Men’s Social Group: Everything You Need To Know

What is a men’s social group? Are you looking for a men’s social group? Are you looking for information on how men’s social groups work? Are you a man looking for a safe space to share freely and make friends? Do you know loved ones who can benefit from joining a men’s social group? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

 My name is Sean Galla, a facilitator for men’s social groups, also commonly referred to as men’s groups, with more than 10 years of experience. For many generations, men have been made to believe that leading a happy, social life, and being open about their issues or feelings is a sign of weakness. Men’s social groups work to ensure young men and old, regardless of orientation, or occupation, have access to a social space where they can exhale, enjoy good platonic male company, and even pick up a variety of social hobbies. Whether you are looking to make new male friends or simply enjoy meaningless banter with fellow men on game nights, being part of a men’s social group can be the social break you need.

In this article, you will get all the information you need to understand men’s social groups and how they work. Here is everything you need to know about joining a social group for men.

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An experienced facilitator, community builder and Peer Support Specialist, Sean has been running men's groups for 10+ years. Read Sean's Full Author Bio.

What Is a Men’s Social Group?

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A men’s social group is a type of support group meeting where men meet for social activities, outdoor activities, and building social networks. They can comprise strictly of straight men group members in need of making platonic social connections with other straight men or can be an all-inclusive social group that accepts members regardless of their sexual orientation.

A Men’s social group can be compared to ordinary social clubs only that they comprise strictly of men. It is a men’s support group that can take place in a men’s club, garages, warehouses, community centers, and sometimes online., the mankind project, and are great examples of men’s social groups that foster men’s social connectedness.

They offer a safe space where men can go for social connections, learn new skills, and share their thoughts and ideas.

A men’s social group can be anything the members want it to be. However, the main purpose is to allow men to practice their social skills as they build lasting friendships and offer guidance and advice to one another.

Different men’s social groups are created to offer different services. Some comprise a small group of men interested in offering support for issues related to mental health, while others are strictly discussion groups for men’s social issues. The main idea of a social group is to create a space where men can foster friendships with one another even as they offer support to men with different needs through socialization.

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Why You Should Join a Men’s Social Group

To become a better man

According to statistics, men are more likely to form gender-based groups compared to women. They also have the highest number of groups that meet in secret, commonly referred to as secret societies. Most of these groups have specific agendas, including politics and even religion.

One of the reasons to join a men’s social group is to experience growth. Men are more likely to follow through with their plans and ideas when they know other men are looking. Men come together in groups to share ideas, opportunities, and information to sharpen one another in different ways. It is only through challenges from fellow men that a man can truly grow.

To learn through feedback

According to David Deida, the author of Way of the Superior Man, Life as a man is like a constant error correction. Making a mistake, and correcting, then making another mistake and correcting. This is very different from how women interact and bond with one another. Men are binary and only see things in terms of right and wrong.

Men require some sort of feedback and guidance to be able to correct their errors and try to do it the right way next time. This is how they learn about being a man since they are not good at feeling things through. In order to do the correct thing, they need to be around men with ‘correct’ behavior to learn. This is part of the reason men need men’s social groups.

To heal from depression and fatherlessness 

According to statistics, middle-aged men are most prone to suicide, accounting for more than 30 for every 100,000 deaths. The suicide cases amongst men in their 50s have also skyrocketed by at least 50% in the last decade, with isolations as one of the leading causes.

Men are not good at making friends and keeping them. They also do not know how to ask for help or express how they feel. This causes them to feel lonely and isolated, often leading to depression and other mental health issues. Men miss being part of a men’s social group to make them feel safe and open to sharing their true feelings and struggles. The lack of strong role models has made it impossible for men to have mentors who teach them how to be sensitive, strong, and courageous without feeling weak or inadequate.

These groups are ideal for men to stand up for fellow men and step up and lead as fathers and as men. They are an ideal way to end fatherlessness and loneliness amongst men.

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Qualities of a Healthy Men’s Social Group

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Any form of friendship requires a level of loyalty to survive. A men’s social group built on loyalty makes it easier for brothers to share about anything. This is done with the confidence that what is shared will remain in the men’s social group. If you are in a friendship built on loyalty, then you are in a men’s social group.


Men are less likely to express their honest emotions and feelings to other men. If you find that you can sit and have honest conversations with your friends about your feelings, emotions, challenges, and issues, you can say that you are in a group and have a sense of men’s social group in your friendship.

In a typical Men’s social group, members of a group should be able to trust you enough to tell you everything about themselves and vice versa.

Sense of sacrifice

For a men’s social group to be successful, the needs to be a sense of sacrifice and dedication to one another. There needs to be an element of sacrifice for each other, be it in the form of finances and time. If friends can sacrifice for one another in the little things, it shows that they can be depended on when you need them the most.

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Shared interests

For a men’s social group to work, the members need to have similar interests and enjoy the same activities. While it is fine to disagree on some stuff, the best friendships are based on shared interests since it increases the number of things you can do together. Generally, men are attracted to men on the same level and have the same interests.


An ideal Men’s social group is about dependability. If you find yourself canceling plans with your friends more often than you keep your word, you are not dependable, and this hinders your relationships from evolving into stronger friendships. Being in a group is about being dependable and keeping your word as much as possible. Dependability builds trust and makes it easier for people to develop trust.


While you do not need a fellow man to be your bodyguard, you need a wingman. The best men’s social groups are built on protecting one another’s characters, even when it is attacked in your friend’s absence. Even in rare physical confrontations, you should always be ready to be there for your friend.

To enjoy all the benefits that come with being part of a men’s social group, you need to find the best social group in your area. You can find resources on different men’s social group groups on social media platforms and websites. MensGroup is one of the best groups you can join.

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Men’s Group Men’s Social Group

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Men’s Group is an online-based men’s group that offers support, advice, and help to men from all lifestyles. As an online-based men’s group, you can become part of this ever-growing community, whether you live in New York, the United Kingdom, or the furthest corner of the world. MensGroup facilitates several online men’s support programs, including a gay men’s social group, ensuring there is a group for every man.

When you join MensGroup, you will be placed in a group with men who can relate to your experiences. This ensures you have a safe space where you can freely share, make friends and learn. Being a man can be lonely, and being part of a men’s social group can be the change you have long searched for. You can check the website for upcoming events.


At a time when the world is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of talking about male mental health, men’s social groups offer the best insight into the world of male feelings.

More importantly, a men’s social group is proof that men too can foster healthy male friendships, talk candidly about their emotions and be there for one another, which has been proven to have profound benefits to their mental health. If you are in need of a great men’s social group, you can become part of one at

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