A No More Mr. Nice Guy Support Group: Top 3 NMMNG Support Groups

Are you a man who is often described as a nice guy? Do you derive happiness from constantly making other people happy? Are you a recovering nice guy looking for guidance and support? Do you believe that it is possible to be loved and appreciated without being too good to people? Are you tired of always being out in the friend zone? If your answer is yes to any of these questions and is looking for a no more Mr. Nice Guy Support Group, this article is for you.

Hi. My name is Sean Galla. I have been facilitating men’s support groups for more than 10 years. Part of my work involves facilitating no more Mr. nice guy (nmmng) support groups. In these groups, we help men shed the Mr. nice guy tag to get what they really want in life. If you are still not getting what you want out of your career, social life, or love life, even after putting your best foot forward, this article is for you.

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What is a No More Mr. Nice Guy Support Group?

Inspired by the book No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover, No More Mr. Nice Guy Support Groups are free activity peer to peer groups made up of men who come together to help each other to overcome the Mr. nice syndrome.

Most men think being different from other men by being too nice, too kind, or too caring without harboring bad thoughts or doing bad actions is the key to a problem-free life. This cannot be further from the truth.

The No More Mr. Nice Guy Support Group is perfect for men who are tired of constantly playing by the rules and still fail to get the love and success they deserve in their life. This is a support group for men who are tired of being the doormat but do not want to become colossal assholes either.

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No More Mr. Nice Guy Support GroupNo More Mr. Nice Guy Support Group

No More Mr. Nice Guy Support Group is a type of supportive community that aims to help men develop a better way of thinking and change their life approach. This way, they improve the chances of leading a more fulfilling life. These support groups focus on addressing challenges and issues commonly faced by men in their day-to-day lives.

These support groups are a safe place where members discuss addiction, relationships, living life through the 20s and growing up, setting boundaries, dating, fatherhood, middle age, partners, and even issues affecting men in the LBGTQ community. The No More Mr. Nice Guy Support Group is a safe space for men to shed their Mr. nice guy syndrome, as this is the only way to truly learn how to enjoy life.

Why Join the No More MR. Nice Guy Support Group?

Going by the book written by Dr. Robert A. Glover, Mr. nice guy rarely gets what he wants out of life. The good guy will spend most of his time being too nice and too kind just for others’ approval. His obsession with being liked makes him miss meaningful intimate relationships because he is always giving away his personal power to his friends and the people around him.

Nice guys find it hard to be honest even as they aim to meet other people’s needs. This is because they are always trying to hide who they really are to avoid conflict and ensure they are liked. Nice guys are most times passive-aggressive as a way of indirectly expressing their resentment, which ends up hurting the people they try to please.

In his book, Robert A. Glover expresses his strong belief that nice guys neglect their own needs and replace it with the need to please women and gain their approval. These men will avoid conflict in any way possible and instead result in manipulative ways to get what they want. Nice guys do not believe that they are fine as they are. This adds to their misery, which frustrates them, and the people around them.

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Eliminate Your Nice Guy Syndrome

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No more Mr. nice guy was created after Glover realized a pattern amongst men who attended the therapy groups he facilitated. This book was created as a solution to all the men who needed problem-free living and learn to channel positive emotional tension without having to be people pleasers.

According to Glover, most nice guys receive their conditioning from how male figures should be from the females in their life when growing up. This gives them a false belief that nice guys don’t finish last. He also claims that the educations system is female-dominated. Because of the resentment some women have towards men, the men raised in their care are conditioned to think and behave in a certain way to be accepted by women and to become ‘real men’.

By joining a No More Mr. Nice Guy Support Group, they are part of a community comprising of integrated men willing to help them take back their personal power. When you join a no more Mr. nice guy support group, you learn that being a good guy does not mean losing your power. You will be taken through breaking free activity sessions as a way of reconditioning your mind. You will also be shown how to come out of your comfort zone and go after what you want in life. By shedding your nice guy syndrome, you are better equipped to lead a healthy and successful life.

