A Men’s Retreat: The Top 5 Men’s Retreats

Are you looking for a men’s retreat program? Are you curious about men’s retreats? Are you looking for a way to put a pause in your busy schedule? Do you know someone who can benefit from a 2020 men’s retreat? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you are in the right place.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla, and I have been a facilitator for online men support groups for more than 10 years. Planning men’s retreats is an important part of my job, and I have seen firsthand how important a getaway with fellow men can be. If you are looking for a beneficial small group retreat that will help you rejuvenate your body and mind, attending a men’s retreat might be exactly what you need. In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about men’s retreats.

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What Is a Men’s Retreat?

Whether you are a father, brother, husband, or a single man, being a man means that your family and loved ones depend on you for emotional, social, and sometimes financial support. These everyday responsibilities can exhaust your body and mind. Without the proper outlet or someone to constantly check-in, it is possible to succumb to the pressure, which can be damaging to your mind and body. This is why it is important for every man to pause and sometimes go away alone to relax. While planning a holiday alone is possible, sometimes it is better to go away with a group of fellow men to bond and learn healthy ways to cope with everyday life.

A men’s retreat is typically a meeting organized and designed to make it possible for men to take a step back from their day-to-day life demands and activities. This can be done over a weekend or over a prolonged period. A Men’s retreat slows a period of relaxation, dialogue, and critical thinking about short term and long term plans.  Retreats are often meant to take you away from the everyday routine of life to reset your thinking and body. This is why retreats are usually conducted in rural and remote locations away from busy city life. Most men’s retreats start on a Friday night, as this is when most men have free time. On the other hand, if you’re looking for men’s accountability group, then Mensgroup.com has you covered.

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Why You Should Attend a Men’s Retreat

When you come back from a family camp, holiday, or vacation, you often feel happier and relaxed, ready to take on life. You have a new lease of strength due to the self-care you undertake whenever you go way to relax. A retreat is often a step closer to spiritual awakening and improvement in the state of your mental health, thanks to the work you put in during a retreat. There are numerous benefits associated with attending a men’s retreat. On the other hand, if you’re looking to know more about men’s group activities, then follow Men’s Group blogs today.

You get some alone time

Whether meditation, spiritual, or yoga, men’s retreats allow you to enjoy a little bonding with yourself. It gives you some alone time to set you free from your worries, constant pressure from like, peer pressure, and family responsibilities. The benefit of this alone time in a retreat center is that it allows you to become a better version of yourself. This is done by allowing you to connect with your inner-self in a more profound way, which makes it easy for you to connect with everything around you when you return to your everyday life. Enjoying some alone time can help you gain peace, clarity, and remain grounded.

Shadow work

If you go on a spiritual retreat for men, shadow work is one of the most important aspects you will learn. This is a concept that allows you to come face to face with your weaknesses and fears. It will dig into the cause of these and allow you to face them to be able to overcome them. A men’s retreat will bring together men from different backgrounds, which allows you to make new friends and create a better support system. Sometimes, men’s retreats are organized by support groups for men. This gives you the chance to share your experiences, traumas, and life lessons in an outdoor setup as you enjoy great food and great company. This helps to melt your ego and learn from the other members in a safe and free space, preferably around a campfire. Part of shadow work is to help you connect with other people in the group as a way of boosting your confidence and building your inner-self. On the other hand, if you want to know more about Men’s Rights Groups, then follow Mensgroup.com today.

Mental clarity

While any holiday type can give you the much needed time to relax, a retreat goes a notch higher. A men’s retreat is a gateway to mental clarity, clear headspace, and an in-depth sense of awareness. In your normal life, you probably have to do a lot to keep things in check. This burden can be overwhelming to your mental state and takes way the time for self-reflection. When you go on a retreat, you are given enough time to be alone with your thoughts without worrying about the things that stress your everyday life. It allows you the chance to exhale and just be present at the moment. You will feel much healthier, mentally, which makes it easier for you to handle life’s chaos later.

