the members.

In this covid-19 pandemic, joining an online men’s group will ensure you get the support you need during these trying times. If you are a man living in Birmingham, is a perfect place to meet like-minded men who will listen and offer advice for every area of your life.

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