In these support groups, you will learn how to be able to lead your life without needing the approval of others. For the first time, being part of a no more Mr. nice guy support group will ensure you take back your own life and put your own needs first. In these nmmng support groups, you will be in the company of other men struggling with the same issues and others who have previously walked in your shoes. Listening to a nice guy podcast and sharing personal experiences are the most common ways to learn in a support group. 

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Tips on How to Stop Being MR. Nice Guy

No More Mr. Nice Guy Online

You do not need validation

One of the main needs nice guys have is the need for validation. To break away from the Mr. nice guy syndrome, a man needs to learn to do things without the need to be validated to do this successfully, you can start with doing things for yourself without seeking an audience. Allow yourself to go for dates, hikes, or other activities without having to post on your socials. This way, you can be present at the moment without constantly worrying about whether others like your pictures.

Be assertive and authentic

Another thing all nice guys need to learn to do is to learn to self-assertive and authentic. This way, you are able to honor your own needs, wants, and values without worrying that you are offending others. Self-assertion does not make you aggressive or rude. It simply means that you are able to stand up for yourself. When you are assertive, you can say no to things you disagree with as opposed to agreeing to please others. Being self-assertive means that you refuse to be fake for the sake of being liked.

Learn to break the rules

The universal strait for nice guys is their willingness to follow the rules consciously and unconsciously. Life is disorderly and chaotic and requires people to be able to adjust to the changes. When you follow a strict guide for your life, you will find it hard to adjust to changes. As a way of dealing with the pressure, nice guys develop unhealthy coping mechanisms, which sometimes leads to mental health issues. Part of shedding off the Mr. nice guy syndrome is learning to live life by your own rules. Make your own way and maximize the opportunities whenever you are faced with change. This is the only true way to become a successful person and enjoy the journey.

Part of getting better involves surrounding yourself with men who enjoy success in the areas you hope to succeed in.  This is why it is important to join a No More Mr. Nice Guy Support Group like mensgroup.com. 

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Crush Your Nice Guy Syndrome

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Top No More Mr. Nice Guy Support Groups

 Grace Counseling

Grace Counseling offers support to men dealing with different issues in life. A negative aspect of being Mr. nice guy is dealing with life issues without seeking help. Grace counseling men’s groups offer support to men who want to overcome anger, anxiety, relationship issues, addiction, and compulsivity. Overcoming these habits is part of the key requirements for shedding the Mr. nice guy syndrome.


Actualized brings together members who are interested in learning and reviewing the Robert Glover book. Through this forum, members post their understanding of the book as they seek to learn from others’ ways of understanding. The forum features numerous new posts by members every day, making it a reliable resource for anyone reading the book. This online forum offers members a place to achieve result-driven personal development and learn helpful tips on how to lead a successful life and how to invest in yourself.


This no more Mr. nice guy online support group is specifically created for men. Men’s Group offers emotional and social support to men from different age groups. This group strives to create a positive community by starting conversations on male self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-development. Mensgroup is a free space where men can share their life stresses without fear of judgment or ridicule. If you are looking for guidance on how to shed the Mr. nice guy tag, overcome procrastination, and lead a better life, this is one of the most active and safe male online groups available today. It is the perfect place to interact with men who have overcome the Mr. nice guy syndrome and managed to lead a happier, more successful life.

It is at mensgroup that you will meet other men facing the same challenges in life. This takes away the shame that might hold you back from getting the help you need.

No More Mr. Nice Guy Support Groups Online


To completely break free from Mr. nice guy syndrome, you need to learn and adapt to new ways of doing things. The first step is joining a No More Mr. Nice Guy Support Group like mensgroup.com, where you will learn how to break away from the syndrome and lead a better, more fulfilling life. By shedding off the nice guy tag, you will have learned the secret to living a life you love and being true to yourself.

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