You are surrounded by like-minded people

Retreats bring together people with similar interests and concerns, hence offering you the opportunity to spend quality time with people of the same interests looking to achieve similar goals. When you attend a men’s retreat, you will be in the company of other men facing the same life issues. Some of these men have managed to overcome the obstacles you are facing, which gives you an excellent opportunity to learn positive ways to influence your life. Just like n a men’s support group, the men in your retreat group will be your support system as you work towards your goals. They act as your mirror, to make it possible for you to identify issues in your life and find solutions. Most importantly, your men’s group retreat members help to remind you that you are not alone. On the other hand, you might want to check our “Welcome To the Men’s Group Movie Review.”

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Access to professional help

Part of attending retreats includes exercises, training, and counseling sessions, facilitated by professionals or group leaders. Some of the activities include ziplines, archery, climbing wall, listening to powerful messages, and other activities you would ideally find in a summer camp. This goes a long way in helping you improve your spiritual, physical, and mental health. These sessions are created to meet your needs and work to enable you to become a better person. These professional sessions help to equip you with techniques and information that can remain relevant long after the retreat is over, and you are back in your daily routine.

Types of Men’s Retreats

Nature Lovers Retreat

These types of retreats allow you to bond with nature over a weekend retreat. You will sleep under the stars, sit around a campfire, and camp in remote villages. Your days are filled with hiking, swimming, and biking in beautiful locations as you breathe in the fresh air and become one with nature. If you plan a men’s retreat for your men’s group, you can consider nature retreats if your main goal is to relax your mind.

Peace Seeking Retreats

These are some of the most common types of retreats you can plan for a men support group. If the everyday life stresses you, and work and life seem to overload your brain, going for a peaceful retreat can be the escape you need. Peace seeking retreats often take place in remote places, where life slows down to allow your mind to relax and enjoy some teambuilding.

Spiritual/Christian Retreats

Most spiritual men’s retreats center on allowing the attendees to realize their spirituality. Most churches organize bible study retreats for men to allow them to go away and connect with their inner selves. Spiritual retreats can heal wounds and equip you with tools that help you nurture your inner growth. Spiritual men’s retreats teach you meditation as a way of finding answered and unlock hidden truths. It can also enhance your people skills by improving how you relate to the people in your life. Spiritual retreats help you to understand yourself better and learn your true self.

Popular Men’s Retreat

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ManKind Project

The ManKind Project is a global brotherhood of nonprofit charitable organizations in the USA. They provide challenging and highly rewarding support programs for men at every stage of life. 


Evryman aims to connect and help men all over the globe through its online support programs. This institution utilizes simple emotional practices to help men develop new ways of interacting that would eventually lead them into a more successful life.


ManTalks is a podcast that features renowned guests in the field of self-help and psychology including Dr. Robert Glover and Lewis Howes. They also provide an interactive and highly successful men’s retreat programs headed by Connor Beaton.


Mentor Discover Inspire is a men’s support organization that aims to equip men with the right tools to succeed in life. Their programs come in various forms including weekend trainings and weekly courses.


If you are a man interested in attending a men’s retreat, Men’s Group is a men-only online registration group that regularly facilitates and organizes men’s retreats. Unlike most support groups that target and plan women’s retreats that men can attend or an exclusive women’s retreat, Mensgroup.com seeks to mentor men and equip them with resources to become better versions of themselves, and one of the best ways to do this is to bring them together through retreats. Whatever life goal you want to achieve, mensgroup.com has a group of mentors and facilitators ready to help you achieve it. If you wish to build better relationships, advance in your career, or become a better version of yourself as a man, mensgroup.com men’s retreats will equip you with everything you need to do this. You can register online today. Through this online group, you will connect with fellow men who act as mentors to help you achieve your goals.


Taking time to self-reflect is important if you want to remain in control of your life. As a man, attending a men’s retreat can go a long way in ensuring you get time for yourself and make better plans and decisions. At men’s retreat facilitated by mensgroup.com, men enjoy a safe space to share their fears, dreams, and hopes in a relaxed environment. This is the perfect platform for all men looking for a free space to learn and grow. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most 2020 men’s retreat plans were postponed. You can choose to make use of the cancellation policy or transfer the men’s group retreat registration to next year.

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